7 types of relationships: the solar plexus couple


According to the Vedas there are 7 types of relationships that we can experience in our lives. These 7 categories of relationships achieve a certain type of harmony between two people that correspond to our 7 chakra centers: your root center, sacral chakra, solar plexus, heart center, throat chakra, brow chakra (third eye center), and crown chakra.

You can read a brief description of how chakras affect our motives to create harmony in relationships in my first post on The Root Chakra Couple here.

I will be doing a short series of blog posts regarding these 7 energy centers, and the kinds of relationships that tend to emerge from these influences.

Today we will discuss the Solar Plexus  Couple.

The Solar Pelxus Couple; An overview

The solar plexus is the power center of our energy chakras located in our light body. The solar plexus is connected to our ambitions and goals. Material pleasures in life can be further divided into two forms: the heavy and the subtle. The heavy worldly material pleasures are things like beautiful things – houses, cars, objects. This is what the Sacral Chakra Couple aspires too. One step higher than this is the subtle form of wordily material pleasures – which is the search for fame, prestige, and power. This is what the Solar Plexus Couple aspires to. They want to get married for power and prestige. Many famous people have relationships based on the solar plexus center. This center is influenced by the sun, which has a masculine nature and encourages people under its influence to find their place in society.

In order to achieve harmony on this level, the couple has to work very hard on themselves in order to overcome their high expectations of the future. They must cultivate unselfishness and submissiveness in order to access the ability of changing their character. Without that, they will never be able to change who they are. When a person meets another with a similar desire, they create a family together. They work very hard together to attain their goals. If they remain focused, then eventually they will achieve the power and fame that they wished for. When they achieve this “honor” and prestige, the conflicts within their personal life will begin. The husband begins to feel more and more proud of what he has achieved in life. The wife, on the other hand, begins to feel more and more that without her – none of this would have even been possible in the first place. This begins to cause underlying resentment in the family.

The goal of the Solar Pelxus Couple:

Power, prestige and fame. To be respected in society.

Where the Solar Pelxus Couple meets:

Special invitation parties, elite societies and meetings, sports clubs, political events etc.

The Solar Plexus motivation

People who want to create a family in order to achieve fame and prestige, usually exercise and practice their self control from a young age. They have a competitive nature. They may participate in sports or study how to concentrate better. They do what they can to be better than the ones around them. It comes very naturally to them. They naturally want to be leaders of their friends. They are interested in things like management, but they usually tend to be a little bit arrogant by nature and quickly categorize the people they meet in relation to them.

As you can see, people under the influence of the solar plexus do engage in self-development – but they focus on the darker aspect of it. In their search for fame and prestige, they lose the ability to cultivate humility. While they work on themselves to become superior to those around them, they simply learn how to control others and increase their pride. When a person becomes more and more powerful, their pride, intolerance, and anger also grow. So while they are engaging in some sort of self development through self control, they use it for lower level motivations.

The Solar Pelxus Couple: Option 1

When a woman is under the influence of her solar plexus energy center, she wants to be with a man who is respectable and influential in society. Because of this aspiration, these people tend to engage in a lifestyle that makes them “worth it”. For example – dieting, sports, learning foreign languages, educating themselves, studying how to behave in society, dressing well. They are very ambitious people. This type of relationship takes longer to develop, which is a good thing. The couple can be completely committed to doing sports together, or studying together or working together. They value each other’s ability to keep their word.

Once the couple gets married they do their best to maintain their reputation. They are respectful to other people. While on their quest for power, without having yet achieved it, they behave very well, and are sure to stay away from bad habits. However, as soon as they attain fame, their relationships begin to spoil, and bad habits and bad personality qualities quickly find a home in their consciousness.

This couples speaks very well. They are interested in politics, world-problems and their social life. They like novels and films that portray characters that become winners in any situation – because it reflects their ambitious qualities.

Their family life will be more or less stable. They tend to hold high positions in whatever field of work they are in. They value family traditions and treat each other politely. Their biggest challenge within their relationship is to achieve trust. They know how to act trusting, but they do not know how to truly trust, or be truly trustworthy. They also lack the ability to solve emotional problems and they don’t know how to undergo personal-development WITH other family members – they only know how to do it themselves.

The Solar Pelxus Couple: Option 2

In this variation, the couple have similar interests in areas such as; business, sports, tourism, traveling, science – but all for the sake of fame and prestige. As before, their relationship will remain stable until they have achieved the fame that they were searching for. Once they have the sense of self-honor, their egos will grow very quickly. From that point onwards, the couple will always argue about their views about life, how to raise their children, their lifestyles, how to develop themselves etc. When they are in public, they will agree with each other, but as soon as they are in the privacy of their own home and direct their focus on each other, their ambitions will clash and multiple conflicts and contradictions will begin to emerge. Their pride will not let them change themselves in the ways they really have to. They wont be able to resolve family problems because of that.

The fate of the Solar Pelxus Couple

The best thing for them to do as a couple would be to stop interfering in each other lives and instead focus on making themselves better people – but their ambitions and drive for success and perfection wont let them do that. They look to their partners to help them achieve their fame and success, and when it doesn’t happen as seamlessly as they want, they turn their attention onto changing their partner. However, they wont be able to do that either, and they will start getting frustrated. They can’t change people by simply preaching to someone all the time. They can’t change their partner by yelling at them. Nothing changes. So as time goes by, they begin to feel like they are just living with strangers. They start getting disappointed by everything. Only their mutual interest in maintaining outward appearances and their outward social status holds their relationship together.

The only way for the solar plexus couple to change their fate is by changing their beliefs about life – to understand that there are more important things to wish for than fame.

They must set their sights on spiritual goals rather than material goals – otherwise they will find that they will always be disappointed in their life.


Read the book “Laws of a happy family life” by Dr. Oleg Torsunov here.

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