Pink and Blue Cupcake Tuesday

Today I got home from school and decided I would make boy and girl cupcakes for everybody in the house. Blue for the boys and pink for the girls, obviously.

And then Marie changed into the beautiful blue dress Michelle and I bought her for her birthday and what started out as a little bit of food photography and eating the batter from the bowls, turned into an impromptu photoshoot right there in our kitchen. I mean…professional photography studio.

Michelle came home half way through the photoshoot and did what she does best….

…Threaten people with knives.


I wanted to finish with my favourite photograph from the whole evening. It isn’t even related to cupcakes.

But it is beautiful and I am proud.


I am extremely picky when it comes to post-processing my images into black and white. It’s a very special kind of photograph that can pull it off in a classy way and this one was it. Too often I find just converting any ol’ photo into black and white looks like a tacky attempt at classy.

Photography is easy when you have beautiful roommates.

It is 12:21 am I didn’t realize how exhausted I am until this very moment.

Sweet dreams 🙂


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