Finding happiness in taking the garbage out


“What are you doing?”

“Carrying garbage”

“Why are you smiling?”

“Because I’m happy!”

I found this picture and quote on a Facebook page I follow called A million smiles and I felt it was just so simple but profound. It really moved me.

We all have our baggage, our karma to carry through life. And yes, its heavy and it stinks and it is garbage

But we can still be happy.

We can still be happy.

We can be happy because we are happy within ourselves.

We don’t have to be upset every time we take the garbage out. We just have to take it out.

I believe we all have a certain degree of baggage in life. I call this our Karma. I know that overcoming our Karma is not always a pleasant process – just like taking out the garbage. It may not be your favourite household chore to do, but it is essential. And it is something that has to be done repeatedly, once a week, or sometimes even a couple times a week (depending on how much you produce). And there is a sense of relief and a freshness that exists once it has been done.

The same can be said for our own baggage. Our own “garbage.” Don’t take it personally, we all have it, we all make it, we all have to get rid of it.

So just like clearing your home from garbage periodically, you have to clear your soul of your own baggage. And guess what? We can do it willingly, consciously, and happily.

You don’t have to suffer while you deal with your baggage. You can be at peace. You can be happy, you can take out your garbage, and you can go home, and figure out how you can live in such a way that you produce less garbage.

And one day you will!

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Have a wonderful week ahead!




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