How to notice the magic of life


Magic 1.jpgI once got an e-mail from a reader who once asked about the magic of life, how to see it, how to feel it, how to live from within it.

The magic of life; the most beautiful thing about it is that it is already the fabric of everything, we just have to notice it.

Here are some of the magic that I have noticed in my life. I hope that it may bring a soft, sweet awareness to your day.

Most of the things I have written here, are things we do or experience everyday, but we do it mindlessly, without noticing the majesty of it all. When we do that, we miss the magic of life. I believe that bringing some awareness to these simple acts and truths, can truly transform your life. It has certainly changed mine.

We are only just one breath, and one conscious choice away from living the life we wish to live.

Waking up every morning. When we wake up in the morning, we can make the choice to truly experience it as consciousness seeps into our mind and body. We can feel part of our body “wake up.” We can feel ourselves come to life. A new birth. A new beginning. We can smile. We can feel deep gratitude that we have another day of life ahead of us. We can feel deep gratitude that the one we love is sleeping soundly beside us. Waking up each morning is a miraculous act, I need to notice it. 

Animals. I love all animals. They are such pure creatures, and it is a blessing to know one closely – as I do with my parent’s dog April. She fills my heart with love when I see her. She enriches every space she is in. And I think it is is magical the way we can communicate so well with animals without language. 

The sacred act of eating. Each day, our body asks for food. We don’t have to contemplate it or intellectualize it. We simply have no choice but to recognize those pangs of emptiness when they come, those cravings for nourishment. And many of us have the luxury of choosing what we put into our body. We can choose to fill ourselves with foods of high pranic energy that take us to higher energetic levels in our body. The very act of consuming food can be used as a tool to elevate us. And as we eat, we can feel our body respond instantly to it. We feel our hunger diminish and if we listen carefully, we can hear when our body says “that’s enough.” When we eat, we have a special opportunity to be in total communion with our body. 

Creating life, being a mother, birth. I almost cannot put the magic of this into words. Labouring and delivering my angel daughter Mia was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Never in my life have I felt so powerful, present, and connected. There are few moments in life when there is a force so strong that life simply happens through you, and you just have to witness it. Labour was like that for me. I didn’t have to think about it, or try to make it happen. It was happening. Everything was happening just as it should, and just has it has since the beginning of time. My body and my life force took over and did what it had to do. And I just had to stay open. 

All of life is a balance between borrowing and belonging. The earth is ours.  We must care for it, protect it, love it, respect it – as we do with our own home, our own backyard, our own children. But then we mst let it go, knowing that we have made it as wonderful as it can be. 

Death is so close. We don’t know when death is. But we do know that we are mortal. We do know that we have a short stay here. When we know this, we can feel how precious life really is. How do you want to spend your time?

Time. It changes everything. It heals. Nothing ever stays the same way for very long. And there is comfort in that. 

Sunrises and sunsets Every day we are blessed with a sunrise and a sunset, and we don’t know how many more we will see. Not only are these times so unspeakably beautiful, but they are also a reminder of a new day beginning ending, and a day that is ending – a day that we are not promised, but one that is a gift. When I realized this, how could I ever ignore another one? 

Our ability to experience of intellectualize life. For me, experiencing life is so very different to intellectualizing it. And often when I try to intellectualize something that I have truly experienced, it comes out as poetry. For sharing in my blog and my writing, I try to record and intellectualize certain things that I experience and live through – for the purpose of sharing it and recording it, and perhaps to inspire you to see something the way I have seen it today. And yet, I can never capture the true essence of what it is I am trying to say. I think this blog post is a perfect example of that. I cannot deny the magic that exists when I experience something instead of trying to explain it. 

Being able to give when we have nothing. This video says it best.

Living beyond the senses. Most of the time we live according to all the sensory inputs we receive. The things we hear, see, feel track back to memories that reinforce how we should respond.  But there is another way of living. A way to live beyond the senses, and instead through the energy of everything. And when we live from here, we can experience life more deeply than we have ever known. 

We can break free of karmic cycles We can live in freedom and in choice. we do not have to do things because that is how they were always done. We do not need to live our life in autopilot. We do not need to repeat the same lessons over and over again. 

