Landslide into 2019

I find myself stumbling rather ungracefully into the new year. I stepped back into my routines of daily life here in Toronto with a sudden thud. I feel out of sorts, and I just can’t seem to get a grip on anything. They say there are years that question and years that answer. 2018 was an answer. 2019 is a year of question, I can already feel it. Things feel unsettled and haphazard. I completed a mandalam of 40 days of shambavi maha mudra in the early new year. I had expected that it would bring me to a more centered and grounded space, and yet to be quite honest with you, everything feels blurry and confused. I have to believe that the practice gives me what I need most for my spiritual growth. The last time I had completed this mandalam, I discovered I was pregnant and then went on to lose my baby, which ended up being a significant and poignant, but no less beautiful occurrence in my life. Perhaps what I need most for my growth right now is a more potent dose of life, rather than something slow and grounded and centered. 

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The energy of 2017


This year I only have one resolution.

Only one thing I resolve to do.

I only desire to keep my spiritual practices as my priority in each day of 2017.

I guess there are a couple of reasons why I came to this, but the main reason is that it’s truly the only thing I really want to do. Like, really, really want to do.

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Morocco (Part 1)

Good evening beautiful readers.

I hope you all had a wonderful New year and I’m glad you can join me in 2016.

My husband and I returned this week from our trip to Morocco over the holidays.


We booked a YOLO tour with G Adventures. It was our first time with GA, and we were looking forward to seeing if this is something we would do again. After 7 days with G, it is safe to say we loved everything it offered. We loved how much of this stunning country that we got to see, and the experiences we had. My husband always told me that he wants to ” collect experiences, not things.” and that stuck with me. For me, the most beautiful thing about our tour was not the things we saw or the landmarks we visited, but the experiences we had.

We arrived in Marrakesh a couple of days before our tour began, and spent our time in the luxurious Jnane Tamsna. This hotel has to be one of my favourites that I have ever stayed at – because it didn’t feel like a hotel at all. It felt like home, the staff like family members welcoming us with their gracious hospitality. We walked the gardens, as though we were walking in our own backyard. We passed ocean-blue swimming pools glimmering under the sunlight, trees budding with lemons and lives, flower petals strewn delicately all over the ground. We spent the two days in the hotel, without leaving to explore,  it was a tranquil paradise, and the most perfect way to begin our Moroccan adventure.


An orange juice reception.

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My 2016 goals

Happy December 1st! Ah, the first of every month does bring a fresh energy to me. Especially now as we edge closer to the new year.

It’s difficult to imagine life after May. Life after I graduate. Life after I move back to Canada. It is a significant life change, a new chapter of my life, and I wonder what new desires it may stir up in my heart, or old plans it may put to rest. But I am open, I am open to life. I am open to changing my mind and changing my heart about things.

So I write this list more like a list of possibilities that might evolve into something different. Let’s see. Let’s see what life has in store.


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How I do New Year

Hello my sweet things!

It has taken many new-years before I finally found my own personal recipe for the perfect new year. The best part is that all you really need is love, open eyes and an open heart. And some special people to share it with.

This is what I do:

I de-clutter my space

Ah yes, the big clean! The 31st is my favourite day to put on my sweats, tie my hair back, rubber gloves on, and on my hands and knees scrubbing away. It is so important to start the new year with a clean space and a clean mind. It’s hard to have a clutter free mind if our surroundings are constant reminders of all the chaos that may have accumulated (quite naturally) from 2010. Get rid of the things you don’t need, love, or use. Feng-shui up your life!

I’m going to direct you to an article from the blog of my friend and business coach Heather White, which gives you a first hand experience of the benefits of de-cluttering. Check out her other articles too! She’s awesomelicious.

I set my space

Now everything’s sparkly and clean. Now what? Now I have to set myspace for new year! Pretty it up. Light candles, turn on my Christmas lights. Play music. Bring in fresh flowers. Burn incense.

I take a lovely hot cleansing bath with sea salts

I find that hot baths with natural sea salts really help raise my vibration to be in total alignment with the vibration I want to be in to attract my highest good. It is also a greatly cleansing experience – I simply visualize the hot water washing away any negative energy or residue that is trapped within me. I let it go.

I make myself feel pretty!

Dressing up is a must. I’ll wear a pretty dress with some killer shoes, do my hair, paint my toes, wear some sweet perfume. Because looking good makes you feel good, and when you feel good, you can accomplish anything!

I spend time in meditation

I will either do a guided meditation, or sit in stillness for some time. I also have this great CD that has the “Om” mantra repeated over and over again many times. I’ll put that on and let that echo through the house. And it feels blissful!

I set my intention for the year

I take the time to find my ONE powerful intention that I can use for the entire year. Something that is in total alignment with all my intentions and wishes for myself. I haven’t figured out what mine will be yet. But when I do, I’ll be sure to share!

I set my goals for the year

YAY this is so much fun! This year I have set it in the following categories “Spirituality/My work, Personal development, Financial, School, Hobbies/Things to “do”)

I usually just allow myself to write whatever comes to my head at first. And then I go through my list and refine it, choosing only the most important ones. It’s better to have a few focused goals, than many goals that may excite you but you do not feel totally committed to you. Commitment is key! Do you feel butterflies in your tummy when you write about it? If not, then it probably doesn’t need to be there. Be honest with yourself. What do you WANT. Not what other people want, or what you think you should want. But what do YOU want. Can you make the commitment, tonight, to make 2011 a year of making all your dreams come true?

I write a letter to myself

I’ll write a letter to myself on the new year about my experience of 2010, that I will read in the next new year. It’s an eye-opening experience, to see how much I have achieved, experienced, and explored. It is a great opportunity to show total gratitude for my life, and to see how much I have grown.

I engage in something that is aligned with fun and joy!

Make sure you take the time to really engage in something that  is fun and joyful to do! This can mean something different to everybody!  You may like to go and party like rockstar, or light fireworks, or listen to your favourite music! For myself, I like to dance and laugh with people I love. So this is something I make sure I incorporate into my new-year routine!



So there it is, this is what I like to do on new years. A couple of other things I didn’t write about – but I also like to give myself a reading, make my predictions for 2011 (And write them down so I can verify how accurate they have been), talk to miss prescot, and watch the fireworks from a distance.

I’m going to and play with my puppy outside for some time now. I will write you again soon 🙂