April in Photographs

This is what my April looked like:

My roommate Kat and I both share April birthdays (Taurus rule) so we decided to host a Princess tea party! The theme was pink and girly and delicious. Well, Kat wasn’t having any of it, and wore a blue dress. But she was also the birthday girl, so we decided it was acceptable.


Tickets to the ballet for my birthday!


The lillies for my new home.

Remember how my camera was broken before? Well I took it to the camera-doctor and it turns out my lens was broken (gasp). So then I set my heart on a new lens. A sigma 18-200mm with OS.

After one of my exams, my roommate Kattul (her real name is Kat but it’s Kattul is cuter. And you are supposed to say it like “Katt-ul” not like cattle because that would be associated with cows and that’s not the point. ) and I devised 3 and 6 point plans of fun, respectively. Her 3 point plan was: 1. Clean the house 2. Eat Pizza 3. Chill.

My 6 point plan was: 1. Clean the house 2. Make the strawberry and spinach leaves salad with balsamic vinegar/honey dressing that I have been drooling about (see picture above). 3. Play little big planet on the ps3. 4. Make a daisy chain. 5. Write a blog post. 6. Play with Mike’s light sabers.

Mine was quite elaborate and I’m proud to say I completed everything but write my blog post (:(). It’s kind of important and pleasing to schedule fun into your day. Usually we focus on scheduling all the non-fun things and make them very important – which they are. But having fun is important too. It’s so satisfying to schedule fun, and give yourself a pat on the back when you achieve the fun things too.

Here’s the daisy chain I made.

And those were the colours of my April. Of course April also included a lot of other things – like memorizing the names of the transporters that exist on the cell membrane, but that would not have been fun to photograph.

Sadly the amount of free space allowance I have on this wordpress account is coming to an end, which is too bad, because I really like photographs on this blog. I think it makes everything more beautiful. I am not sure how much it is to upgrade my wordpress account. Has anyone done this before? How much is it? 


Despite the most hideous of exams coming up this friday, life is good, and I am very, very happy.


  1. The last part of the last sentence is not something you hear very often. It made me truly smile. 🙂
    On a more functional note, I have that Sigma lens; it’s really impressive!

    1. Yola Henry!
      That lens is awesome! I always had the standard 18-55 that came with the camera, and now I could never go back. Do you have a flickr account or somewhere else that you like to upload your photography, that I could creep?

  2. haha so i look like such a creep being one of the first to comment on the past few posts but i swear i happened to actually be online when you posted them 😉 love the pic of you by yourself – v pretty! oh and you must make me that salad some day – looks amazeballs!! And I’m glad you’re happy 😀

    1. Laura babes, you don’t have to make excuses for your creeping. I appreciate it! I will make you the salad. I’m back from Latvia on the 16th/17th and I would like to have you for lunch before I leave.

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