San Diego Explored: Desert flowers and San Diego Zoo

This is my favorite photograph of Devaki. On our way to San Diego Zoo, we stopped at a friends place in Encintas, just outside of LA. This is where this photograph was taken. She was wearing the prettiest dress.
The most impressive thing was the flowers and vegetation. Wow. It was so different to what I am used to. So tropical yet “Deserty” at the same time. It reminded me a lot of India. 

And all of this was just in their backyard. It was amazing!

My little model.

TTheir cutie little puppy sleeping on the hot concrete.

I also really loved the architecture of the homes here. Very open and light, contemporary and clean.

Apparently these flowers are very easy to maintain, and grow naturally without much nurturing. They are so interesting to look at! They are little cactus flowers.

San Diego Zoo was a beautiful place, but we didn’t make the most of it. We only arrived there later in the afternoon, so all the animals were sleeping (and we were even more sleepier!). Because of this – it was a bit of a disappointment, but still a nice walk. Did you know that the zoo spends more money on their vegetation and plant collection than their animal collection? So make sure you check out the greenery too 🙂

Elephant! My favourite animal in the whole wide world.

More pictures coming soon of VEGAS and the Grand Canyon!



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