5 December rituals to welcome the New Year

Wowowowow. Hold up. It’s not even Christmas yet, not even Thanksgiving, and I’m already talking about New Years Eve

Well, if you’ve been here a while you must know by now that New Years is my absolute favourite! And my preparations for it begin in late November, so yes, we do have to talk about it now.

Here are some of my annual rituals that create that New Year magic!

Declutter & donate

From the beginning of December, I begin my annual declutter. Creating physical space in my home brings a sense of lightness that I crave in the new year.

What can I let go of this year? How can I live a little lighter? In the past I have done this room by room, but this year I will try working through Marie Kondo’s categories of clothes, books, paper, komono, & sentimental.

I also pay particular attention to my digital clutter. For me, digital clutter is more overwhelming than physical clutter! My Evernote overflows with notes upon notes of my thoughts and musings. However, I have learned that even spending a quick 10-15 minutes a day organizing my laptop, documents, photos, and Evernote, makes a big difference!

A 40 day Shambhavi Maha Mudra Mandala

I also begin a 40 day mandala of Shambhavi Maha Mudra Kriya practiced twice a day. For me to complete the cycle on December 31st, I will begin this practice on the 22nd of November.

A year in review

I like to do this with my husband over a cup of coffee, while Reya naps. We look back on the year month by month, and take note of it all. What happened? What was beautiful? What did I learn? How did I grow?

I do try to collect the pieces of our story in words and photographs, a small momento of the year passed. Time has a way of making things hazy.

A digital detox

This is the latest addition to our new year ritual that we started just last year. We take a day away from technology. No phones, laptops, TV, not even reading or writing.

Just presence.

It gives us time and space to just be.

To quieten ourselves and feel the stirs from within, that are otherwise too subtle to know in the noise of distraction.

Setting intentions for the year ahead

And finally, on a day after my digital detox, I spend time thinking of how I do want to spend my time in the coming year.

This year I made a practice of setting and evaluating goals on a monthly basis, which turned out to work much better for me than making big lofty and untrackable promises for the year – however, I do like contemplate to the general direction I’d like to go in various areas of my life. A nice way to do this, is to think of an area of your life, and spend a few minutes in meditation to allow the vision to rise up within you.

And remember – you can’t plan everything! And you shouldn’t.

Leave some space for grace.

Leave some space for magic.

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