30 days of transformation: Join me!


I would like to invite you to join me in 30 day spiritual transformation.

The intention of this transformation is to become a more joyful, more loving, more stable human being.

The intention of this transformation is to build strength of self, and to deepen our connection to a higher power.

Who should do it?

I believe that this transformation will benefit those of you who are:

Going through a challenging time in life.

Feeling low energy, lethargic, stuck in a rut.

Feeling ungrounded, unstable and out of control

Unsure about your purpose in life


You have a weak sense of self

Ready to take your self to the next level of being.

Ready to experience life in a deeper and more enriching way.

Or all of the above! We’ve all been there.

When:  Friday July 31st – Guru Purnima

I would like to begin our transformation on July 31st which is a auspicious day. It is a full moon – a beautiful time to begin new things. It is also marks Guru Purnima.

The stars have aligned. It’s time for us to transform ourselves into who we want to be.

I know this post is quite late, and for some of my readers, it already IS the 31st, so you are of course welcome to join in on the 1st of August.

But why do I need a “Discipline”

It is true that we could achieve all this one breath, one moment of awareness and one powerful decision to evolve and become the being we want to be.

In that case – no discipline or practice is needed. Just incredible conscious action every step of the way.

We are welcome to do this at any time.

I have also tried to break it down into daily practices and steps we can take on our spiritual transformation.

But why discipline? Why make yourself do certain things that are not easy to do? Things like waking up at 5:00am or meditating for 30 minutes require tremendous effort. That is the key. These practices require awareness and conscious action. Every morning you must consciously decide to wake up earlier than you mind wants.

We tend to do the things we like unconsciously. Overeating is one example – we enjoy the food, it brings comfort to us, and we can eat and eat with no awareness and often compulsively. There are so many things in life that we can do compulsively that can really affect who we are in this world including the way we react to adverse outcomes in life, how we respond to emotions within ourselves, how we treat and act around others.

By having a discipline for the next month, it will welcome consciousness into every day. It may not be comfortable in the beginning, but learning to live with less compulsion and with more strength and consciousness makes us a more powerful being. It finally makes us the creator of our own life.

My Daily Sadhana

There is a lot to say on each of these practices and why I have decided to implement them into my daily practice. But….since it is 9pm on the 30th of July as I am writing this, I will keep today’s post brief, and go into things with a bit more detail in the coming weeks.

I have meditated on this, trying to find out what needs to be done in this time. This is what came to me:

Early Rising

Morning time is a time of magic. I will  start my day with the earth, with the flowers opening to the sun, with the birds in their morning flight.

Choose a time that works for you to wake up, preferably in time for the sunrise.

Hey, Night Owls – you can become a morning bird if you want to be. And anyone can try it for 30 days.

Begin the day with prayer and intention

Before my feet hit the floor, I will be in consciousness. I will begin the day with joyful intent. I will generate the internal energy within me before I face the day.

I will spend just a minute of my morning in intention. I will think about what I wish to create today.

Yoga Practice

I will maintain a daily Upa-yoga practice.

I will complete 10 sun salutations each morning (5 on each side) to align me with the majestic energy of the sun.

I will then do this yogic practice. The video is a 90 minute instructional video by Sadhguru going through the practice. The actual practice takes much less time than this.

If I have time in the day, I will definitely continue my fun yoga flows, including my acroyoga. Which is just so rewarding in its own way!



I will do the following meditations:

AUM Meditation (10 minutes)

Sit in Ardha Siddhasana

Keep your hands in the Yoga Mudra position

Take a deep breath and make the sound: “AAAH” till your breath runs out. Repeat 7 times.

Take a deep breath and make the sound “OOO” till your breath runs out. Repeat 7 times.

Take a deep breath and make the sound “MMM” till your breath runs out. Repeat 7 times.

Take a deep breath and make the sound “AUM” till your breath runs out. Repeat 21 times.


– When saying AAH, meditate on how the vibrations travel from your solar plexus, up your chest and out your mouth. Feel the vibrations even at the tip of your nose.

– When saying OOO, meditate on how the vibrations travel from your heart chakra, up your chest and out your mouth.

– When saying MMM, meditate on how the vibrations travel from your throat chakra and out of your mouth.

– When saying “AUM”, try to make each “AAH”, “OOO” and “MMM” portion of the mantra equal in length.

– When we are practicing mantra meditations, we must try to be aware of the sound and how it travels and exists in our body. Otherwise, mantras have no power.

3rd eye meditation (minimum: 2-3 minutes)

Sit in Ardha Siddhasana

Keep your hands in the Yoga Mudra position.

Allow your head to face up a little bit.

Bring a natural focus to the space between your eyes.

Meditate on this spot for a minimum of 2-3 minutes.

Namaskar meditation (Minimum: 2-3 minutes)

Sit in Ardha Siddhasana

Bring your hands to the center of your chest in the namaskar position.

Close your eyes and think of someone or something that is important to you.

It can be a person – a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a child, a friend, someone you recently met.

It can be a thing – a leaf, a blade of grass, a sunset, the rain.

