A home away from home

A few years ago, I used to share photographs each month of the life that has happened in that time. Somewhere along the line, I decided to stop sharing so many personal things about me.

But lately, I have had a change of heart. The stories of my life is the unique path I take to my own liberation. My own journey to bliss. And for me, that is something worth sharing.

Any one can read a text book on spirituality. In fact, there are blogs out there that serve as much better and more reliable sources of spiritual knowledge, than my writings. And if that was what people wanted to read, they would undoubtedly find them instead. So I don’t think that’s why you read my blog. And quite honestly, that isn’t why I write my blog, either.

Anyway, I digress.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on being more open with you. And that is something I still wish to do. So, Today, I share with you all the life that has happened since I went back to my parents home in BC for the last 10 days.

There is something wrong with my SLR ( 🙁 ), so these photographs were taken with my cell phone.


Leaving Toronto. 6am flight.

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Morocco – The Todra Gorge


It turns out it is not so easy to maintain my blog in the final semester of my final year. But I will be back. Just 5 weeks to go. It’s quite unbelievable.

So I thought I would continue to share photographs from Morocco to tide you over while I am away attempting to wrap my head around orthopaedics (the speciality I keep conveniently forgetting about. I definitely would not succeed as an orthopedic surgeon.)

The next stop on our Moroccan adventure was the Todgha Gorge up in the high Atlas mountains.

I think the photos speak for themselves.

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3 Levels of life

It has been a while since I have written something. I think that this is because all my posts are rooted in my own personal revelations and realizations. I share things my life is showing me and lessons I am learning.

I guess…sometimes it takes me a while to learn something. 😎

But I have come to understand something about life and I am glad to be sharing it with you.

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Morocco: Nkob (Part 2)


Our journey begins in a dark red hotel room in Marrakesh. I’ve never been in a room that was so ominously…red.

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An evening walk through the Ballinasloe Horse Fair


Let me tell you about Ballinasloe, the little grey-skied town that has been my home for the last 10 months, and will be for just another two.

It is a town where old man who owns the small shop, knows everyones names and will come out of his store to personally let you know that you have missed your bus. It is also a town where the bus is always and consistently 25 minutes, except for that one time of course. It is a town where the streets are practically empty after 7pm. Life for me orbits around the hospital and the small group of final-year-almost-doctors that like me, chose to do their 1 year placement here.

For 51 of the 52 weeks in a year, it is hushed, muted toned, peaceful town.

But then there is one week where this little town is transformed into a place I can’t even recognize! The Annual Ballinasloe Horse Fair. Yes, this quaint Irish town is home to Europe’s oldest Horse festival.

I have never been a horse festival before, so this was a special experience I wanted to share with you!

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An adventure in Sintra, Portugal – In photographs (Part three)


This is the last post in the series of photographs from Kat and I’s adventures in Portugal (with a few selfies sprinkled in there too). Thank you for letting me share all of these with you. I hope you get a chance to visit this beautiful country if you haven’t already.

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An adventure in Sintra, Portugal – In Photographs (Part two)


And so our adventures in Portugal continue.  You can see part one by clicking here.

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An adventure in Sintra, Portugal – In photographs (Part one)


My friend Kat and I decided to go on adventure at the end of the semester. The first question was – where? My first choice was Bosnia and Herzegovina, as I had a very specific image in my heart of where I needed to be. But we eventually chose Portugal (Don’t worry B & H, you’re next!). I was craving nature, mountains, trees, green, grass and Kat loves the sunshine. Kat discovered the city of Sintra, about 45 minutes outside of Lisbon. I would like to share some (okay, a LOT) of photographs from our adventures in Portugal.

It’s mostly images, not so much writing. I think the photographs speak for themselves.

Have you been to Portugal before, or are there any readers who are from this gorgeous country?

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Growing up with my girlfriends (in photographs)

I stopped writing in my blog for a while. I started to feel very self conscious of my own voice and what I had to say, what I had to offer the world. But I think am ready to speak again and writing to you now feels like an act of courage and bravery. I have much to share with you, stories to tell, photos to share, lessons I have learned, if you would like…


So, I want to ease back into blogging by sharing with you a small, precious joy in my life; my friendship with Emma and Becky.

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New York City in photographs


This summer, my family and I spent a little over a week in New York City, and my goodness, what an experience it was! I had taken so many photographs and uploaded them onto my computer, however when my computer died a few months ago, I lost all my images from the city. Luckily I had already uploaded some of my favourites into a private facebook album, which I have just re-downloaded to share them here with you today. So for that, please excuse the poor quality. But I hope that they capture the essence of the city anyway.

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