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Oh, how I wish I would post in my blog more! Early morning is usually the time I am most inspired to spend time on writing for my blog, but I always (sadly) decide that it would be better for me to channel that energy on studying instead. And so I do. And then by around 7pm I’m too mentally tired to write 🙁 But anyway, I am so happy to be here tonight!

Today we are going to talk about our spiritual bank account…..

Piety (Definition: 1. The quality of being religious or reverent 2. The quality of being dutiful)

Living a blessed life

Reaping the rewards of past good karma and a lot of piety in your spiritual bank account is like being born with an inheritance from a distant relative you don’t know. You don’t feel much connection with your distant relative (your past lives), but you understand that somehow YOU were chosen, and YOU are blessed with this wonderful blessing of an inheritance. So your parents hand you a cheque and say “here’s the money you inherited, $100,000. This belongs to you!” and its yours. OMGZ0R0US9USJK right? Super exciting.

Do you deserve this gift? Yes, you probably do! Maybe because of your actions in this life, or maybe because of your actions in past lives.

Now that this money is yours, it is your choice what you would like to do with it. You could make a few big investments/purchases, or many small ones? You could give some away? You could go to the casino and gamble it all away. It’s up to you. But just because you are given this money doesn’t mean that it will stay with you forever. You could lose it all too based on your choice of actions.

Some people can be born with blessings in certain areas of life. Perhaps you have noticed it this quality in your own life, or in the lives of people around you. When somehow a person’s life seems “blessed.” For example. a person may be born into a very good, benevolent family. They seem to be “blessed” with good family life. They don’t experience much hardships in this area, whereas another person could struggle greatly in this area of life, finding it very difficult to find happiness in their family life. What’s the deal? Why can it be so easy for some, and difficult for others?

This blessing comes from their spiritual bank account. All blessings do. When you have generated enough savings over time (it can take lifetimes, too), then one day these savings can be spent, and you will receive a blessing.

Winning the lottery

This is precisely what happens when someone wins the lottery. Perhaps over the course of their past lives, these people made big savings of good karma and piousness. And then in this life time, all their spiritual savings are invested as a blessing of great wealth. And they win the lottery.

What happens in you spend all your savings?

This is often what happens with such grandeur blessings in life, like winning the lottery, or healing and recovering from a serious disease. Such great blessings come at a cost, and you can be left with an empty spiritual bank account, because you used up all your resources in one very big investment. When this happens, we begin to fall into degradation, and we become “spoiled”. We have run out of living off of our inheritance of goodness, and now we must live for ourselves again, and life becomes hard. When someone wins a great deal of money or fame, a common complaint from those around them is that the money/fame has changed them, that they have become spoiled. But in reality, if their character has changed, then they have been spoiled due to the status of their spiritual bank balance. Which is probably running really low, and unless they start (or keep) making deposits, then they could soon be bankrupt!

Some examples of things you can spend large savings of piety on:

Healing from a serious illness



Family happiness


If your life is hard

If your life is hard, and you find that you are often faced with tragedies and difficulties, know that it is through these very struggles that you can begin your savings. We must try very hard to act correctly in difficult times We must try very hard to do the right thing. We must think about it, talk to someone who is wiser than us about it. We must walk through the storms, and try to do the right thing. It is a very difficult thing to do, but only by acting dutifully and doing the right thing, can we start building up our balance again.

How to increase your piety

As I mentioned, to increase your piety by yourself you must simply try your very hardest to act nobly, humbly, dutifully and correctly in life. And also try to rid yourself of bad character traits, tendencies and habits. We can also pray.

When we pray, we can pray for the happiness of other people, and we can pray that we are blessed with spiritual development. Praying for these two things in sincerity, overtime will increase your piety.

Our piety can also greatly be increased if we are blessed in life by our elders, and even more so if we receive a blessing from a guru or a a saint person. But of course, there is no way for us to predict or plan for this to happen. Sometimes it just does.

The more good actions we do in life the more good karma we generate. This gets transfered through our current lifetime and also the following ones, and in this way, good actions–good karma can also be a source of blessings in life.

Good karma is usually a result of the good things we have done in our life and lives before. And piousness and “blessedness” is usually a result of the character qualities we have developed due to our good actions.The more goodness we cultivate inwardly, the more piousness we generate. This is a big source of blessings in life.

