New York City in photographs


This summer, my family and I spent a little over a week in New York City, and my goodness, what an experience it was! I had taken so many photographs and uploaded them onto my computer, however when my computer died a few months ago, I lost all my images from the city. Luckily I had already uploaded some of my favourites into a private facebook album, which I have just re-downloaded to share them here with you today. So for that, please excuse the poor quality. But I hope that they capture the essence of the city anyway.


A Little preview of the city drawn on the bathroom mirror.

There is a reason why there is a desk though. In the Rockefeller Center my mom went over to the information kiosk and accidentally mispronounced deck, for desk – saying “Which way is it to the the observation desk?” My brother happened to overhear this and made soooo many jokes about my mom sitting at the top of a sky scraper doing paperwork at her desk. Well my mom had a serious laugh attack which lasted about 15 minutes. I don’t think I have ever seen my mother laugh that hard. 1

My brother in the hotel535837_10151500949505964_468981541_n

Feeling small945809_10151500949815964_412461911_n

People watching994265_10151500960575964_1809616204_n

A glimpse of China town995996_10151500962020964_990159761_n

The view from our hotel room1173786_10151500949970964_831208018_n

At the MoMA. Weirdest place ever.1170667_10151500951370964_1602593923_n

Central park1098404_10151500959030964_1781016200_n

Over the bridge1006075_10151500959550964_1691723405_n

Kids playing basket ball in Brooklyn1001418_10151500963905964_1721616276_n

My father on his 50th birthday!1001414_10151500952725964_1369221646_n

Meditating in central park. The hidden emerald amongst the city. 1174831_10151500951715964_1371544180_n

Where she stands.1175242_10151500959100964_602508604_n


My new camera from my parents for my birthday! 945434_10151500957250964_898843190_n971038_10151500963375964_1534498067_n

Rain and blue1097962_10151500951295964_333832977_n1098485_10151500950840964_2102988819_n1098473_10151500958335964_1565986780_n

From the Brooklyn bridge.1098266_10151500956535964_515013313_n


My mother and brother1149015_10151500960595964_1496492252_n1175182_10151500958005964_734418612_n


Thank you for reading/watching!

malavika xo


  1. You did a wondeful job of capturing New York’s energy! You did such a nice job that your post makes me miss living there. As always I love reading your blog!

  2. Loved it! I haven’ t been to NYC in years and want to take my kids there. I LOVE, LOVE NYC. I live in Miami, and absolutely HATE MIAMI!

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