A letter for the broken hearted

a letter for the broken hearted

Heartbreak is a universal phenomenon. It is a deep, burning ache that transcends cultures, countries, age, social classes and languages. It is a thread woven into the human fabric. It moves us all.

These are words for the broken hearted….

Dear broken hearted,

Where you are now is a dark place. The words I use to describe these dark, bottomless days will never do it justice. So I won’t even try.

But let me tell you this. Let me tell you what I know is truth. That this will pass. You will change. You will emerge from this. And when you wake up from this deep sleep, life will look different.

You are young still. And if you don’t feel young, if the candles on your birthday cake burn brighter because there are more of them there than you are ready to accept, then know that your soul is young still. You have the rest of your life ahead of you. Tomorrow is the beginning. 

And not only will things change but you will change. You will go out into this world and you will change more than you can even comprehend right now. And even after you’ve changed so much, you will change some more still. 

You will become more of yourself. You will become the woman that God intended you to be.

You will start doing things for yourself that you never did for yourself before. And you will realize that you can do this, that it is not impossible for you, and that might be the greatest realization that you can have at that time. You will be empowered. You will uncover new abilities, capabilities, talents, gifts. 

You will deepen your friendships with other women. Strong women. Your sisters. They will sit with you on your bed, or in a cafe, and listen to your stories of heartache and handsome faces. They will tell you fervently all the things about you that make you shine. They will see the good in you even when you don’t. 

But most importantly, they will make you laugh again. 

For a while you will feel like you are living in a ghost life in saturated hues. Walking through the cemetery of your love, where everything you see reminds you of another life. The grocery store, a song on the radio, the entire season of summer. But one day, those memories will fade. And it will happen sooner than you think. And you will go to the grocery store, and you will hear that song, and you will exist peacefully on a summer day. And you will make new memories there. And when that happens, it will be like a weight has been lifted. And you will feel free.

The colours will leak back into your life. Everything will be vibrant again one day. The sky will be more blue than you can remember it being before.

You will get used to being alone, at least for a little while. In fact, after some time, you will even start to enjoy it. You will learn how to find the sweetness in your own company. You will learn how to take care of yourself. You will have to walk to places alone. You will have to do your grocery shopping alone. You will have to eat dinner alone sometimes too. Or watch a movie alone. And that’s alright.

For some time, you need to focus on yourself. And I don’t mean this in a cliche way. I mean it in the realest, grittiest way there is. I mean that you have to get involved in your life again. Be present. Change things that don’t work. Create space for things that do. You are presented with a truly unique opportunity now. You can change it all, or you can stay the same. But I hope you change.

You will learn to develop yourself. You will create small acts of joy that you can incorporate into your day. You will discover what makes your heart sing. You will learn what you like, and what you don’t like.  You will learn how to blossom. You will open. You will learn how to soothe yourself. You will practice self development. You will learn how to become a more beautiful human being. You will learn how to be valuable again. You will tell your story. 

And one day you will meet a prince. He will take your hand and you will walk together. He will find your scars beautiful. He will teach you how to love again. And you will love again. 

You will love with more strength. Your heart muscles, they are stronger now.

And you will love deeper than you did before, if you let yourself. 

You are so special and loved, and we are just waiting for you to realize it. And you will.


  1. when the loved one suddenly went busy with her works and career target and can’t able to give time for us. It is very difficult and couldn’t help we feel alone. we fall in to the mesh of our own dark thoughts.

    currently going through this darkness and your post just gives me little hope.

    1. I am glad to hear this Rajiv. I realize that a lot of my writing is written towards women. I don’t do this intentionally, it just happens that way. But I will do my best to keep my writing available for all people – both men and women. These issues are universal anyway. I’m happy this spoke to you. Thanks for always being there!


  2. That was a beautiful piece of peace ,love! God bless you! Theres no age for heart breaks…It gets broken all the time…as long as the heart loves, it is likely to get broken,,but the good news is that , it always mends itself..by loving more! Huggss!!

  3. This piece is so moving and touches some of the deepest, darkest places within and adds a warm glow of peace to it. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this. I know I will get over my heart break but sometimes another’s kind words can make it a little more bearable. I shed a few tears, but they were tears of joy.

    Sometimes, after a long, cold day outside, a nice hot tea or chocolate makes it all better. I feel like a nice, warm sip of hope made it’s way into my chilled heart. And, even if only for a little while, I feel calm and ready for the slow healing process ahead.

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