Poetry Friday: We will find our place

“I love her and that is the beginning and end of everything”

F. Scott Fitzgerald

This poem is about a promise I am going to make.

We will find our place

We will build a home together
A home that warms and glows
Built for sunshine and stormy weather
The home in which we grow
We will make a space for us
in a corner of this earth
we will fill it with what we cherish
filled with love and all it’s worth
We will find our place together
in this universe,
and we will live this way forever
for better and for worse
We will live our days together
and face the darkest nights
but we will walk this road together
and hold each other tight
And we will build a life together
that stands in dark and light
and I will love him with all my heart
and with all my might.
Have a lovely weekend, friends.


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