Ekhart Yoga’s 30 day yoga challenge


30 minutes of yoga

Every day

For 30 days

From the beautiful comfort of your own home.

Today I wanted to share a wonderful online yoga resource for all yogis and aspiring yogis reading this blog.

Sometimes attending a yoga class can be difficult to make for a number of reasons like timing, getting there, price etc. This has been an issue for me, given the small little town I am currently living in in Ireland.

A home practice has been essential.

And Ekhart yoga has helped. Ekhart yoga has laid the framework for a thriving home practice.

The September 30 day yoga challenge means a 30 minute yoga practice every day for 30 days.

Ekhart Yoga offers an online treasure trove of yoga classes ranging in styles, flows, programs, instructors and experience levels. There is something for everyone. There is something for you.

They offer all of this for a subscription of just 12.50 Euros a month for over 1400 and counting high quality instructional videos.

Right now they have an amazing deal where your first month is just 1 Euro! 

So I would like to invite you on behalf of the Ekhart Yoga team to consider what 30 days of yoga can do for you.

I will share my experiences from my yoga mat here on the blog using the hashtag #3030yoga and would love to hear yours too!


If you are interested:

+ Read more about what the 30 day yoga challenge entails by clicking here. 

+ Subscribe to the program via e-mail here.

+ Sign up for Ekhart Yoga for just 1 Euro for your first month, and 12.50 Euros thereafter.

+ Find EkhartYoga on facebook for daily updates and posts.

(They just posted a 12 minute video to test your core strength before you begin the 30 day challenge, and then encouraged us to check in again with it after the 30 day challenge to see how much we can improve in just 30 days.)

+ Use the #3030Yoga hashtag so we can follow your progress!


All my love to all of you,


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