7 types of relationships: throat, third-eye and crown couples.


According to the Vedas there are 7 types of relationships that we can experience in our lives. These 7 categories of relationships achieve a certain type of harmony between two people that correspond to our 7 chakra centers: your root center, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart center, throat chakra, brow chakra (third eye center), and crown chakra.

You can read a brief description of how chakras affect our motives to create harmony in relationships in my first post on The Root Chakra Couple here.

I will be doing a short series of blog posts regarding these 7 energy centers, and the kinds of relationships that tend to emerge from these influences.

Today we will discuss the throat centered couple, the third eye centered couple and the crown chakra couple. These are the three highest level relationships and are usually quite rare to come across.

This concludes are series on the 7 types of harmony found in relationships according to the vedas. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

The Throat Chakra couple

Those motivated by the throat chakra (the ruling planet – mercury) are inclined to perfect their senses. They want to tune in their senses into the ethereal world. They practice meditation to have a higher level of senses. So that they can hear, feel, see, know and understand their messages from the universe. hey wish happiness to everyone they think about.

It is also important for throat centered couples to cultivate self control and honesty. They do not let their earthly emotions control their experience of life – instead they act from a higher place. By controlling their emotions and not acting on every egotistic and emotional impulse, they train themselves to access a greater and more profound understanding and connection with the truth. They act from here. They are very good at controlling their ego and their emotions. They do not waste time in unfavourable conversations, and they do not engage in self flattery or showing off. They are very humble people. They are determined in achieving their goal of refining their senses and controlling their emotions and ego. They like to spend time amongst highly spiritual thinkers and leaders. It is only at the throat level that a person can become a successful spiritual guru or leader to others. This is because – it is only at this level that a person has successfully purified their consciousness to an extent that they would not be passing on their own bad karma to their students. At this level, they would be practicing what they preach all the time. At this level they would begin to experience true psychic knowledge.

The throat chakra couple are a rare couple to come across. They tend to be very talented people. They tend to “feel” the world with their senses rather than live through it. Because of this deeply intuitive approach to the world, they live in deep harmony with their world. They tend to be naturally poetic with their words. They understand the power of sound and the power of words, so they choose them carefully and beautifully. Because they develop their senses so much, and try to tune it into the subtle nature of the universe and it’s energetic voice, they also simultaneously develop their taste in the arts. They have a well refined musical, artistic and poetic taste. They are able to perceive beauty and delicacy in every day things. They know what matter that is perceived by their senses is good for their soul. These people tend to have a very mystical and magical marriage together. They understand each other deeply and completely. They can always relate to each other and feel deep empathy towards one another. They feel each other, even from far away distances. They communicate with their thoughts and feelings rather than words; if one thinks of something, the other one has a sense of it already. Their marriage will last many lives, and they have certainly been together in previous lives too. They both have very good karma that they will work through together. Often their connection is so strong that they will always find each other in whichever life they are in. Sometimes they can even find each other at very big distances apart. Sometimes a man will move to another country just to pick up his soulmate. They know from the first glance of each other that they were meant to be together and to find happiness together.

The throat centered couple are able to give birth to very talented children. Their children will also practice self realization, self development and self perfection.


The third-eye chakra couple

Those under the influence of their third-eye or brow chakra, are ruled by the planet Saturn. These are people who have been practicing self realization for many lives. The couple come together to practice self perfection together. They have a very deep psychic harmony that allows them to completely give their lives to each other. They are committed to studying the highest truth of the universe. They want to experience God. This relationship is very rare. These people are usually spiritual teachers. They live simply for other people and not for themselves. When a couple has harmony on this level they only want to make other people happy. Sometimes this couple abstain from sexual relations with each other. They simply live together to help each other on their spiritual path.


The crown chakra couple

Those activated at the crown chakra, ruled by the planet Jupiter, create an unearthly and mystical love. They abstain completely from sex. The woman thinks of her husband as her teacher, her guru, and she trusts him completely. She is always loyal to him. Her husband behaves as a saint would. After they die, they go into the spiritual world, where they can be together forever. They have completed their work.

This is a very high level type of love.


This completes our series on the 7 types of harmony in relationships according to the Vedas.

Read the book “Laws of a happy family life” by Dr. Oleg Torsunov here.

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*The Throat Chakra, Brow Chakra and Crown Chakra couples.*



  1. I am so grateful for your article. It was a nice insight that resonated with me so well. I have read the collection and can see the depths of my chakras developing and how my relationships have changed with friends and a new love that is most definitely on a high spiritual plane. I am so happy that you are always expanding and sharing knowledge. It is a gift and talent that should never be isolated. As i know this comes from you heart, i am truly thankful for this. Thank you. Namaste, sasreeakaal, salaam and universal blessings 🙂

  2. I found this all very judge mental and an all or nothing approach. People connect on different levels in different times of their lives for different reasons. All chakras and all connections are sacred

  3. i hav difficult life coz of being root-centered…egoistic, judgmental, lot of sexual urges, greedy, careless, possessive…i feel difficult to make and find friends… that is how i have s***** life…help me..

  4. After practicing bhakti-yoga with the Hare Krsnas for a year I have come to realize that the Vedic culture (partially due to misogyny and religious fear/sentiment) fail to understand that sex can be very spiritual with the right person…specifically the twin flame. I am certain that a crown chakra relationship can incorporate beautiful mischief (sex) as long as the two people involved have done the work (through many lifetimes) to deserve it.

  5. Thank You. You have blessed me clearly in the way I deeply needed most desperately. Words of Love and Wisdom. Please thank God for me the next time you speak together. Namaste’. Ever Gratefully. Peace.

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