The Wedding Series: In the garden of lights

The night before the wedding we have a party at my grandparents home. It is a chance for me to receive blessings from all our relatives and close family members. My grandfather is a strong, wise man who adores all his grandchildren. He asked me “What would make the party special for you?” and I said “lights.”


When I stepped outside after getting ready, I felt like I had walked into a magical world, a fairytale garden. The warm indian breeze, the inky blue night sky, the starlight and fairy lights, the emerald green reflecting off the trees.

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A honeymoon in paradise


For our honeymoon, my husband took me to paradise. It truly was the most beautiful place I have been. I could not believe my eyes.

We began the new year watching the sunrise from an island in the Maldives. Here are some photos of our adventure.

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Considerations for choosing your future partner

I listened to a very interesting lecture by Dr. Oleg Torsunov on how to pick a partner to marry, so I thought I could share it with you today.

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The psychic power of women


I have been studying the power of women in family life and relationships through the ancient Vedic teachings, by one of it’s teachers – Oleg Tosunov. It has grown to become a huge area of interest for me and something I would like to share with you today.  The Vedas teach us that women are mental leaders of the family, they are the energy keepers within their relationship, marriage and family. This means they control the energy within the relationship. Men have different responsibilities. I don’t know much about that, since I am a woman and realized I should only focus on bettering myself, rather than making sure other people change too.

But we are different to men. We have different feminine duties, and if we can try to fulfill these feminine duties, we will achieve access to certain psychic powers. When we are able to use these feminine powers, we will be given the greatest gift of all – the ability to change our family life, our marriage, and to find happiness.

I believe that each and every one of these powers are difficult to access, and especially to access completely and fully. That is our karmic challenge as women. It is supposed to be hard.

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