The Wedding Series: In the garden of lights

The night before the wedding we have a party at my grandparents home. It is a chance for me to receive blessings from all our relatives and close family members. My grandfather is a strong, wise man who adores all his grandchildren. He asked me “What would make the party special for you?” and I said “lights.”


When I stepped outside after getting ready, I felt like I had walked into a magical world, a fairytale garden. The warm indian breeze, the inky blue night sky, the starlight and fairy lights, the emerald green reflecting off the trees.



Meanwhile, my friends waited for me downstairs in the living room.



I once complained to my friend Becky that she sends everybody else cards except for me. So she gave me 7 cards all at once. That is love. They make me laugh so much.

“Dear Malavika,

Your wedding is imminent.




“Dear Malavika,

We are having a good time in India. Thank you for inviting us. 



I felt so overwhelmed having 17 of my friends sitting in front of me. And it was difficult for me to spend much time with them with everything I had to do. We had a few stolen moments here and there and I was grateful that they were so understanding and patient with me.

My friends came from all over the world to share in these celebrations with me. Kat once told me that I “collect people” as friends! And I think it’s true, each one of my close friends are so unique and individual. I have met each of them under different circumstances, and over time we have created our own story and developed our own connection.

Outwardly each girl is so different from each other, with different interests and shades of personalities. But I see a common thread that brings us together; I feel like I am drawn to women who are creative, nurturing, strong but soft, interesting, light hearted, spiritually open and women who love to laugh.

I think I am drawn to women, not who will fit neatly into my life, but ones who have a story to tell.


 This beautiful couple.

This is Maria.

She is feminine, loyal, brave, strong, soft hearted, an artist.


I call Carol my “soul mother” and I think that says it all. Her beautiful daughters, Carly (creative, caring, kind, a nurturer) and Alexis (peaceful, fabulous, warm hearted, oh and hilarious) – my soul sisters.

_J7H6043 (1)

I absolutely adored the arabic-style dress I wore this evening; a deep midnight blue with golden thread work.


I felt so humbled to think that so many people came to see me on the eve of the most important day of my life. I felt cocooned in positive energy and happiness. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.



_J7H6160 (1)

Here, please enjoy an extreme close up of my face, lol.


Here, Oksana stands with friends. She is funny, vibrant, light hearted, and motherly.



It was the perfect backdrop for a magical selfie.

Long-time readers of my blog will already know Emma and Becky, if not you can click here to read more. It was my first time getting to meet their sweet boyfriends Rob and Andy.

_J7H6203 (1)

I’m glad we have each found our prince charming!



In my hand is a betel leaf, a lime, an areca nut and one rupee coin. In this ritual, the bride offers this simple dakshina to the elders of the family, including her older siblings and cousins and takes their blessings.

The betel leaf is a symbol of freshness and prosperity. According to Skanda Purana, the betel leaf was obtained by the gods during the churning of the ocean for the nectar. The main reason that it is used in pujas, however, is that Hindus believe that different deities reside in the betel leaf.


I got a few kisses too!


My mother and I!


My uncle and aunt!


And the blessings begin.


Long-time readers of my blog will recognize a grown up Deki, who is getting ready to be an older sister to a new baby sister coming soon! Another baby to obsess over, I can’t wait.



We also had cake to celebrate my grandfathers 86th birthday.


My father, who is one of the most saint-like human beings I know. (Even though I fought with him so much during my teenage years….WHY?!?!)


And then there’s Matt (center). My charming best friend who has been making me (and my girlfriends) smile since high school. When I first told Matt about the wedding, he said he would not be able to make it, but then surprised me and booked a ticket. Matt is just a bundle of positive energy and always makes my day brighter.


“That’s classy. :


The oscar selfie. I think Becky with her light blonde hair glowing like a halo looks like angel descended from heaven!


And Choyi. Loved by all who meet her. Truly one of the most selfless people I know.


Choyi’s man, George.

10888446_10204829084319592_7551319120125261153_nMy Fiance and his family were having a party of their own, but came by to see the me, the bride, for just a few minutes. I was so nervous! And oh, to meet him in front of all these people and camera lights! My heart was fluttering.

And there he was, standing there, amongst all the people, like a midnight sun, warm and glowing. Or, as my friend Emma says “Like a celeb”

My golden man. My friend Carol described him as golden, and I think this is the perfect way to describe him. Everything about him is in golden tones.


My grandfather’s lovebirds.

WFA Malavika final-25


He and his family left after just a few short minutes.


My brother from another mother. Literally.


 Kat. My friend from medical school. She is strong, loyal, understanding, feisty, super chill and super cute!



This is my girl Abi. My friend from medical school. Abi is one of the princesses of the world. She has the sweetest and most pleasant disposition that is so comforting to everyone that is in her life. Her heart is so kind. She has so much love and empathy for everyone.




As the night came to a pleasant end, every one returned home, ready for an early wake up call for the wedding the next day. But for now, it was time to crawl into bed and slip into a deep dreamful sleep and wake up to the first day of  a new beginning in my life.

All my love to all of you,



        1. Well, we haven’t got to the wedding yet! I plan to do a post for that too in the next week or so 🙂 Indian weddings tend to be long and involve a number of events and rituals that lead up to the big day.

          But yes, there was so much family, friends and love. It was one of the most magical times of my life! I would love to go back 🙂

  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story about friendship and love with us! Looking forward to seeing more photos! Congrats and I hope love continues to blossom and fill your life with happiness. 🙂

    1. Thank you Colin for your kind words. I just wanted to try to convey the joy that is my heart when I think of these memories of my life! Thank you for your wishes, they mean a lot to me, and I look forward to keeping in touch.

  2. Hi Malavika … Thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures . And your words almost took me there to the wedding eve. I could see love and happiness all over. Eagerly waiting for your wedding day episode. I have not seen a single photo from your wedding , thanks to your Hubby Goutham 😛
    I am reading through your blogs and some of them did influence me. Am eagerly waiting to meet you in person. Met Gautham last week in Toronto. Hey Forgot to say something .. CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding..You guys a make a beautiful couple . Stay blessed and happy ..

    1. Prasanth! I am so happy to hear from you and I look forward to meeting you too. Thank you for your comment, it made my day! I am putting together the wedding post now. It was a beautiful day, it’s really too bad you could not be there. We would have loved that. And what can I say about G…I guess I will be the one in charge of taking and sharing photos in our life together!

      I’m glad to here you like some of the posts here on my blog. My wish is to write something valuable that can uplift people in some small way.

      See you soon!

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