Cultivating Grace: How to create the Golden Touch

Cultivating Grace

Hello Friends!

I finished my final exams, moved back to Canada, moved into my husband and I’s first apartment together, and now living the wonderful housewife life till graduation day back in Ireland. It is such a welcome break. But more on medicine, finally graduating, and being a kind-of doctor in another post.

For now I have something very precious. Time. My husband. Our first home. So much LIFE! It feels good to get back into my meditation practices and yoga.

It’s time to get back to what this blog was always really about, my spiritual journey through life.

The Golden Touch

Have you known someone who seems to have a golden touch?

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How to live gracefully on dark days


It is easier to live with grace when everything is going well for us, when life happens the way we would like it to happen, and when our energy levels are high. Bad days, on the other hand, well they take a certain level of consciousness to live through with grace.

When we don’t really know how to manage ourselves, bad days can really take over our life. They hold the power to completely change our perspective of people and life. They can feel bottomless and endless.

But there is a golden darkness in these bad days. And once we learn to handle ourselves, once we learn to live with grace through days like that, we find that dark days give you a chance to rest, reflect, and nourish your soul. They give you a chance to face lessons, and work through karma.

To live with grace means to live with peace; to be unstirred by the energetic ups and downs of our system, until eventually, they begin to stabilize and you reach a peaceful and joyful level at all times.

I believe that in order for our emotions to stabilize, we have to learn to be more sensitive to ourselves. To observe the ebb and flow of our inner environment, and to be able to adapt to what our inner self needs from us at a particular time.

So whether you slip into days of melancholy, or you are truly heartbroken after a tragedy, we have to be able to recognize when we need a different level of care, and we have to be able to give that gift to our selves.

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