Try to generate the highest possible emotion you can about that person/thing. Try to feel the love and joy overflow in every cell of your being.

Make one part of your day sacred

Make a promise to make yourself to make at least one part of your day sacred and rich with awareness and presence. Promise yourself that you will never ignore that moment. For me – I have made a promise to myself to never ignore the sunset. I become complete present during the sunset. I fill with joy. I allow myself to feel everything about those golden moments.

And this moment is so beautiful, every evening. Not because the sunset is beautiful, but because the sunset makes me a beautiful person. Gratitude.

Now my mind searches for this moment every time the sunset is near. Even if I am inside, my heart searches. Eventually, after great practice, your entire day can become this way – your heart and mind constantly finding itself in each moment.

Spend time in nature every day

Even if is just 10 minutes. I will choose those 10 minutes. I will spend time outside every day. Even if it rains. If I am blissful, the rain is bliss.

Create a self care routine

I will create a self care routine that involves nurturing my being in other ways. It is good to pick a time in the evening to begin the “winding down” process. I will prepare for the day ahead. I will care for my body. I will create a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere in my home for all to enjoy. I will light candles. I will honour the end of each day as it comes to a close.

Disconnect from technology

I think it is useful to limit our connection with technology for a while. This might mean deleating certain profiles, or it might just mean keeping it to a minimum. Can you exist peacefully without your phone at arms reach? I believe that we have built such a strong attachment to technology these days with almost no attachment to ourselves. We don’t know how to be alone without anything anymore.

Sometimes technology gives me the illusion that I am connected, but actually I am disconnecting from myself.

Vegetarian, high pranic diet

I am not going going to preach vegetarianism from a moral high ground to you. Everyone has to make their own decisions on how they want to conduct themselves in this life. If you are totally new to vegetarianism I recommend trying it for a month and see if it works for you.

I will choose vegetarianism for a number of reasons. One of the main ones being that I choose not to participate in violence, even if it means passively.

I will choose to eat consciously, without being a fanatic eater. I simply want to practice awareness of the kind of substances I am putting into my body.

I choose to be aware of the level of Prana in a food item, and eat according to what can truly nourish me and fill my energies, and not take away from them.

Negative pranic foods:

  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Chilly
  • Asafoetida
  • Brinjal [egg plant]
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Other nervous stimulants and drugs

Zero pranic foods:

  • Tomato
  • Potato

Positive pranic foods:

  • Ash gourd
  • Honey
  • Ground nut
  • Coconut
  • Greens
  • Spices

Cleanse your home with sacred, consecrated sound.

Each day I will let sacred sounds and mantras play in my home/room for some time – even just 10 minutes a day. (I will share some of my favourites with you in upcoming posts)

Create a sacred space in your home

I will create a sacred space in my room that I will light a candle at every evening during my self-care “wind down” routine.

Create a practice of silence

Taking a vow of silence for a period of time is something I want to include into my spiritual practice. I will choose to do this once a week (choose a time period that suits you, once a day, once a week, once in two weeks) where I will remain silent from when I wake to noon.

I want to become more observant. I want to quieten. I want to absorb.


I will declutter. I will create a clear, empty space. Room for possibilities. Surround yourself with items you love and value. Clear something out of your life every day, from some aspect of your life. I am not talking only about physical clutter, but mental clutter too. Clear your presence. What kind of presence do you want to have on this earth? Does the trail you have left in our life match that? Clear clear clear out!

Create something and establish your dharma

I will create something in this month. I will follow my passions. I will ask myself “what does your heart desire?” and I will try to create that. I will spend time doing my work. I will put something out into the world, even if that means just the very best version of myself.  I will spend time in my day to nurture my craft, my life’s work.

Deepen relationships. Build community.

I will take the time to deepen my relationships in the next 30 days. I will reach out to people, and I will love them, accept them, and deepen my connection with them. I will look to understanding them without forcing myself to be understood. Choose a relationship to deepen each day, a new person you have met, or someone you already know. Each day – do something to build that relationship, to deepen and enrich it.


Take a vow of non violence

For the next 30 days I choose not to engage in any violence.

Physical, emotional, spiritual.

I will abstain from arguments, speaking negatively about people and events.

I will always try to choose the most peaceful option.

Big feelings

I will allow myself to feel big feelings about small things. A sunset. The rain. A beautiful moment. A soft warm breeze. The smell of the earth after the rain. I will allow myself to be moved by everything,

Self reflection

I will make a commitment to self reflection over the next 30 days. I will journal. I will get to know myself. I will ask myself questions and live the answer. I will discover who I am.

Do everything calmly and joyfully

I will try to do everything calmly and with as much joy as I can generate. Even the things I do not want to do and resist (and there is PLENTY of those things in my life, believe me!). I will take a moment to CHOOSE that I will do them with calm and joy. And I will.

If this is something you are interested in joining me in, I recommend you write these points down in a beautiful notebook or print it off and keep it somewhere you can read and remind yourself daily.


I hope that you will join me for this transformational month! I would love to keep in touch during this time and know how you are doing. Feel free to e-mail me at malavikasuresh@live.com for us to share our experiences!


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