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If you have spent any length of time reading my blog, you will know that my blog posts tend to be rather in depth and verbose. I usually go deep into one topic per post.

I’m interested in trying something a little different for an upcoming blog post. I’d like to talk about a few different topics in one place. And I’d like to talk about the things that matter most to you and your life. Kind of like a rapid fire Q&A.

I thought the best way to do this would be to offer you a chance to ask an anonymous question in the question box above. It can be a question that relates to your personal life or it can be a more of a general/universal topic that you’d like me to touch on. I’ve done this a few times on instagram – here are some examples of questions people have asked:

  • How to achieve peace of mind?
  • How to be a peaceful parent?
  • How to restart meditation when you are out of practice?
  • Your thoughts on self love?
  • How can I support a friend who has gone through stillbirth?

I can’t promise that I have all the answers (in fact, I can promise you that I don’t!) but I’d love to share my thoughts on whatever is on your mind.

I’ll answer a few of them in an upcoming blog post (that’s if I get any responses at all eek!)

Till then,



  1. Hi Malavika, I’d love to know what your specific spiritual practice is? Like what do you do on a day-to-day basis?

  2. Namaskaram. Am a frequent visitor of your blog with lot of soulful insights.

    How to keep up with sadhana (Shambavi, SCK/Shoonya, Hata Yoga)? I know my practices keep me alive but very often i fall and not able to get back. Its been a path of up and down and never a consistent routine. Even worse is the guilt of not being able to step up in my longing.

  3. Would you know if the Inner Engineering program from ISHA can be done during pregnancy?

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