Cultivating Grace: How to create the Golden Touch

Cultivating Grace

Hello Friends!

I finished my final exams, moved back to Canada, moved into my husband and I’s first apartment together, and now living the wonderful housewife life till graduation day back in Ireland. It is such a welcome break. But more on medicine, finally graduating, and being a kind-of doctor in another post.

For now I have something very precious. Time. My husband. Our first home. So much LIFE! It feels good to get back into my meditation practices and yoga.

It’s time to get back to what this blog was always really about, my spiritual journey through life.

The Golden Touch

Have you known someone who seems to have a golden touch?

They walk through life with a certain kind of magical grace that transforms everything that comes across their path into something wonderful and beautiful. They are the alchemists of life.

Today I would like to share with you my thoughts on this very remarkable quality, and how we can cultivate this type of grace into our lives too.

Leave people a little happier, a little more peaceful, a little more valued than when you met them

Every person you meet, every thing you do, you have the opportunity to imprint your spiritual energy into that moment. This is something we can often overlook as we stumble through life unconsciously, just trying to get by.  But if we bring some simple awareness into the things that are happening to us, we have the opportunity to really experience life on a deeper level.

We can make a heart connection with every person we meet in life, whether we spend just a couple of minutes with them, or even years together.

How do we do this?

The most powerful way is in doing our own work and walking our own paths with these qualities. Seeing another person live with happiness, peace, and value can truly be the inspiration we seek.

Leaving them happier: Share good news, share happy moments together, have fun, laugh together, share with them the things that you love and appreciate about them, share gratitude.

Leaving them more peaceful: To bring peace to another person’s mind really depends on our own inner strength of spirit.The stronger our own connection is, the more we can soothe another person, and help them feel more connected. Listen to them, Share stories of strength and faith, share advice. Speak with a special softness that comes from love.

Leaving them with more value: Take the time to really know a person, to know who they are, what their gift is, and inspire them to do their life’s work. I love the quote “to love a person is to learn the song that is in their heart and to sing it to them when they have forgotten” by Arne Garborg.

All these things can be done over a 5 minute conversation as much as it can be done over years of relationship.

Leave things a little more beautiful than when you found them

Another quality I have noticed in these “golden” people, is their ability to brighten a place. not only with their presence and energy, but also to quite literally leave a place more beautiful than when they found it.

They cherish being surrounded by beauty, and so create beautiful spaces wherever they are.

Simple things like bringing flowers, open a window, or light a candle can make the surroundings beautiful, comfortable and cozy. Doing these things can leave an air of beauty radiating from you everywhere you go.

Leave things a little more organized, efficient, and clean.

I believe that cleanliness is the foundation for beauty, just like peace is the foundation for joyfulness.

If you have finished with using something, and when you put it back, you see that you could quickly re-organize where it is stored to make it more efficient and clean – do so!

Those with the golden touch seem to always flow through their day with ease, because they are able to go about their day-to-day affairs with a certain level of efficiency and organization.

If you have to leave, leave gracefully.

If you have to leave, and sometimes we do, leave gracefully.

Leave with dignity, understanding, and wisdom.

Leave with love.

Try not to throw a tantrum – accept.

Don’t beg or fall beneath your dignity – take a deep breath, understand it is time to leave, and accept.

And then talk to a close friend who cares for you and your life’s journey, and talk it all out. Express all your emotions, even the ugly heartbreaking ones. And slowly, come to understand.

Put love and intention into all that you do.

Don’t begin something without knowing why you are doing something. There are two aspects of the intention. The first is what you physically wish to accomplish.

For example:

I intend to make a delicious meal for my guests.

The second layer of the intention is what energy you want to infuse it with.

I intend to make a delicious meal for my guests. It is my intention that the meal I cook for them is nourishing and filled with love. It is my intention to use good foods that will bring energy and lightness to their bodies. It is my intention that they feel comfortable, satisfied and well taken care of. It is my intention that we can be joyful together and share a fun evening together.

So for everything you do, think about why you are doing it. The energy of your intention can elevate your actions. Those that live with grace and the golden touch constantly elevate their actions by being aware of their intentions. Because of this, everything they do, including the very simple mundane tasks, somehow seem more sacred and more powerful.

The gift of presence.

Being totally present is a gift. To others. But also to yourself – Because you are giving yourself the opportunity to really live, to really be in the moment. And that is all of life! Everything else is a story we tell ourselves.

Grace is found in the presence. So be here now. Give your attention and care to life as it happens around you. Listen. Be there. Feel everything. Live everything.

Take care of and protect all beings that need it.

Sometimes hearing the word “Grace” can be associated with a airy-fairy cloud-like whimsical softness. But really, Grace is fierce. Grace is strong. Grace protects and nurtures all life. Grace will stand against injustice, rooted deep from the heart, and not from ego. Grace will protect those that need it.

Speak golden words.

Speak the truth.

Speak calmly.

Speak kindly.

Ask yourself

Is it true? Can I absolutely know it is true?

Is it helpful or valuable?

Is it kind?

Will my words uplift?

Be as good as your word.

I believe that integrity is huge for living with grace. A cohesion between your intentions/words with your actions is Grace. So be as good as your word. Speak your plans when you are sure you have made the heart connection to what you are about to say.

Celebrate the ordinary moments & find beauty everywhere

Poetry is everywhere. Life is poetry in motion. A patchwork of ordinary moments is the fabric of our life. So make each one count. Celebrate it.


I hope you enjoyed this post!




  1. The quote by Arne Garber truly touched my heart. To me it’s not necessarily a single song but recognizing the music in someone’s heart and sharing that music when it’s forgotten. I love that association with the music the surrounds us both within and all around us.
    Thank you

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