Devaki & Me


Readers who have been following along with this blog since the beginning of time, just kidding – the beginning of this blog, will know about one of the main characters in the story of my life. And her name is Devaki (pronounced they-va-ki)

She is the daughter of my mother’s best friend. And her parents are like second parents to me. They have known me since I was 9 years old, and I have known Deki (pronounced they-ki) since she was born.

Living in Kamloops together, just a 7 minute drive from each other, I watched her grow up and she watched me. She was the sweetest little girl; imaginative, considerate, thoughtful and soft-spoken. A few years later we welcomed her little brother Ishaan into the world. He was the first baby that has fallen asleep in my arms and that is one of the loveliest things that has happened to me.

When I moved to Ireland for medical school, Summers meant time with the kids, and it was something we all very much looked forward to. They would come to the airport to pick me up and envelop me in hugs each time I stepped into the airport. One time, when she was very little, she handed me a crumpled up paper clip with a jewel stuck on it.


Devaki: Machi, this is a gift for you. I hope you like it.

Me: Oh…Wow! ….What is it?

Devaki: *Very matter of factly* It’s a paper clip all bent up.

Me:….Okay then! Awesome! Thank you!

Devaki: It’s meant to look like you.


Summers were filled with sleepovers, ice cream, pancakes, yoga, playing the piano, singing, taking photographs, reading, writing, crafting, playing outside. Pretty much all of my favourite things.

And then just 2 years ago, we welcomed baby sister Ishika into the world.

Last year they moved away from Canada. It was awful. I can’t put a positive spin on it. It just sucked. It sucked every time I flew back to Kamloops and they weren’t there. It isn’t Kamloops without them. It isn’t home without them.

But now we are reunited! The family are back in Canada for a month and are staying in my parent’s home. So I flew back to Kamloops so that we can be together. Our home is buzzing with energy. And everywhere I go I am followed by a trail of children and one dog.


I was trying to do my home workout the other day, and let me tell you, I don’t know how mother’s do it. It was chaos. I’m trying to stay focused and get through the workout while a 2 year old attempts to pick up two 5lb dumbbells, a 9 year old almost falls flat on his face from some kind of acrobatic stunt he was attempting to do, and the dog is getting awfully excited and trying to jump on everyone. CHAOS. Glorious chaos.


She once gave me a letter and this photo. When I asked her what she meant, she said “this is what you feel like to me – a warm sunny day.”

Ugh. Can’t handle this adorableness.

And here’s a funny story.


I came across this letter from Miss Devaki when she was just 8 years old. She was so surprised when I showed her this and could not remember writing this letter! Oh sweet childhood amnesia.

Shared with her permission. So many lols.

Dan = 6 years old (at the time of the “incident”)
Ishaan = Her little brother.

“Dear Machi,

I am sending you a letter instead of an e-mail because I wanted to send you these pictures. By the way I am back in Kamloops. And I went to Dan’s house and that’s when I remembered that once Dan had called you hot. Dan says that he was dumb back then and he said that you were probably ugly now and he called me a bum, moron, idiot, lamo, and said that he hated me. And Ishaan said that he forgets you.

Millions of kisses and hugs
Love Devaki. AKA. Dekos.”

What a passive aggressive letter…we can’t stop laughing whenever we read this. There’s just no explanation for it.

Devaki – to know her is to love her. It has been such a gift to witness her grow into the young lady she is today. I appreciate how our relationship has evolved through her being my little sister to my friend, yet never losing any aspects of either. We laugh together a lot. We talk about important things.  She’s a wise girl, with an deep understanding of life that is magical to witness.

A few days ago I had a difficult day. I was struck with grief. I cried for 4 hours straight. I was inconsolable. My mom and Deki’s mom came up to my room and talked to me for hours. Finally when I started to feel a little bit better, they went back downstairs and sent Devaki up. Once Devaki got here, we started talking about Mia and soon we both were sobbing in each others arms.

She told me how much she loved and missed Mia. She told me how she plans to do something very special for her on her due date. She called Mia her niece. I hadn’t talked to Deki this openly about Mia yet, mostly because we were in different parts of the world. So I never knew how she felt about her. But when she shared with me, it touched me deeply. Afterwards she apologized for making it worse. And I said “Oh my goodness, no. You didn’t make anything worse. You crying and sharing what’s in your heart was the kindest thing you could do for me. You gave me an opportunity to express myself. And you showed me that you love Mia as much as I love her, and that is the most beautiful thing you could do for me.”

