The Joy of Nothing


Today I wanted to write about the joy of nothing. I wanted to write a post the way I usually do, to explain this concept, but a poem came through instead.

Some of the most beautiful things that have happened to me are best expressed as poetry. This is a semi-formed poem. It didn’t become the poem I intended it to be, it became something else.

It was born out of a meditation and a certain knowingness I have come to understand in my life that, maybe there is nothing standing in the way of me and my soul. Maybe it takes absolutely nothing to be joyful.

The Joy of Nothing

I was born

with no clothes on my back, no wealth to my name

No capabilities, no language, no shame.

But yet,

I smiled when my mother touched my cheek.

That is the joy of nothing. 

When I have fallen in love

with the heart and soul of another,

when my love for another being is so endless

that it cracks my heart wide open,

and I have yet to learn what it is

to lose everything

and so I love my first love

with nothing to lose.

That is the joy of nothing.

And when he has left me,

with nothing

but I have not left myself

That is the joy of nothing.

When my heart is broken 

into a thousand pieces 

and there is nothing there

but an empty space for 

new love to enter

That is the joy of nothing.

When it rains, and I have

given my umbrella

to a friend who needed it,

I have nothing to shelter me

from feeling something

And so I walk in the rain instead

That is the joy of nothing.

When my friends have left,

and I am alone in my home

the loneliness curls around me,

and all I can do is just sit

with nothing and with no one.

That is the joy of nothing.

When my own people cannot accept me,

for who I am and

who I was born to be,

I have nothing and

no choice but to accept myself

That is the joy of nothing. 

When I need a friend,

and that friend says to me

“come on over, but I have nothing 

in my house that I can entertain you with”

I go over and we spend the whole night 

doing absolutely nothing


That is the joy of nothing.

When I have no money,

no options, no gifts to bring you,

yet everything I can ever really give you

is within me already.

That is the joy of nothing.

When the world has said “no” to me,

And I have no home

and no place to go,

except a small space in my heart

that is lit with old dreams that I gave up on,

but those dreams have not given up on me.

That is the joy of nothing.

When I sit with the one I love,

and I look into their eyes and realize there is

nothing about them 

that I can or would change.

That is the joy of nothing.

When I have worked so hard,

and given my entire life

for something so great

that it doesn’t matter to me anymore

what happens with it, because I know 

there is nothing more I could do

That is the joy of nothing. 

When eventually in my life,

I had everything,

but nothing gave me joy

that is when I came face to face

with the joy of nothing.

When I am moments from my death,

and it dawns on me that I must leave

everything I have ever known behind

That is the joy of nothing.

I used to believe that I needed something 

to be joyful.

But each time I lost one of these things,

I was left with nothing

and that was when I learned about

The joy of nothing. 

Now I know that

It doesn’t take something 

to be joyful.

It takes nothing.

That is the joy of nothing. 

And that,

is everything. 


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  1. Until i read this prose/poem, i did not know the “meaning” of “nothing”, I found it profoundly enlightening!!! You are an amazing young lady and very inspiring. Keep up the good work

  2. It is beautiful. I appreciate the way you look at life. Your poem is one for me to hold and ponder over. Thank you!

  3. “…something comes out of nothing…” ‘I choose you by R. Orazabal of Tears for fears from the album: Raoul and the Kings of Spain.
    Nothingness is all we come from, in so doing when we come back to that, yes it is a full circle and realize just roll with it and grow.

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