Ireland Explored: Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle. The architecture and gardens were so beautiful. And it was also a lovely day, which only made things even more perfect!

Walks in the sunshine, amongst the trees.

The romantic bench under the romantic tree.

This is a little stone fishing house built near the monastery for the monks. Apparently they even had it set up so that whenever they caught fish, a bell would ring inside the abbey so that the cook’s would know that there was fresh fish available. Smart monks!

The remains of the abbey.

Inside the abbey.


    1. Hehe, well, what is home and normal to some, is like “Z’OMG WOW SHOW ME MORE!!” to others like me.

      ❤ It was a beautiful place, and it isn't too far out of Galway either. Good for a day trip.


  1. Sweetie,

    I always knew that you got my photography genes!!!
    Lovely pictures. We got to see these places on our next visit. Love you lots.



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