Chandra Namaskar: Yoga of the divine feminine

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the moon. When I practice my Namaskar Meditation each morning, many times my heart has gone to the beautiful moon. I have been feeling a desire to deepen my practice by honouring the influence of the moon on my being.

With today being a New Moon, I am inspired to write about the moon and it’s divine feminine energy.

The phases of the moon

The cycles of the moon around Earth are very much connected to the cycles a human being goes through. The movement from empty to full. In fact, the very process of creation is embodied in the lunar cycle.

Different phases of the moon generate different energies within us. In this way, it is useful to be aware of the lunar cycle so that we can make the most of this energy and use them properly.

If we become truly connected and aware of our being, we will be able to notice subtle changes that take place within us with each phase of the moon.

Reflecting the light of the sun

The moon has no light of it’s own, but rather, it reflects the light of the sun. This can serve as a reminder to us to also live with this kind of grace; to aspire to reflect the beauty and the greatness of others and all that is around us. 

To do this, we must come to the understanding that we do not have to try to assert our personality in this world. We just have to be receptive and to reflect the greatness that is around us already, and that is beautiful enough.

On a deeper level, this quality of the moon reminds us that we too are reflections of a divine light, and so are all those around us.

The Moon and self realization

The energetic qualities of the moon are essential in self-realization.

Most people tend to follow the solar calendar, which is valuable in regards to how you conduct your day to day affairs in the material world. The lunar calendar however, is connected to a subtle type of energy. If you want something more, if you desire a more deeper and intuitive way of looking at life, the moon will become very important to you.

The purpose of Hatha yoga and pranayama is to help prepare the body for self realization.

The moon and madness

I am sure we all have heard how sometimes the moon is linked with madness, werewolves etc. I believe that these symbolize unstable emotions and energy.

If we suddenly switch to the lunar qualities without having first stabilized yourself, then you run a risk of creating uneasiness and instability within yourself. But, if you have reached a certain degree of stability within yourself, then accessing the intuitive dimension of your life is deeply enriching.

This is why in the beginning of our journey to self-realization, we should begin by utilizing the powerful and logical energy of the sun. We take the first few steps on our spiritual path with logical steps. We learn to stabilize ourselves, our body, our energies, our focuses. And then we enter the dimension of the moon when we are ready.


The moon and the feminine

The phases of the moon are manifest in both the male and female body, but lunar energy tends to penetrate more strongly in the female body.

It is important for all of us, men and women, to balance out our feminine energy from time to time. Feminine energy is intuitive, creative, nurturing, enduring. These qualities are not exclusive to women, they are qualities that are in both men and women, depending on the degree to which we develop them.


Honouring the moon

So, knowing all of this, how can we begin to honour and cultivate the soothing energy of the moon?

I think the best place to start is to start practicing the Chandra Namaskar,

First, take note of the lunar calendar and sync it to your own, taking note of new moons and full moons.

September 13th 2015 (TODAY!): New moon

September 28th 2015: Full Moon

October 13th 2015: New Moon

October 27th 2015: Full Moon

November 11th 2015: New Moon

November 25th 2015: Full Moon

December 11th 2015: New Moon

December 25th 2015: Full Moon

I have decided to practice Chandra Namasakar every new moon and full moon to deepen my practice and to invite the divine feminine lunar energy into my life.

Chandra Namaskar

Most of us are familiar with the Surya namaskar – the honouring of the sun – a fiery, strengthening, warming from the inside out – practice.  It invokes your internal passion and fire. It creates the burn for action, for movement, for growth. It is a wonderful thing.

The Chandra Namaskar is a good cooling practice to balance out the heated energy generated from Surya Namaskar. It soothes stress, it is quietening, reflective, intuitive, expanding, replenishing, and invites you to quieten and experience the esoteric.

While the Surya Namaskar fires us up, Chandra Namaskar helps to cool down our body. It is the perfect practice to compliment our Surya Kriyas and balance our energies.

The Chandra Namaskar is best performed in the evening moonlight. Practice in a place where you can see the moon. A moonlit outdoor practice would be wonderful if you can. If indoors, dim the lights, light your candles. It is best formed on an empty stomach.

Begin your practice with a meditation. Be seated in Ardha Siddhasana. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the moon. Reflect on the beautiful qualities of the moon. Imagine yourself filling up with its beautiful feminine energy.

While practicing the Namaskar we should realize that the quality of each asana in this sequence should be practiced differently to Surya Namaskar which is powerful and dynamic. For Chandra Namaskar, we must move slowly, gracefully, fluidly and cooly. Take your time in each asana,

There are a few variations of the namaskar. If you are not sure of the sequence of Chandra Namaskar, just google or youtube it – or better yet, find a yoga instructor who can teach you.

Each asana is so perfect in the sequence. It reminds me of how the moon cycles from empty to full. It reminds me of the cycle of creation and birth. It reminds me of goddess energy.

As always, end your practice with a moonlit meditation. Once again, sit in Ardha Siddhasana, bring your focus to the area between your eyebrows. You don’t have to concentrate, just bring your attention to that space. Visualize a beautiful big full moon glowing blissfully within you.


I would be happy to let you know how this practice (Doing Chandra Namaskar on a New Moon and Full Moon) works for me after some a few months of doing it.
 Om Som Somaya Namah


  1. I just want to say that this was wonderful to read. Even though I see the moon as both masculine and feminine (it is masculinized as Chandra and it has associations with Shiva, as well as the female deities Saraswati and Lakshmi), I’ve actually had a difficult time parsing out what the moon means to me on a metaphysical level. As a tarot reader, I was taught to think of the moon as the seat of intuition, fantasies, secrets, and the imagination – but that was often in a negative context. I felt uncomfortable with the moon being given almost exclusively negative connotations in tarot spirituality.
    This is a much more positive take on the moon’s symbology and relevance. I really appreciate the way you explained the asanas here too. It’s refreshing to see the spiritual relevance of the asanas explained!

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