7 types of relationships: The Heart Centered Couple


According to the Vedas there are 7 types of relationships that we can experience in our lives. These 7 categories of relationships achieve a certain type of harmony between two people that correspond to our 7 chakra centers: your root center, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart center, throat chakra, brow chakra (third eye center), and crown chakra.

You can read a brief description of how chakras affect our motives to create harmony in relationships in my first post on The Root Chakra Couple here.

I will be doing a short series of blog posts regarding these 7 energy centers, and the kinds of relationships that tend to emerge from these influences.

Today we will discuss the Heart Centered couple.

The Heart Centered Couple; An overview

The Heart Centered Couple is the first chakra under the higher level energy centers – and therefore, is the first chakra to yield a “favorable relationship”. Thus, this couple will have more opportunities for happiness than opportunities for unhappiness. They usually have lasting marriages. These favorable relationships give both people the chance to cleanse their consciousness, to work through their karma, and to fulfill their dharma.

This type of couple are very interested in working on their character and self development. They wish happiness to those around them.. They tend to be involved in charity, volunteering and in someway assisting their community. They respect their elders and listen to their advice. They generally do not go through problems regarding understanding one another in their married life. Their problems generally arise through fate, and the obstacles that life brings their way. But they understand each other well and have a desire to make their partner happy. These marriages tend to be very stable, and the couple are blessed with lots of friends, and wealth comes easily and naturally to them – although they never feel the need to depend on that either. If they hare given wealth, they use it for universal goodness and happiness. And if they are not given wealth, they do not curse the universe for it either.

The goal of the heart centered couple:

Following moral principles together and uphold values in their family that provide peace and happiness.

This is a love that is based on the desire to bring happiness and peace to others, including their partners.

Where The Heart Centered Couple meet:

Places where they are around people pursuing similar interests – for example yoga classes, meditation centers etc. They tend to meet at communities that are striving for happiness.

The Heart Chakra Motivation

People guided by their heart center feel inclined to fill their hearts with optimism and joy. They wish wellbeing and goodness to those around them, and are naturally involved in helping people of the community through community service. They feel a duty to volunteer. They are raised to be generous people. They understand the importance of honesty and are usually respected and liked by people.

They are interested in choosing a good partner for themselves, and take the time to learn about relationships and prepare themselves for their commitments. The heart chakra center is under the influence of the moon, which brings peace. They do not want to bring harm to others, including to their partners. They want to make sure everything around them is in harmony and balance.

They are hard working and responsible, and spend their free time on activities that enhance their character and make them into better people. Heart centered women are calm women. They dress modestly and have respect for all people around them, specially their elders.

The heart chakra couple tend to ask people for advice when choosing their husband/wife.

The children of heart-centered parents listen to them. They tend to ask their parents for advice about life. They are also willing to listen to them. This is not found easily on the lower centers, because the lower centers do not allow the parents to cultivate humility. Without cultivating humility a parent cannot make the child listen to them, or to be completely open and trusting to their suggestions and advices.

This is not to say that children will never listen to parents from lower chakra center relationships. However, these children are more likely to follow their parents behaviors and learn from them and do as they do. They won’t care much to listen to what their parents have to say about it.  However, if you want to be able to influence your children with your words, then you must have harmony on a higher chakra level.

The challenges of The Heart Centered Couple:

The heart centered couple does not usually encounter big problems in understanding each other, because they both hold the principle belief that they should bring joy to their partner, and not pain. So they try to avoid causing hurt to each other. By doing this, they naturally focus on understanding each other better too. Their marriage is usually stable and strong and have many good friends. Friends of the family wish them well and wish them happiness.

Of course, they are not immune to challenges and will face problems in areas of life as most people do, but the key thing about the heart centered couple is that overcoming these struggles strengthens their relationships, deepens their love and thickens their respect for one another.

Their main challenge will come in simply deepening their understanding of life and spiritual practice and cultivating an even more serious attitude towards perfecting themselves.

 Another key challenge for the heart centered couple is that by behaving the way they do, they tend to naturally attract material wealth quickly, which encourages them to relax. There is the danger of  arrogance and the increased desire to spend more money, which of course, leads to problems both inside and outside the relationship. They also begin to attract lots of friends and people who like to spend time with the couple. These friends spend a lot of time in the couples home because they have such a great energy there. The problem with this is that it encourages the couple to engage in idle talk, to discuss unimportant, unfavorable and unnecessary things all the time.

However, as time passes, as fate would have it, heart centered people generally tire of material wealth, get bored of it and naturally retreat away from it.


Read the book “Laws of a happy family life” by Dr. Oleg Torsunov here.

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  1. I feel like this definitely a good read 🙂
    “These friends spend a lot of time in the couples home because they have such a great energy there. The problem with this is that it encourages the couple to engage in idle talk, to discuss unimportant, unfavorable and unnecessary things all the time.”
    I find this to So true!!! can get annoying but their intentions are not bad 🙂

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    I have a question. In your article you mention “According to the Vedas there are 7 types of relationships that we can experience in our lives.”

    Can you advise as to which vedas is this mentioned? Any reference I can look up for further read? I think this is quite an interesting series. Perhaps my comment is a couple of years late though 🙂

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