April in Photographs

This is what my April looked like:

My roommate Kat and I both share April birthdays (Taurus rule) so we decided to host a Princess tea party! The theme was pink and girly and delicious. Well, Kat wasn’t having any of it, and wore a blue dress. But she was also the birthday girl, so we decided it was acceptable.

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Living in Ireland: Ireland in photographs

The month of September marked one year since I moved to Ireland. As a tribute to my first year of Ireland-ness, I decided to share with you a selection of my most beautiful photographs that I have taken (except for any photograph with me in it. I did not take those 😉 ) during my year here .

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Ireland explored: the cliffs of moher

I have been lucky enough to live in this beautiful little country, and I take up any opportunity I have to travel around and take photographs of some of the things I see. Last weekend my godparents from England visited me here in Galway and we went on a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher, just outside of my city.

This is what I saw with my eyes



This is what I felt with my heart: