From woman to a force

My husband does this hilarious impression of me. He pretends we’re in the middle of a really tough work-out, and in the middle of the struggle, he, as me, pauses and says “I am not a woman. I am not a human being, I am a FORCE of LIFE. The power of the universe runs through my veins. Come on let’s do the next set!”

It cracks me up.

I don’t actually do this (okay maybe I have once) but it is a subject that I’ve talked about with him a few times.

I noticed there are certain moments when I feel as though I break through the some of the very normal constraints of being a human being in this physical body, and somehow access a different dimension of myself.

I think of my self containing a physical body, an emotional body and an energetic body. Most of the time I dwell in my physical and emotional body. On the rare occasion, I activate my energetic body – and when this happens – this is what I describe as the feeling of transcending from a person to a force of life.

Time spent in this state are powerful periods of creation. Things just happen, everything flows, and concepts are brought to life.

There are three activities that I have identified that makes me feel this way;

An intense work out

Something happens when you go beyond your physical and mental limitations. The mind quits before the body does, and being able to intercept the small space between the two opens new possibilities.

Something powerful happens when my breath travels that quickly in my body. It refreshes everything on an internal level. Breath is life and you bring that life quickly and magnificently into your body.

I’ve always advocated for meditation after intense exercise; it tires out the body and the mind, allowing for more potent meditations.

I also find that visualization is a good practice to pair with your work-out. Visualizing what you want your body to be, how you want it to move and feel, visualizing yourself doing the exercise/movements/posture to completion, or even channelling that energy and visualizing another aspect of your life.

Intense exercise allows for singular focus, on a vision, on your breath, on a movement, or on a goal. During studying for my exams, I loved doing HIIT on the treadmill and thinking of one thing I wanted to bring to life.

The things I thought about came true.

Access flow State

Flow state speaks for itself. We have a label for it because we recognize the magic that is inherent to it.

There are certain activities that are most conducive for a flow state – writing, painting etc.

But if you can learn to trigger flow states frequently, and enter this state for more menial aspects of your day – cooking, cleaning, working, etc, it’s a powerful and enchanting way to live your day.

Ways to nurture flow in the day to day

💫 Identify the goal and acknowledge the task at hand.

💫 Remove distractions, and any other blocks to flow state – if there is something on your mind or bothering you, try to resolve it.

💫 Set the mood and tone. Music, lighting, quiet – know what works for you.

💫 Commit to single tasking.

💫 Learn your natural energy cycles and work at your peak time. Don’t waste your peak creating time on consuming content, responding to e-mails etc. And don’t waste your low-energy dips trying to create and build, when you should be replenishing. Know yourself.

I love accessing flow states. Amazing things have happened when I am in flow. Perception of self and time is warped. It is an elegant dance of creation.

Dip into deep presence

Very similar to flow state, being fully present in this moment and whatever it requires for me also activates my energy body.

To be present we need to be here and now. Take a deep breath and increase your perception for the moment. Notice everything. Listen and hear what people are saying. Choose your words consciously before you speak. Be fully here.


And of course, intense meditation or Kriya instantly catapults me into a force of nature. A consistant meditation practice loosens the glue that sticks us to our thoughts and emotions, and I find I am able to access a really vibrant part of myself much easier.

Certain times and days also help nurture this spark within us. Tonight for example, with the lunar eclipse – don’t miss out!

Self reflection prompts

🔮 What triggers flow state for you?

🔮 What is a daily activity you can learn to do in flow state?

🔮 What is the last time you felt like a creator of your life?

🔮 What do you want to bring to life?

🔮 When is the last time you transcended an emotional or physical limitation?

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