How to make a decision when you’re confused

Last week, I talked about how important it is to do the right thing at the right time in your life. But what do you do when you’re confused about what the right thing is?! That’s what I wanted to address in the video I made for you this week.

I’d love to hear from you – how do you make a decision when you are confused about the options?


  1. How to make a decision when you’re “confused”?

    The answer lies in the question. It’s simple but if you think over it or pause for a moment. You will see I am right.

    You can’t make a decision if your “confused”.

    Even if you make the decision, it’s only by chance, destiny, fate or luck it will work in your favour.

    See if you know anything like the back of your hand then you will make a decision.

    Still didn’t get it. Life is not about knowing. You can always know only so much. It’s about how deep you want to get into the situation. There is always a better decision in hindsight.

    The more deep you get into anything, you will get clarity. You will make a decision.

    Any problem, just try to get to know maximum about it, decision will happen by itself. You won’t even have to choose this or that.

    If you dig deep, decision will arise by itself. You will never go wrong when the decision arises by itself but you have to get to Crux of the matter as to really, really know what is the problem, that will give you confidence to make the decision. It’s okay even if you are running out of time but till last moment get to into the situation as much as possible, then decision will happen by itself.
    Say you want to make decision A, keep target and do 50 push ups. If you do, choose A.
    If you don’t do 50, choose decision B.
    Now again in case you have many choices, again target 50 push-ups, do it, if you do 50 then choose B else choose C.

    Like this choose any task, activity, anything where you are pushed to maximum and choose your decision.

    Okay else cut the gyan crap.

    Or here’s a simple method.
    Suppose you have a deadline to make the decision.
    Till the deadline comes up as many times as possible, hold your breath and see what is the decision that comes up. Say like 10-15 times a day, you hold your breath and choose your decision.

    Do this as many times as possible. The decision that comes up most times when you hold your breath, choose that one.

    Your mind might go wrong but the life, breath inside you will never go wrong.

    Hold your breath maximum, keep the choices on paper or book and pick or tick it when you let go your breath, and see which choice you pick up most times.

    First know nature of mind-, it helps.

    The nature of the mind is to be confused.
    There is no one time fixed solution given by the mind.
    You should know the nature of mind- there is only addition and multiplication of thoughts in mind.

    You can erase, anything in the mind. So this means your decisions by mind will always change based on various permutations and combinations. It’s more like the decision taken by the mind somehow fit the situation. You didn’t take the right decision.

    But life, in you it knows only to live, it will never go wrong. Even a person going to comitt suicide, depressed, ask him to hold breathe and die. He can’t because life inside comes out bursting.

    Mind wants to suicide but not the life inside. So if something wants to live even when you want to die, tell me LIFE inside you or the MIND will make the right decision….

    1. Hi Sonia,

      Oh gosh, thank you so much for letting me know! I had to re-upload the video because I had an issue with the sound the first time. It should be okay now – does it work for you now?

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