Am I too sensitive?


I think it is common knowledge that to be intuitive is to be sensitive.

We spiritual seekers, we wear our identity of a “highly sensitive person” like a badge. To be quite honest with you, I am not sure of how sensitivity is received in our society today; I don’t know if it is trendy to be sensitive, or if it is looked down upon and silently ridiculed. But it doesn’t much matter to me – because I know what it feels like, and I can decide if it is something I enjoy or not.

In our quest for a deeper spiritual connection in life, I find that I become more and more sensitive.

But then I noticed that…I am sensitive to the wrong things, to the things that do not necessarily serve my spiritual growth.

I became sensitive to people’s opinions, their moods, their approval or disapproval of me.

I became sensitive to expectations, criticism, obligations, stress, responsibilities. This is not necessarily a bad thing – being sensitive to my responsibilities did give me the power to be a valuable and functioning member of society.

But, my sensitivity would breed fear. I found myself afraid of saying yes, or of saying no, because I was too sensitive of the “what if’s”

I can be so sensitive that I could take everything personally. Offended easily. Hurt easily. Broken easily.

I felt so sensitive to everyone else that I often struggled to make my own decisions because I was not sensitive enough to what it is I truly want.

And while sensitivity to others certainly brings a certain fluidity and softness in our relationships, the realm of sensitivity encompasses so much more than that.

Often times, sensitivity is synonymous with emotional. But I believe we are barely even scratching the surface of sensitivity when all we have to show for it is emotion. I mean – there are so much more to be sensitive to, to have a delicate appreciation for. And turning our attention to these things, can truly deepen our spiritual work.

Here are some other things we can be sensitive to

♥ Be sensitive to energy as it crackles around us. Energy is not the mood of the room. It is more like the vibrance of everything. Through practicing Kriya, I was able to experience the vibrance of everything, of life, and so when I go out into the world now, I can sense it too.

♥ Be sensitive to the sunset. Noticing the sunset is a recurring theme on my blog. I know I talk about it a lot, and it is not for lack of a better flowery image – but because noticing the sunset is a fundamental part of my spiritual practice.

A few years ago, I came to the realization that ignoring something as magnificent as a sunset (or sunrise) is ignoring a the most precious gift we have been given – today.

♥ Be sensitive to time.

Our dog April can sense when it’s time for my dad to get home from work. she can’t tell the time, and yet she knows time. I want to be that sensitive.

♥ Be sensitive to the smell of the earth.

There are famers that can tell if it’s going to rain that day by a subtle change in the quality of the air. I would love to be this in tune with the earth.

♥ Be Sensitive to our body and to the food we feed it.

I wish to listen to live my life in communion with my body, listening to it, feeding it what truly nourishes it.

♥ Be sensitive to possibility.

To options. To choice. To the unexpected. To surprises.

♥ Be sensitive to all living beings.

Not only humans, but animals and plants too. Be sensitive to their energy. Their vibrance. Their life. Their potential. Their part on this planet, their part in your life.

♥ Be sensitive to life and death.

Be sensitive to what it truly feels what it is to be alive. To truly feel what it is to know that life is not promised to us, and our time could be up at any moment. Be so sensitive to this that you live every moment of your life with this understanding.

♥ Be sensitive to the lunar cycle.

The moon exerts such a powerful energetic force on us, and just as it moves cyclically, so do the tides, so do we, as women. Do you notice that?

♥ Be sensitive to the planets and stars.

For they too influence our life and our energies a great deal.

♥ Be sensitive to our time on earth.

Do not waste it.

♥ Our collective human experience.

Let’s take a moment to step out of our story, our personal emergencies and tragedies, and look at our human experience as a whole. We’re all going through something together, as we spin around the sun. I want to be more sensitive to that.

♥ Be sensitive to other peoples karma.

Understand that so much of what other people do to you is written in their karmic contract. Most people live their lives unconsciously, and helpless to the forces of their karma on their life. They often can’t help it. None of us can, until a beam of of self clarity hits us and we step out of the shackles of the shadows, and into the light where we can see clearly.

So, understand that other people’s karma is not your burden to carry.

But you can help.

You can help them release it, and they can help you release yours.

We need each other.

What I know for sure is that all these small, subtle things make ripples and tidal waves in our psyche and in our life, but am I truly aware of it? Or am I more concerned about what someone said to me the other day?

What I know for sure is that the more I get into my head about all my daily hypersensitivities, the less sensitive I become to what truly matters.

What I know for sure is that the more sensitive I become, the easier it becomes to make good decisions in my life, because I can finally hear my truth bellowing from within me.

What I know for sure is that strength and sensitivity must come together. We need strength to love and embrace the things that we are sensitive to – and that is not always easy. Usually, my sensitivity is notoriously selective;

“I am sensitive to this. and I don’t like this. I’m going to push it away.” is how I usually am.

But if I am sensitive through strength, then I realize that all of this is about inclusion and wholeness. It is about acquiring the ability to embrace the whole and the subtle both simultaneously.

Real magic and transformation happens when I can say “I am sensitive to this. I feel it deeply on every level of myself. And I will embrace it.”

Well, i’m still working on that.


  1. Thank you so much for this article.
    What a great reminder for something that can sometimes feel a bit painful and burdensome. Beautiful.

    1. “Burdensome” – that is the perfect word to describe how it feels to be hypersensitive to all the wrong things. Thank you for that and thank you for taking the time to comment on this post.

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