Space Girls


My friend Laura from medical school, came to stay with me for a week. Laura and I have always loved to dream up something beautiful and try to create it in images. Each year we were together in Ireland, we would create something together. It was so nice to have an opportunity to do this again, even after we had graduated and moved to different sides of the world.

When we would do our photoshoots in Ireland, we were always limited by having to rush back home to study, or just generally filled with the doom of an impending exam. This time, we were so free, with nothing to do but to enjoy our time together and create something beautiful. We had a lot of ideas, and I’m excited to share them with you!

Here are some of the images we have created together in the past:

Laura & the roses, Laura & the ocean,  & A strangeness in the woods.

Usually I feel much more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of it – but this time, I decided to try it out! Over the years of doing our random, amateur “photo shoots” I think Laura and I have gotten really good at working together towards our vision.

I don’t usually like to just dump photos into a blog post without any words to accompany them, but neither do I like to write captions just for the sake of writing them. So this time, here is something from us, for your eyes.

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Pink and Blue Cupcake Tuesday

Today I got home from school and decided I would make boy and girl cupcakes for everybody in the house. Blue for the boys and pink for the girls, obviously.

And then Marie changed into the beautiful blue dress Michelle and I bought her for her birthday and what started out as a little bit of food photography and eating the batter from the bowls, turned into an impromptu photoshoot right there in our kitchen. I mean…professional photography studio.

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