Life is good.

I saw this video on facebook and I fell in love with this cutie!

A quote from one of her other videos:

“Life is just everything I ever wanted. Life brings me to this wonderful place. It shows me this wonderful stuff I love. “

To me, this says that life is good.

Not only is life good, but life is everything you ever wanted. Life is everything you ever needed. Life is everything you have ever created. Life brings you to this wonderful place that you are in right now. And life will always create more opportunities for you to love, learn, express yourself and grow.

If there were two beliefs I would encourage you to take for granted, they would be; firstly that you are responsible for your life – from your happiness to your lack of it, to your circumstances, relationships, feelings, truth and reality. The second paradigm to take for granted is that life is good.

I think that if an individual can grow into their own skin believing in these two belief systems and embodying it in all that they say, do, and experience – they are setting themselves up to make the best of what they have.

Every single thing that happens to you is perfect. Everything that happens to you is a gift – the gift of the most appropriate opportunity to experience an aspect of yourself. You can learn your lessons and move on. You can learn about yourself. You can see things in a different light.

This isn’t to say that life isn’t, at times, challenging – because it is. Don’t we know it 😉 We will always encounter experiences that frighten us, push us, and completely pull us apart.  But every experience we have shapes us into who we are today. The good, the bad and the ugly. I believe that we always have a choice – no matter what we are presented with, no matter how horrific or unthinkable it may appear. We have a choice of who we are going to be in this situation. Are you going to be a lover or a fighter? Are you going to choose peace or war? Are you going to choose being right or being human? We also have a choice of how we are going to internalize what is happening in our lives right now. Are we going to learn from it and become a better version of ourselves? Or are we going to feel victimized and abandoned?  Are we going to stay down, or are we going to get back onto our feet and move ON.

I’ve been through challenges in my life – some big, some small. But it’s the same old story. Through my time doing readings, I have been able to see how similar we all are. Even your “biggest problems” that make you think “I am the only person in the world who has to go through this shit” is shared by many people. Trust me, I know. I am not saying this makes in any less meaningful to you – because as I said, each circumstance provides us with the perfect opportunity to express and experience ourselves. All I am saying is that, maybe we don’t have to take it so personally.

It is because of our challenges that we are who we are today.

All my aches and pains, my ups and downs, my grazed knees and hot tears have made me who I am today. And I love who I am today. I love every changing moment in my life. I love myself when I am happy, on target, and inspired. I love myself when I am a sad hot mess sitting in my bed and eating a tub of ice cream.

And I believe that life is good. And I believe that life is easy. And I believe that good things happen.

I am not a sickeningly positive person (although this post even makes me question myself 😉 ). I know pain, and I allow myself to experience pain. I also allow others to experience pain in a way that is reasonable to them. But the strongest and most developed part of myself is the part that believes that good things have happened, good things do happen, and good things will always happen.

I believe that bad things don’t happen just to kick your ass for the fun of it, but instead they happen as a reminder that yes we can grow, yes we can do things differently, yes we can help somebody (even if that somebody is ourselves), and yes we can love deeper than we thought we could.

If you are not happy with your life – realize that there is nothing wrong with your life. All you need to do is shift your perspective to something that brings more peace and happiness to you.  You have the power and responsibility to view your life as a gift that should be cherished. Even when things are bad, things will be good. Read that again.

In the book “the perks of being a wall flower” by Stephen Chbosky (I’d give it a 4/10), in a letter written by Charlie, he signs it “Please believe me that things are good with me, and even when they’re not, they will be soon enough. And I will always believe the same about you.”

Before I go, here’s a little video/poem I love.

How to be alone

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