Growing up with Devaki

Here I would like to share with you photographs of Devaki over the years, and funny conversations we have had together.  And settle in because there are a lot of photos. I’ve been photographing her for years and it has been an impossible task to select a few. I tried to arrange them chronologically with the most recent photographs of her/us at the end. And be sure to read the hilarious conversations we’ve had. Kids really do say the funniest things.


Devaki (4 years): Let me take your temperature. Hmmm, you’re 58 kilometers.


Devaki (4): My new name is Eyelash Pretty



An angry Deki – a rare sight. I love the fire in her eyes.


Bath time with Ishaan




























Ishaan’s Dad: What do you know about Donald Trump?

Ishaan (9 years): He’s building a giant wall between paradise and the US.



Deki (12 years): This is the best salmon I’ve ever drawn.







Ishaan raps a song by the flobots.

Me: Hey that sounded real good.

Ishaan (9 years): I know. Rap is in my blood.



Deki (14): You know, your skin is the same colour as a band aid.









And now:


While laying in bed together.

Me: What was your favourite part of the day?

Deki (14 years): You remind me of Dora the explorer.

Me: Why?

Deki: Because at the end of every episode she says “My favourite part was making chocolate at the Chocolato tree. What was your favourite part?” and then she just stares at you awkwardly until you answer.




One time I was saying goodbye to the kids before I started my journey back to Ireland. They hug me tightly telling me how they love me “more than all the planets, all the solar systems, and the universe.”

Then, just as a 5 year old Ishaan steps out of the door, he says “Machi, I have to tell you a secret. Don’t tell anyone else. It is only for you.”

I say “Okay.” and I bend down with excitement, as he wraps his little hands around my shoulders and his sweet little voice whispers in my ear “You are the worst girl in the world.”

HAHAHA that was so unexpected.


Ishika (2 years): Turn off the light, turn off the light! I want to sleep.

Ishika’s mom: I can’t. It’s the sun.


Me: My skin was so good during pregnancy. I didn’t get one single pimple.

Deki (14): Maybe it was one of the chemicals of pregnancy.

Me: Hormones.

Deki: I’m 14 years old and I learned three chapters about hormones

Me: Really?

Deki: Yeah when we learned about puberty. I know all about puberty. And multiplication.

Me: Multiplication?

Deki: What’s that word again? Ummm, puberty and….multiplying? What is it called when you multiply?

Me: What are you talking about?

Deki: You know, when you multiply and make more.

Me: Make more what?!


Hearing this, I couldn’t stop laughing. And then;

Deki: Well, we learned about amoebas

Me: So why did you say “multiply and make more?” why couldn’t you just say “making babies” or “having kids?”

Deki: Because amoebas don’t have kids


Deki (14): If I get a pen, I’ll lose it a day later. But that’s normal for me.

Me: Seriously? I can name every single pen I own.

Deki: Woah. Really?

Me: Yes. I have 5 pens. 4 are the same kind and 1 new one I got today.

Deki: *Silence*…Wow. That is so weird.


Me: What’s so funny about that anyways?

Deki: It sounds like you are talking about people you murdered. 4 people of the same kind and 1 new one today.


Devaki was craving something sweet. We raided the kitchen cupboards in search for something to satisfy us. Finally we found a tiny little cookie which we shared.

Me: Do you feel better?

Deki (14 years): That was Ok but I need something more. I’m not done here.

And I chuckled because this is how I feel about food all the time.




I love you Deki!






  1. It’s so sweet and so innocent. I love your relationship with these children (or teenagers for some).

  2. Deki’s one of my friends. She talks about you all the time, and about how amazing you are, inside out. And you are!

    1. Gowri! It is so lovely to hear from of Deki’s friends. A friend of Deki is a friend of mine, so feel free to talk to me anytime! And thank you so much for your super kind words. I’m not quite sure if I myself am all that amazing, but my life is definitely more amazing because Devaki is in it! <3

  3. Hi! Deki is one of my friends too, she mentions you a lot, and from what she’s said you seem like such an amazing positive person! Reading your posts tell me you are!

    1. <3 <3 <3 Hey name twin!
      It is so nice to finally "meet" you. I have heard a lot of lovely things about you too xo

  4. I loved the way your relation is with deki. And I love they way you right. And I would love to collaborate with you so if you ever want to please let me know through my blogs….

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