Spiritual Debts

We have debts too. Debts come in the form of bad karma as a result of “bad” actions we had committed in the past. We have to work through them. Bad karma is anything that makes life difficult. Bad Karma is anything that puts you in a bad mood. Bad Karma is any relationship that is stressful and difficult for you to manage. Bad karma is the source of any suffering in your life right now.

We’ve talked about Karma before here.

Sometimes if we are born with a big inheritance of good karma and piety we can get a bit too comfortable and expect that it will last forever. We may decide that we will just try to avoid our debts for now. That we are too busy enjoying life and all the effortless blessings that our coming our way that we don’t want to spend any time trying to work through difficult issues. When this happens, when our resources eventually do run out, we will be left with no back up because we didn’t take enough time and effort to build up our savings as well.

So no matter how good life is to us, we must always keep paying back our debts. Just as you can use some of your winning lottery on paying back your financial debts, you can also use your blessings in life to help pay back your karmic debts too. And it’s kind of important that you do.

As I mentioned before, just because someone is born with a blessing, doesn’t mean they have to maintain it. For example, just because someone is born into a “good family” doesn’t mean they have to be a good person by default. They can choose stray away. They can start spending their inheritance on other things. In fact, Dr. Torsunov says that if you see a person who has a good family, but has bad friends – it shows that they are in degradation. That they are degrading and becoming spoiled as people. This is because they were born with goodness, but now they choose degradation (As friends are the ones we “choose” in life, and family are what we are “given”). Similarly, if a person is born into a “bad family” but try their very hardest to have good, honest and benevolent people as friends – then it is a sign that they are developing in life. Because even though they are “given” hardships, they have found the strength to choose something higher than that.

You can ask yourself this too. Am I making progress and improvements on the cards I was dealt in this life, or am I taking it for granted and getting worse? In this way, you can tell if you are developing or degrading. If you are spending or saving.

Deposits and withdrawals

So, just like a regular bank account, you can also make withdrawals and deposits into your spiritual bank account. Bad actions and bad habits are withdrawals and good actions and good habits are deposits. And everything comes at a price. Even the subtle things in life. Some make you wealthy, and some make you poor.

For example, if you have a smoking habit, just as a pack of cigarettes cost you 10 euros, they also come at a spiritual cost. A little bit gets taken out of your account. And over time, these withdrawals can accumulate, and you find that slowly your savings of goodness start to leak away. And life becomes difficult.

 And of course you can keep making deposits. If you are running low, or you are going through a storm of bad karma in your life right now, keep making small deposits. Over time it is going to accumulate and in that way you will generate the strength needed to pull yourself out of that s***storm. And if you do everything in a good way, then you may even get a lump sum bonus for making it through.

So I think we have to keep making deposits. We have to keep disciplined. We have to keep trying to do the right thing. We have to Keep doing our duties and being responsible for our life. We have to keep our heart open and try to care about others  more than you care about ourselves.


Thank you so much for reading and being so patient with me.

Malavika xo


  1. So happy that I am patient! I always love your posts. This one gives me a new awareness of every little thing and how it affects me. Thank you.


  2. When we meet with big problems; disease, loss of family or friends, getting trapped in a war or natural disaster. At those times, we suddenly wonder: “Why me?” The law of karma does not look for a reason outside ourselves for our good or bad fortune, it simply explains our own suffering as a result of our negative deeds towards others, and our happiness as a result of our actions to help others.

  3. Spiritual blockages are the result of mistakes of previous lives and also current life. These are ‘te’ or bad karma; harmful acts and even thoughts that you create will add to your bad karma. All aspects of one’s life are recorded in the Akashic records, or the Book of Life, which contains the history of every soul in the universe since Creation. Service that benefits huma-nity and the universe is categorised as good karma and those that harm, as bad karma.

  4. You must understand that good actions cannot change your karma. Good actions may make some kind of happiness, but this happiness is also karma. People sometimes call this good karma. But good karma is still karma, and karma is created by thinking. Everything that is created by thinking always changes. So good karma eventually runs out and becomes bad karma. If you truly want to change your karma, do not make good or bad. That is correct practicing.

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