Saying YES (and NO) to life

One of the greatest gifts we have as a conscious being is that we have the power of choice. We can choose how we want to exist in this world – with ease or with dis-ease. We can choose where our thoughts dwell. We can choose how much we open, and how much we close. We can choose what we strengthen within us – the shadows or the light.

Sometimes in life we have to say YES and sometimes we have to say NO. If we live consciously, and make these choices with our eyes and heart open, we can craft the perfect balance of openness and strength.



Say no to degrading habits.

Say no to disrespect. Both being disrespectful and bring disrespected.

Say no to excessive demands on your time and energy.

Say no to injustice.

Say no to toxicity.

Say no to negativity.

Say no to addictions.

Say no to cruelty.

Don’t say no to things that expand you, help you grow. Don’t say no to affection. Don’t say no to love. I know it sounds silly. And you wonder “But who would want to say no to love?” but, it happens. Sometimes we say no to love.

Saying no strengthens something within us.

If you say no to the things you should be saying yes to, you close yourself, you strengthen your fears, you strengthen inflexibility, you shut yourself off from life,

BUT If you say no to the right things you strengthen your character, your values, your integrity, your energy resources, your inner divine power.



Say yes to unconditional love

Say yes to affection

Say yes to laughter

Say yes to stepping out of your comfort zone

Say yes to challenges

Say yes to hard work

Say yes to commitment

Say yes to change

Say yes to the unknown

Say yes to your dreams and your desires

Say yes to your creativity

Say yes to beauty

Say yes to your family

Say yes to honesty

Say yes to your health

There is so much to say yes to in life.

Saying yes to the right things opens you up. It creates opportunities in your life. It nurtures humanity. It builds flexibility. 

It is challenging but important to stay open to life even when things are not going your way. We should still try to keep our hearts open. Living life with a closed heart is painful. Living life without strength is painful.

Saying No strengthens and saying Yes opens. Strength and openness are a good combination to navigate through life. And you need both. There’s no use having one without the other!


Today I am thinking about what kind of things I am saying yes to and what kind of things I am saying no to.



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