Las Vegas Explored: The Vegas Strip!

Vegas was beautiful and alive. I want to come here again and see the shows and walk up and down the strip and stare at the bright lights. I want to lose some money and win some money. I want to stay in the hotel room all day and order room service.

I was surprised that the city had such positive energy, even though most people are here to gamble, drink, and party. It is a city built for entertainment, and entertained I was!….

Me, in the desert! I love my new adidas shorts.

Now we’re in Vegas, baby!

We stayed at the MGM Signature – a family friendly part of the MGM. The windows were gold.

I love hotel-lobby decor and design. There’s nothing like it.

Our hotel room was beautiful. There was a telephone in the toilet, and a tv in the bathroom. Holla.

Is it just me or is hetting married in Vegas is starting to look more and more appealing?

The Vegas strip! And all I could think of is how much their electricity bill is?

Nothing like a little bit of pornography while you’re walking.

With your family 🙂

Vegas: Where you have to explain cross dressers to an 8 year old girl.


  1. what is that sort of hazy quality your pics have? is that something you do on a photoshop type program or is it your camera?
    i think it’s a cool effect! =)

    1. Thank you! I post process my photographs in photoshop. This affect is created through use curves.
      However the pictures from Vegas were naturally kind of hazy, since it was night time, no flash and long exposure times!

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