Los Angeles explored: Hollywood and Venice Beach

First of all, I would like to say what an honor it is to be Freshly Pressed AGAIN, for the second time! I didn’t think lightning could strike twice.  Hallelujah!

As an introduction – below are are a selection of photographs from my recent trip to LA/Vegas and San Diego. Not that I need much of an excuse to take photographs anyway. If you like what you see,  check out these links to my photographs from Laguna Beach, San diego and the beautiful flowers there, and universal studios. Watch this space for my Vegas (I ♥ Vegas) and Grand Canyon explored series coming up soon.

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The mexican city – in downtown LA.

Inside the oldest house in LA!

The restaurant from Rush Hour! I loved that movie.

Hollywood starwalk.

At Grauman’s chinese theatre

The Rockwalk at Sunset Boulevard.

Eeek, so exciting! My claim to fame.

Inside LA ink. They asked me not to use my flash inside the store. I am such a rebel with my flash photography!

Venice Beach. My favourite place in LA!

Found some local bboys.

Befriended the local bboys 😛

An amazing little art store. I love this artist’s work so much, and I would love to collect a few pieces to display in my home one day.

Our in-the-car photoshoot while we waited for everyone to hurry on up! Devaki was practicing crossing her eyes.


  1. I like the photo of all the cyclists going by on the beach. Also, I’m glad you didn’t use flash inside the store! Flash always looks terrible IMO. Looks like a fun trip!

    1. I agree. I think it is my favourite from Venice Beach. It sums up the area pretty well I think 🙂


    I have a photo of my nephew shooting a freethrow
    at the Main Court where they shoot a lot of movie stuff.
    He like 4 foot 10. with all these tall guys its beautiful.

    I love your Blog, You’re very good at this.
    see ya.

  3. I’ve been to California a few times and I always told myself I was going to visit Venice Beach, but never did. I will definitely do so within the year. Love your photos.

  4. It’s so funny, seeing people take photographs of where I grew up. Like the Rush Hour restaurant — just go to Master Chef down the street, it has much better food. Or the Empress Pavilion for dim sum. And Venice is where we go, to, uh, never mind.

    But I like seeing tourists in LA. They’re so thrilled to be here, where it’s warm and dry and see these places they’ve seen in movies, for a moment I can see the corner store or the bar or the mural through their less jaded eyes. It’s nice.


  5. It’s your great photos is why lightening struck twice. Once again, congrats on being Freshly Snapped, I mean freshly Pressed.

    Have a great day.

    Mr Bricks

  6. Congrats. Exciting and fun photos. Reminds me of how life was when I was still in the Sunny California. We visited L.A. just before we relocated to Texas and visiting the Hollywood scene was a blast. Makes you feel that dreams do come true.

  7. Nice photographs!!
    You capture very common place which we never notice . Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs and you look very cute.

  8. I live in the Valley and I’ve never seen the oldest house in LA. I guess you forget about some of the things that are on TV or in the movies. You did give Venice Beach some justice, it doesn’t always look that wonderful.

  9. Love the photo set, and congrats on being FP a second time! Says a lot about you as a blogger! I see you kept the same shutter speed setting, it really unites all of your photos, yet doesn’t take away from them. Bravisimo! :]. Seems like you’re a great blogger.. I’m still trying to earn my blogging stripes so to speak, but I must say your blog inspired me to both blog AND travel more… I recently saw this documentary called Discover the Gift and I loved it. It came in the right time in my life and inspired me to reconnect with my self and my loved ones and step back and not take things for granted… Anyway, I’m getting off topic and I just wanted to know if you’ve heard of it.. Again congrats on being FP! http://on.fb.me/kVoAQo

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