May 2017 Favourites


I have seen a lot of youtubers do these monthly favourite videos and that inspired me to create my own! I should tell you though that this list is not really my May favourites, rather more like SOME of my 2017 favourites so far. I think that if I were to continue doing these monthly favourites, they would be much smaller in size.

Also, I find that taking photographs of “things” – especially products purchased, and then writing product descriptions – is quite a joyless activity for me. Product descriptions from their own websites will do a much better job of that. So this post is probably not going to be very informative or detailed but, rather my experiences surrounding these various things.

I’ve split the category in Beauty/Fashion, Home, Food/drink, Heart/ Mind & Soul. Something for everyone!

So here you go, some of my favourite things:


Bodyshop Hemp Face Moisturizer


I should just call this first category The Body Shop because I have two products from there that have made it on my May favourites.

For most things I own, I like to own the smallest number of it that I will need. It’s not always possible for everything – for example, certain make up products like lipstick or eyeshadows where variety is the spice of life – but for whatever I can apply this to, I try to.

For example – moisturizer. I like to own only one moisturizer (perhaps two if I split it into day and night), that I will use till it is complete, and then I purchase a new moisturizer – one that I have been recommended, or have read up about – and one that I am looking forward to trying. I think that following this guideline helps me stop hoarding things and allows me to cherish and use each thing I do have.

Anyway I had just recently finished my latest moisturizer and I have been meaning to go to the store to find a new one, but this week has been quite busy. So in the meantime, I started using this Hemp face balm I bought for my husband sometime ago (that he rarely uses without me prompting him).

And I love it!

I love the fluffy, mousse-like consistency, the light earthy scent, and the way it feels on my skin. And despite it being called heavy duty, I don’t find it to be too heavy – but maybe I just don’t use much of it?

Coconut oil/ Jasmine Argan oil


Coconut oil as a body moisturizer.

And Jasmine scented argan oil which I bought from a little shop in Morocco. The candle in the previous photo is also jasmine scented. For me, it is just one of the most glorious floral scents.

I had been using these two oils during pregnancy, on my skin, mostly to prevent stretch marks. After sometime, it became less about avoiding stretchmarks, and more about the sacred ritual of taking care of my skin, taking care of my body. I used to look forward to this time after every shower each evening. After my pregnancy came to an end, I decided that this ritual didn’t need to end too. And so I just kept doing it!

Pastel coloured nail polish and toe rings


Anyone who knows me will know that I love the pastel version of every colour. My wardrobe is filled with clothes in this shade year-around. I can’t save pastels for summer. I need them all year.

This is my collection of pastel Essie nail polish.

And toe rings and anklets are another one of my favourites.

Just generally bedazzled feet. What’s not to love?!


The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing butter Makeup remover

This cleanser was gifted to me by Devaki for my birthday. 

This cleansing butter is my FAVOURITE. It is so good. And leaves my skin feeling so clean, soft, and moisturized. Usually after removing my make up and using a cleanser, my skin feels so tight and dry (until I put moisturizer on), but this is not the case with this cleanser. I don’t wear too much make up these days, but still like to use this product.

I don’t have a photo of this product as I accidentally left it in Kamloops, and haven’t had a chance to repurchase it yet 🙁



Denim has taken over my world. And denim on denim. And embroidered denim. lol.

And I am really into the 90’s grunge look at the moment.


Faux Piercings


When I was younger I was really into body piercings. That craze died down for a few years and has now resurfaced (much to my husbands dismay). But for now, I’m enjoying these faux pieces that I don’t have to commit to longterm. It’s a win-win.


Pastel socks


Back to my affinity for pastel coloured things, H&M have these sets of light coloured ankle socks. I needed to refresh my sock collection and I was so happy when I saw these. I always feel really happy when I wear them.



I guess this goes hand in hand with my 90’s grunge obsession. As much as I love the classic black choker, I have started to branch out into different styles.




Himalayan salt lamp & Candle


This month, featured on our side table in our living room are my two favourite homeware items – a himalayan salt lamp (such a pretty, romantic, ambient light), and the cute little candle my best friends Emma and Becky gave me for my birthday!



I love having living things around me. And I want MORE. I may have plans to turn our simple little condo into a JUNGALOW!


Lime water


As a long time drinker of hot lemon water, I made the spontaneous switch to lime and well, I just prefer it to lemon water.


Telling you this reminds me of a conversation with my husband:

Me: You know what I realized? I like peanut butter but I don’t like peanut butter as a flavour in smoothies, ice cream, or milkshakes.

Husband: Wow really? Someone better notify the BBC news.

Haha. Yes, so someone better notify the BBC news – Malavika is now adds lime with her hot water, not lemon.

Recipes by Donna Hay – especially this blueberry cake


I made this cake in March for Husband’s birthday, but this is my first time doing a monthly favourite so it’s going in here!

Earlier this year I picked up a Donna Hay Fresh & Light magazine from Whole Foods and have been working through her recipes ever since. Though her recipes are not exclusively vegetarian or vegan, many of them are. And I find her recipes to be just as advertised – fresh & light. The perfect combination.

This cake was a blueberry cake with honey, yogurt and lemon icing. The cake had a more bread-like consistency, which I preferred. And the birthday boy loved it!

