Valentines Day


People like us,

we don’t need that much

just someone who starts,

starts the fire in the our

bonfire heart.

–  Bonfire Heart by James Blunt

We couldn’t do much to celebrate our anniversary in December because literally everything made me nauseated. I wanted to share a post with you all on our anniversary dedicated to my husband, and here it is now – better late than never.

Usually for valentines day, I prefer to make a small, hand made gift for my love. But this year, I went all out. This is what not having a job will do to you. I literally dedicated my entire day (and some) to making his valentines day experience. I sent some of these photos to my sister in law and she said “Omg, this is so extra.” and I thought – yes, this is absolutely, unmistakably “extra”.

(She also introduced me to this word a few weeks ago. She keeps us cool.)







I had to drop by his office today (needed to get something from him), and so decided to surprise him with a heart shaped cookie and a mocha. He was soooo embarrassed that he wouldn’t even look at me, haha. I wanted to take a photo of him with his cookie, and he was showing it to me so cautiously inside the packet like I was smuggling him drugs or something. It was so hilarious. Eventually, he even broke up the cookie before eating it…God forbid someone saw him eating a heart shaped cookie. Why is he so cute though?!



My husband, the patient, the kind, the courageous, the sweet, the loyal, the true and gentle, surrounds me with company each day, and I need nothing more. There is a light in his heart that is just so warm and enchanting that I am always drawn to it, and that is why I stay close to him always.


I always thought that the beginning of Us, when everything is new and dazzling, that it would be the peak of our love and affection for each other. And that as time passed, we would settle and find a comfortable space of love to live in for the rest of our lives. But, I think I was wrong.


Every day my love for him deepens in a way that I did not think was possible. Today, valentines day, is no different from any other day I have with him, and yet, I wish to use it as an opportunity to express what is in my heart. I feel so strongly for him. I love him today more than I did yesterday, and just a little bit less than I will tomorrow. I have not known a love like this.


He loves me so generously. And I am not always, and have not been easy to love.


He loves me in big ways and small. Big ways like the way he is so forgiving, and loves me through my shadows. And the way he cherishes my happiness and joy.


And he loves me in so many small ways, like the way he cuts up my melon of the week into small cubes for me every Sunday (I’m obsessed with melons at the moment). He puts up with all my pranks and general mischievousness and shakes his head and says “If our daughter is like this too, my life is going to be such a hand full”. He likes it when I spend the entire day in my fluffy pink bathrobe with little ears on the hood and refer to myself as his “carebear”.

Years of Us


The beginning.

The heart shaped honey cake I made for my honey.
One of our first photos taken together. Dinner with friends.
The silhouette of us.
A sky full of stars.
Enjoying the golden light, and each other.
Serving him tea and treats for the first time, dressed in my finest. He was so embarrassed.
We fit
Sunset moments.
My graduation.


Wandering through the streets of Essaouira together.
Together always
A walk in kamloops.
Sunset on the beach.
After he was being SOOOO mean, our game of tennis came to an abrupt end lol.
Watching the sunset atop of a sandune in the Sahara desert.
Post wedding exhausted selfie.
This photos so well depicts our relationship. Me, with a mischievous smile, and my husband with a confused, defeated expression “What just happened”.




A fall hike
A wordless love

There is more I wanted to share. Poetry, mostly, love songs written for my husband. But perhaps I will save it for another day.

“There is no such thing as conditional and unconditional love. There are conditions and there is love.” – Sadhguru

Thank you for letting me share a small slice of my happiness with you.





    1. 💕 we met through our parents, who introduced us, Indian arranged marriage style! Pretty wild, hey? 💕

        1. Oooh, that’s something I have never written about! Do you mean the details of how we were first introduced to each other and I was so nervous I could not talk for about two hours? Ha. I bet he wishes he could go back to a time when I was that silent now 😂

        2. haha yes, exactly that. I have read all of your posts and one of my favorites is about your wedding. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures you included and wondered if you would ever write about how you two met/got introduced.
          I love every time a notification pops up on my phone saying you’ve posted a new blog.
          Thank you so much for all the enlightening posts you have shared on various topics, Malavika.

        3. I’m so glad you find something valuable in reading my blog.

          The wedding series – I believe I posted from the Sangeet & Haldi, and also the party we had at my grandfathers garden the night before – and yet I never posted photos from the wedding in the temple – which was the most magical of all. I wonder why I never did. I guess sometimes I fail to complete things I start 🙁

          I originally wanted to share our wedding photos on our anniversary, but because that got postponed till valentines day, I felt that this post already had so many photographs in it. But I should share them eventually. It was a wonderful day.


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