Touched by life


Today, I spoke to all with
the warm familiarity of old friendship,

I looked at everything with the
adoring gaze of soulmates,

I touched everything around me
with the tenderness and intensity
of lovers,

I cared for the earth like
every piece of it belonged in my
own back yard,

I lived each moment like it was
my first and last,

and since then,
there has been a silent upheaval inside me,

and since then,
I can feel the breath of the trees
I can speak the language of bird song

And since then,
The sun shines from within me,
and the ocean pours from my eyes when I
see the lightness and vastness
of the blue sky.

And since then,
everything is changing inside me,
I am more you than I am me,
I am more of the earth, than I am me,
I am more life, than I am me.

because when I took the time to touch my life,
life touched me.

Friends, I have been away for much too long, and I look forward to sharing with you soon. Till then, here is a poem I wrote in the summer.



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