Living in Ireland: Ireland in photographs

The month of September marked one year since I moved to Ireland. As a tribute to my first year of Ireland-ness, I decided to share with you a selection of my most beautiful photographs that I have taken (except for any photograph with me in it. I did not take those 😉 ) during my year here .

Cottages with thatched roofs and thick woolen sweaters; so cozy!

Grass and rock.

Cool beaches

Beautiful blue skies.

The woods

The golden meadows of Connemara.

I know. If you are thinking “Wtf! How is this photograph even taken in Ireland?” – that was my exact thought too.

My hair looks pretty interesting here!

This was taken at a beautiful little park secretly tucked away in the middle of Salthill, Galway. I really like coming here.

And so that concludes this huge  photography post showing you what I find beautiful in Ireland (so far. There is still many more places left to discover). What is beautiful about where you live? I believe every place is beautiful in it’s own way, you just have to be ready to explore!  When I first started getting interested in photography (around 14-15 years old) I would blame my lack of creativity on two things: location and the fact that I didn’t have a very good camera. It was only later that I realized that having a good camera does not enhance your artistic abilities – it just gives you a slightly better medium to display it. A good photographer will take good photographs regardless of what kind of camera you have. After finally getting my Canon (18 years old) I even find myself regressing back to the grainy-old- polaroid-film-style photography. It’s funny how that happens! My second excuse was that I didn’t think where I lived at the time (England) was beautiful enough for me to create magic. I was wrong.  You can see your surroundings in two ways; as though everything is mundane and ordinary, or you could choose to see your environment with the charm and character it nurtures.

Always be ready to explore. Keep your eyes open.

Adventure is found in your heart.


  1. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I hope to go there one day as well!! I’ll need a tour guide 😉

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