Happy September!

I love the first of any month. I especially love the first of this month because it is:

the month where I will move into my new house.

the month where I will start my second year of med school

the month that hosts many Virgo birthdays (including that of my BFF Marie) which means I get to bake cakes and beautifully wrap gifts and make these days as special as possible.

the month where I will see many of my friends that I didn’t get to see for the entire summer.

and of course, not to forget:

the month where WE will implement our September monthly habit. Which is the Clean Habit! If you missed it, you can read more about it here.

To review, here are the 10 holy commandments of the clean habit. It’s great to see many of you getting involved. Let’s keep eachother posted on how it is going.

The 10 commandments of the clean habit 

1. Thou shalt not go to bed with a dirty kitchen sink.

2. Thou shalt organize my laundry as I put it away (whites, colours, delicates) and put them away appropriately (folded, ironed, hung up etc).

3. Thou shalt maintain a clean shower and sink after every use.

4. Thou shalt do a quick clean before I sleep each night, and before I leave the house at anytime for any purpose.

5.Thou shalt do a room-detox and get rid of all the things I do not use, love or need.

6. Thou shalt find every item in my room a home, and implement new, clean and efficient means of organizing them.

7. Thou shalt make my bed every morning

8. Thou shalt implement a vacuuming and dusting schedule and follow it religiously.

9. Thou shalt spend just 15 minutes every day in the messiest area of my house de-cluttering and cleaning.

10. Thou shalt always take the garbage out.


So those are our 10 commandments. Follow them religiously. Keep a checklist, and always remind yourself of these 10 tasks that must be completed before you sleep each night.

A couple of nights ago, before I fell asleep, I was thinking about my life and how everything has happened the way it has. How every dot connected in such a perfect way to bring me to this perfect moment. I have a constant and consistent dialogue with the universe where I devoutly express my thoughts and beliefs and send it out into the milky way, as a universal indicator of “yes, this is what I want”. Because I know that what I want, will eventually come. Because I know that what I need, is what I will be provided. Because I know that if there is a desire in my heart, there also exists the power in me to bring it into creation – in it’s fullest and brightest form.

There have only been a few things in my life that I have sincerely “asked for”. I don’t mean the little things you would like, such as “Please make me pass this exam” or “Please let me get a ride into school today”. I mean bigger things, like a big move, a life change, something you didn’t think was really possible.

I realized that I have only asked for a few things of this magnitude in my life. And each and every single one of them came true. Each wish manifested, in the face of adversity. Because I’m starting to learn that there isn’t really such thing as what is “likely” to happen or “unlikely” to happen. It is just what you put your attention on.

So don’t put a ceiling over yourself. If you want it, ask for it.

And trust that either you will get exactly what you asked for, or something better. You will get what you truly need.

September marks the birth of autumn, and the fall time for me, always signifies a time of releasing of the old and welcoming the fresh cool of winter. It is a time for setting intentions – about what you want and what you don’t want. It’s about making your universal wish-list.

So while we are busy making sure we never go to bed with a dirty sink, let’s also make some time for thinking about what we really want from our lives!

I’ll write you again soon.



  1. Nice way to remind yourself what all needs to be done…because doing things doesn’t matter much, doing them properly matters the most…And above all, I loved the picture at top…am going to copy this quote!!!

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