Tacos/Mexican food in general

This photo was taken when I was about 5 months pregnant 🙁

Guys. I had my first ever taco this year. I feel like I’m always really late to things that everyone already knows and loves. I mean, I had my first taste of cheesecake when I was 19. Why am I like this.

…And I’m talking about Mexican food. It’s not like it’s a recent invention. It’s literally how people have eaten since…always?

Yet here I am. I love the fresh, zesty flavours. I love all the vegetarian options. I love all the lime and cilantro. I love the spice. I even love the aesthetic of these restaurants. Very cool.

Well, since then, I have more than made up for my late start.

My favourite Taco joints so far have been Grand Electric (Toronto) and Tacofino (Vancouver). La Carnita (Toronto) was pretty great too! And we had the most delicious brunch at Barrio (Toronto).






Heart / Mind

Love by Lana del rey

To know me is to know my undying love for Lana Del Rey. I am such a fangirl.

“Love” is one of her newest songs that I have been listening to often lately. And I find the music video to be very beautiful too.




I have started to get back into studying for those dastardly USMLE’s (Step 1). And one resource I have been finding so good to re-learn pathology has been Dr Sattar’s Pathoma. Those who are studying for Step 1, or are even contemplating it, will probably already be aware of this video lecture series – as they are so well known, and for a good reason.

It is so good that it has made my May favourites. I really appreciate Dr. Sattar’s way of teaching, breaking down complex topics and explaining the concepts behind tedious rote learning. And I am not usually an auditory learner, but I have learned a lot through these lectures. I’ve also gotten so used to listening to the videos on X 2.0 speed  (gotta hustle) that when I listen to his regular speed voice, it is sooooo slow, and I’m like “wow, talking in regular speed is so inefficient”. He sounds so enthusiastic in 2.0x speed, and trust me, when you’re learning about the complement system – a little enthusiasm goes a long way.

So yes. An excellent resource for mastering Pathology.

Rising with the sun


Summer is coming. And the sun is bright and warm and makes it so easy to wake up in the morning. I love the feeling of when my body syncs with natures rhythms and patterns. I make the most of this during the summer time.


Home by 4pm on a Sunday

After our Sunday errands, we used to get home quite late in the evening, which made the rest of the night a frantic race to the finish line, just to get ready for the week ahead. So we set a goal for us to be home by 4pm at the latest on a Sunday, and that has made all the difference. Since then, Sunday evenings are productive, but also relaxing, giving us plenty of time and energy to get ready for the week ahead. It’s one of the best decisions we made this year!

Escape rooms and board game cafes


Yup. Escape rooms are kind of our thing now. When we spend time with our friends Rahul and Jolin, our hang outs always seem to end up with a random late night escape room and some board games.


We’re Taco’s and Donuts (obviously. Read section on Tacos.)




I was so moved by this story. I won’t say more.

“In moonlight, black boys look blue”


This month I don’t have much to add in this section as I am just getting back into my Kriya practices after taking a break since Mia died. There are a few practices and resources I would like to share you in this area, but it wouldn’t feel right to write about them until I am practicing them myself.

There will be a lot more to add next month!

That was really fun. Making that list, I mean. I think I will continue to do this monthly. I hope you guys enjoyed this too!


Malavika xo



  1. Thank you so much I really enjoyed this ‘favourites’ post, I love getting up with the sun too. I have put the Hemp on my wish list now to try out next time I need moisturiser and looking forward to watching Moonlight and giving Lana Del Rey a listen. Always grateful to have a good film, book or song recommended, thanks for sharing, blessings to you.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to comment. I would love to read a post of your favourite things sometime too!

  2. I’m so happy that you started this new type of article !
    I wanted to ask you if you buy fast fashion clothes (the socks are drôle h&M) ? I know that people who are more spiritual are more conscious of the world around them. So knowing that the textil industry is horrible, are you completing changing your buying habits ?
    Thanks 🤗

    1. Hi Melisa,

      You have asked such a good question and you have got me thinking in the days since reading your comment. To be honest with you, this is not something I have thought much about in my life – but it is something I perhaps should – thanks to you.

      My current views/beliefs on this topic have been:
      – Less is more. I want to own the smallest number of something that I need/like.
      – I don’t want to be a mindless consumer. I don’t want most of my joy to come from consuming of objects. I want to be a part of the creatives. I want to bring things to life.

      And that’s it. Though I have heard about the textile industry, I have not yet taken the time to look into it and see how I feel about being a part of it. But I definitely will.

      You mentioned the socks from H&M in particular – can you tell me more?


  3. Really enjoyed this post! You have inspired me to try this on my blog which is something different than I am used to! Loving all your posts

  4. That cake looks really nice! Summer is my favourite season, so I’m excited that it’s officially summer this month. 🙂 I feel better during summer generally.

    1. Thanks! It was really delicious too – but in quite a unique way.

      Summer is definitely such a wonderful season and I love it too! But I love all the seasons in different ways 🙂 xo

  5. Nydelig :O) Det er sÃ¥ flott med vilotllmsber , man kan bare plukke og plukke nÃ¥r man vil . Synd at de visner sÃ¥ fort . Kransen ble kjempefin :O) Ha en flott uke med masse kreative krumspring , klem fra Bente 🙂

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