A life well lived: How to nourish your mind, body & soul every day


I have really been indulging in my blog for the last few weeks, but today I have a short and sweet post for you.

Every day I try to nourish myself so that I may grow into a happier person and live a beautiful and blessed life. It is a daily practice because a life well lived, a charmed life, is created one day at a time.

Writing this post has reminded me how simple it is to nourish and nurture yourself every day.

I ask myself these questions:

How have I nourished my body today? 

How have I nourished my mind today?

How have I nourished my soul today?

How have I nourished my loved ones today?

How have I nourished my community today?

I have made a list of simple acts that bring a sense of nourishment into our lives in these different areas of being. This is not a checklist, but just a reminder that there are so many ways to nurture, cherish and grow every day. I hope that they will inspire you to think about what you can do to enrich your life on a day to day basis too.

How have I nourished my body today?

Today have I…

Been active

Gone to the gym, for a run, danced, played a sport

Bathed, moisturized (in my decadent new body butter), dressed myself in beautiful clothing.

Felt beautiful today

Challenged my physical capabilities, worked on my body to be faster, stronger, more flexible.

Nourished my body with pure, wholesome foods.

Noticed my breath, felt the miracle of life pulsing through my body


How have I nourished my mind today?

Today have I…

Laughed hard

Learned something new, learned something interesting learned how to do something better

Practiced. (my gift, the great work of my life)

Worked from the center of my dharma

Filled my mind with things that uplift me

Had a meaningful conversation

Understood something new about myself,

Understood and accepted something about someone else

Been interested and interesting

Solved a problem with optimism and kindness

Thought kindly of others, and of myself

Thought about what I am creating in my day, in my relationships, in my life

Appreciated the present moment

Practiced forgiveness daily

How have I nourished my spirit today?

Today have I…

Been in a meditative state / meditated

Practiced Kriya

Practiced Yoga

Smiled at just the thought that I AM ALIVE!

Been present

Lived gentle and strong

Noticed and connected with Grace

Let go of something or someone lovingly

Lived intentionally

Experienced the elements. Spent time in nature.

Enjoyed life

Experienced life more than trying to exert myself into life

How have I nourished my loved ones today?

Today have I…

Expressed my gratitude

Made someone smile

Made someone laugh

Made someones life a little bit easier, even in the smallest way





Spoken kindly

Cared for them

Complimented them

Spent time with them

Done something that brings them happiness

Touched them

Hugged them

Kissed them

Given a gift

Learned something from them

Shared a part of myself with them

Connected with a friend from the past

How have I nourished my community today?

Today have I….

Been of service

Said Hello

Learned and used their names


Helped someone

Asked for help


Charity work

Fed somebody, cooked for someone, shared a meal

Created something for the community

Improved something

Cleaned something

Eased pain

Shared my gifts

Had a conversation

Spent time with a small child

Spent time with an elderly person

Made a new friend

Introduced people

Organized something

Done something for the benefit of all

Checked in with people

Brought an idea to life

Created a beautiful space to live in, or for others to live in or spend time in

I’m back to studying for my next delightful set of exams as I embark on my journey to residency in the US. And while I enjoyed the time off, it does feel unusually good to be back to something that feels familiar – eye deep in textbooks. Ahhh. Home sweet home.

Oh, and while I have you here, you may have noticed there are two places you can subscribe to my blog. A little confusing, I know.

If you sign up with invitation to the join my inner circle that comes in the form of a (hopefully unintrusive) pop-up when you open up the blog – that means you are signing up to my personal e-mail list. You will not receive notifications when I post a new blog post. I would just like to use this way to contact you personally when I release my first e-book and to share with you other resources that I am making as aides for our spiritual growth and journey.

If you sign up on the right side of this page, where it says “Delivered straight to your inbox” – it does exactly as the box says; you will receive a notification every time I post something.

I hope that is clearer now!

Thank you for reading, friends. 

I wish you all a life well lived. Blessings.


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