Nature and the life of everything. The earth is so vast and breathtaking. When I see the world, the raw, untouched mountains, valleys, fields, waterfalls, lakes – I feel like I am looking at God. And there is life all around us. Can you feel it, when you step outside?  

We can transform our energies through kriya and sadhana

Water The majority of our body and the earth is made up of this mysterious thing. Water. What is it really? Why do we need it? Water surrounds us – oceans, lakes, rain. Water streams from our eyes when we are happy and when we are sad. Water is within us. We can drown in it, yet we need it within us every day. This is something I often think about, especially when I become very thirsty and gulp down a glass of water like it is the most delicious thing I have ever drank. If there is something that is so essential to my existence, it makes sense for me to treat it with a certain level of awareness, respect and reverence. 

Sound. All of life is sound. All of life is vibration. We were created from it and we will return to it. When we see our deep connection to sound, we will notice music everywhere. 

We can transform our body Our beautiful bodies. They change over time. They have been grown from the size of a poppyseed, swimming in the warm womb of your mother, to the magnificent thing it is now. It regenerates. It heal. It is built of such complex systems. It creates, holds, and carries life. And we have the power to transform our body. We can make it into the strongest, most powerful, most flexible form that it can be. We can make it exactly as we like it to be. 

We can transform our mind and our intellect. Just as we can transform our body, we can also transform our mind. We can choose what we feed our mind. We can train our mind. We can nurture our intellect. We can learn. We can learn anything we choose to learn, and we can learn it well. We can practice our craft. We have an imagination – the source of all creation. We can become better, faster at things. We can make choices. 

We can transform our circumstances. And we can change our life, by changing ourselves – but not the other way around. By simply making some internal changes, our outward circumstances transform rapidly. Have you noticed this?

Every connection we make with another person. Each connection we make, big and small, we are connecting with our brothers and sisters, we are connecting with other beings expressing a unique aspect of the oneness that we all come from. Every connection is something that can be honoured. 

Belonging to all. There is a certain kind of magic that happens when we come to feel at home with all. We live our life with a heart locked with a single key that we hand only to a select few people. But if we decide to unlock our heart, and throw away the key, we fall in love with everyone and everything. We belong to everyone. We stop falling in love, and we become love. In this space, we have the ability to live our life being held by everyone and everything that is around us. There is no more beautiful way to live. 

We can grow from pain. There is no denying that life can present us with some very painful challenges, days of despair, months of emptiness, years that shake the very core of who we are. But in that, we can grow. We can use these experiences to soften us, to expand us, to evolve us. 

If we put 100% ourselves into any choice we make, it will work out wonderfully. In times of confusion and deliberation, I have come to realize that which choice we make doesn’t matter, what matters is that we choose to make it as beautiful, as wonderful, as vibrant as we can. 

Children. Like animals, children bring a special kind of magic to our lives. There is so much we can learn from children. And I like to believe that there is no such thing as other people’s children. Every child is our child, and our responsibility to love and nurture in the way that we can. 

We don’t need anything to feel alive. We spend our life collecting props for living, but the magic is that really, we don’t need anything to truly feel alive. We don’t need anyone or anything to burst into life. We are already life itself. All we need to do is turn inwards, to realize that we are more than we can comprehend. 

We can channel certain energy into certain spaces. Every possession we own is infused with a certain energy. Once we aware of this, we can change the energy of what surrounds us. 

Cycles of the sun and the moon. Our bodies work under the influence of the sun and the moon. Once we notice this and make subtle changes to our day that we live in sync with these cycles, a new kind of flow can be lived.

We can make something from nothing. We humans, we can make. We can create. We can make something from nothing. We can create something beautiful from nothing. We can create something valuable, inspiring, or something that simply brings joy to another. This is no simple thing. This is nothing short of magic. 

We can live each day as an offering to something divine. We can live our day for nothing, or for ourselves, or perhaps for our loved ones – and it is a beautiful. But something magical happens when we start living our day as an offering to the divine. Everything else falls into place. 

I hope you are having a magical Friday!




  1. Beautifully written Malavika. I am so touched by the content of this blob. In many of these magic you shared, I was able feel what the words were saying….

  2. This post is lovely. I feel so dejected at the moment, but reading your post reminded me that there are things to appreciate and that things do eventually turn around for the better.

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