The Colours of Summer

These were the colours of my summer. NOKIA Lumia 800_000363

My first ever blushing pink peonies. I love these flowers so much.


A new lifeIMG_0006

Little handsIMG_0314A woodland havenIMG_0218My friendIMG_9909Mountain tops in Canadahoneycake

My first Honey Cake (Medovik) made with my mother’s help.IMG_9812Deki and a cat from the neighbourhood.IMG_9747

The kids cozied up, tangled legs, on the couch playing games


Shades of green and growing pains.IMG_9713

Learning about gardening with my motherIMG_9705

….And our dog. She brings so much happiness to us! IMG_9633

Kamloops at sunriseNOKIA Lumia 800_000378Masha in the river in Ireland.

crystal coffee

A crystal coffeefather

A walk with my family


Little girl in the grassjoy

The joy of simplicity. Uncomplicated joy.lavender

Evening bright and lavenderPainting

Painting with my friendpinkday

A pink teaparty for a little princessroses

Alexis, smelling the roses.sage

Sage girlstrawberry flowers

Warm summer sun leaking through the window, bathing my strawberries in light.IMG_0624

The coloursIMG_0796

Gifts of nature, and home grown beauty.IMG_0873

Summer bubbles


  1. What amazing artistry through your photography my friend – you rock!! I am so happy to see that you are following your passion – you go girl – and never stop!! xxxooo

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