Little things that make a big difference

Hello! I’m back, after a 2 month hiatus. I have lots of interesting articles lined up to share over the next few weeks. Today I wanted to start with an intentional living topic. I have a page in Notion called “This works” where I collect a list of small changes and ideas that have had a big impact in my daily life. I thought I’d share them with you today!

✨ Spend 10 minutes a day doing a digital declutter for 30 days. Then keep up as required.

✨ Approach your job like it’s your hobby, and your hobby like it’s your job.

✨ Make one low-waste swap every month.

✨ Listen to/watch videos on 2x speed (when the purpose is to extract information.)

✨ Embrace the reverse sleep-in (especially for parents) and go to bed really early.

✨ 10 minutes HIIT on the treadmill (1 minute sprinting, 1 minute walking)

✨ Do an audit your screen time habits. Then setting timers/limits.

✨ Take your breaks seriously.

✨ Cultivate a culture of celebration that focuses the effort it took to complete a task/achieve a goal, and not the outcome itself.

✨ Disable almost all notifications on your phone.

✨ Cold showers.

✨ When you need a shift in your energy, take a shower.

✨ Make a problems + opportunity list

A list of everything you consider to be a problem or an obstacle in your life. Then write out the various opportunities that come from solving/healing it.

✨ A weekly/monthly mastermind with a like minded friend

✨ Set goals on a monthly basis. Review weekly.

✨ Procrastination diets

Make a list of every single you’ve been procrastinating & challenge yourself to do one thing every single day for 30 days)

✨ Create a win list: document all your wins. Update every week. Review and reflect every month.

✨ Create a praise/smile/happy file: a document that collects compliments and praise you receive.

✨ Commit to a 30 day challenge every month. If you like it, upgrade it to a 60 day, 90 day challenge.

✨ Drop one bad habit every month.

✨ Try saying what you want with less words. When you become conscious of your words, you eventually become conscious of your thoughts.

✨ When you come across something abstract/spiritual that inspires you – convert it into one actionable step you can take to really live the philosophy.

✨ Every day, take a word you use often and look up a synonym and learn an alternative.

✨ Embrace “less is more.”

Explore experiencing 1 spoon of ice cream with as much indulgence as you do a tub of it.

✨ Eat without distraction (no screens, no conversation). Make eating part of your spiritual practice.

✨ Schedule one self-care happiness day every month.

✨ Schedule one life-admin day every month.

My conscious moments practice.

✨ Outsource a task/chore you consistently dislike doing.

✨ Don’t wait till someone is gone before you let them know how they have impacted your life.

✨ Think about the first 5 words you say before you say it.

✨ Overdeliver. Always do things little bit better than was required.

✨ Don’t leave a space empty handed.

✨ Leave everything a little bit better than how you found it.

✨ Spread out weekly reset/organization/home maintenance tasks over the weekend rather than cramming them into a Sunday.

✨ Schedule something you look forward to on Mondays.

✨ Have a throwaway e-mail address for signing up for newsletters and e-mail lists.

✨ Listen more.

✨ Do a 15 minute speed clean every night.

✨ Clean as you cook.

✨ Automate tasks as much as you can (e-mail templates etc)

✨ Just read the instructions.

✨ Brainstorm before you being a difficult task.

✨ Delegate – give work, give guidance, give credit.

✨ When lacking the energy/enthusiasm to start a task, set a timer for 2 minutes and spend that time thinking about the task. See yourself completing it. By the end of the 2 minutes, you will be ready to go, AND you will likely complete your task faster than you thought you would.

✨ When asked to do something, ask questions upfront so expectations are clear.

✨ Set a spiritual/mindset focus for every month.

✨ Notice the symptoms of burnout, and give yourself something you need as soon as you notice it.

✨ Ask yourself “what is the happiest and most peaceful way I could do this?” before any task.

Practice gratitude in motion: Express gratitude before every task, every thing and every person you encounter in your day. (Compared to a static gratitude practice where you spend a few minutes at the end of the day listing out things you are grateful for.)

5 minute joy sprees

✨ Value conflict resolution in friendships.

I used to only apply conflict resolution in relationships where it was unavoidable. In friendships however, things often went unsaid and unprocessed, or you engage in gossip to release hurt feelings, or you drift apart. Committing to healthy discussion in friendships builds intimacy and stronger friendships that feel like family.

✨ Pre-scheduled recurring monthly (zoom) dates with a friend.

This akashik practice.

✨ Take the stairs

I would love to know what small changes you have made in your life that made a big impact for you! Do let me know 🙂


  1. Can’t agree more…Being Organized, planned is the first step towards spirituality. Many of acts above are part of my routine, habits, behavior as well…very well consolidated.

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