A home away from home

A few years ago, I used to share photographs each month of the life that has happened in that time. Somewhere along the line, I decided to stop sharing so many personal things about me.

But lately, I have had a change of heart. The stories of my life is the unique path I take to my own liberation. My own journey to bliss. And for me, that is something worth sharing.

Any one can read a text book on spirituality. In fact, there are blogs out there that serve as much better and more reliable sources of spiritual knowledge, than my writings. And if that was what people wanted to read, they would undoubtedly find them instead. So I don’t think that’s why you read my blog. And quite honestly, that isn’t why I write my blog, either.

Anyway, I digress.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on being more open with you. And that is something I still wish to do. So, Today, I share with you all the life that has happened since I went back to my parents home in BC for the last 10 days.

There is something wrong with my SLR ( 🙁 ), so these photographs were taken with my cell phone.


Leaving Toronto. 6am flight.

Here’s a random fact about me  – something I never realized until my mother pointed it out to me – but I literally do nothing on flights. I rarely watch movies, listen to music, read, or even talk. I can recall 14 hour flights to India when I have done absolutely nothing. Haha, as I’m writing it – I am seeing how much a weirdo I am. I just prefer to sit and do nothing. Sometimes I see movie titles that I would like to see, and I’ll just think to myself “Maybe later. Maybe after some time of just sitting here.” and then I just never get around to it. I also prefer not to eat or drink much. My mom says that when we fly somewhere together I am really boring to sit next to.

This is not always the case though though, maybe 90% of the time. On my 4 hour flight from Vancouver to Toronto – I did read my book some of the time.


Kamloops is magic to me. And I adore the view from my parent’s balcony. This was truly the most beautiful rainbow I have ever seen. It was so vibrant and rich with colour and appeared to begin on the street right outside our house.

14599814_10153798037420964_1417392684_oI love the aesthetic of Filament Light Bulbs – very industrial and minimalistic. Maybe I can find the perfect spot for one in our apartment!


Breakfast with my mother.


Details of home.


I added too much cream 🙁 Thought it was milk.



I love fluffy white hotel room beds!


We made a macaroon stop.



More details of home.


Sweet times with mama.


Vancouver at night.





Being in the presence of Sadhguru was truly an incredible experience. Everything about that night and everything about me was electric. And that evening, when I returned home to do my evening Shambhavi Maha Mudra Kriya – everything was heightened to another level completely. It served as the perfect opportunity for me to deepen my Kriya, and now I experience it differently to how I did when I started this practice.

I am now eye-deep in his new book “Inner Engineering” A yogi’s guide to joy” – a very powerful book, and I am much anticipating putting the many profound teachings into practice in my life.

I was also blessed to meet a beautiful reader of my blog in person. It was my first time ever meeting someone purely through my writings – and it was such a delight! I’m glad to call her a friend.

The world is so small these days, and I am inspired to meet more of you, sit with you, talk with you, laugh with you, if you would like to! Let’s let each other know if we are ever in the same place at the same time, and let’s make it happen.



The great skies of Canada.



Greyhound to Vancouver.


I love my tinkling anklets.


Ah, earth!





Poached pears in spiced honey sauce + Ice cream. I first tried this dessert with my husband in Morocco, and was happy to recreate it.


A gloomy morning in Vancouver.


Watching the sunrise from the airplane.


These legs.


Sunrise in Kamloops.


My dad taking his beloved naps.




Morning cuddles are essential to happiness.


An evening walk, the streets bathed in ethereal purple light.



My mom meditating in the morning.


Time to leave one home to another home.

I remember flying back to Ireland after summers at home, and I always felt displaced and unsettled for a while. Firstly, flying from BC to Ireland meant almost a full 24 hours of travelling, including layovers, and then the 3 hour bus ride from Dublin airport to Galway. Each time I got back to Ireland, I was met with the task of having nothing and having to recreate home every time – move in, buy groceries, cook, get organized, unpack etc. At times, all these things were unsettling and tiresome. Of course, as some time passed, things were smooth again, but it certainly took a lot of energy to make it as such. These days, I feel blessed to fly from one home to another. To return to my husbands open arms, to face both the hardships and delights of day-to-day life together and to just be together. To love someone, it helps. To be there for someone, it helps. To be someone’s someone, it helps.

I hope you enjoyed these photographs and small slice  of my life.

I’d like to share more of these things with you.




  1. Oh my, Malavika, I love your pictorial and descriptive impressions of your time in BC. I am so happy for you and your wonderful mom, and for the profound experience in Vancouver. Thank you for sharing your world.

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