The life of a final year medical student in photographs – Part 1


If you want to see time go fast, just start the final year of medicine. The weeks just roll by. One semester has passed already, and only one remains.

I have moved back to Galway for my last 5 months in Ireland. I think Galway is the best place for me to spend the remainder of my time here. For me, it is Ireland in all the best ways.

I spent the last year in a small little town outside of Galway. It’s part of our curriculum to spend part of our course in an affiliated hospital. I decided to document our final year of medicine in the hospital, and this is part 1. Part 2 is here in UCHG, and is something I’m working on now. Part 1 involved just our small group of 16, so part 2 is going to be more…fun…to coordinate as our class is over 200 in size!

All photos are taken on my phone. Here are some of my favourites.

The life of a final year medical student.


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Laura and the ocean


On Saturday, Laura and I went to the ocean. 

Here are some of the photographs we took by the water. 

She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

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A photo essay: My life in Ireland

I still remember my first day in Ireland like it was yesterday. I remember getting off the little airplane at the Galway airport and looking around suspiciously. So, this was home now.

I didn’t really want to move to Ireland. I wanted to stay in Canada, because everything was predictable in Canada. I knew exactly what I could expect. Family, study, work – everything would progress on a steady and stable incline.

Applying to my medicine program was also very last minute too. I reluctantly sent off my application literally only days before the deadline. When I received my acceptance letter for the medicine program I was sad.

But I moved to Ireland. I moved to Ireland where everything was confusing, and suddenly the independence and freedom I had been looking for – seemed almost too overwhelming.

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Campus in the springtime


Pink blossom on the ground.

grocery shopping.

om nom nom.

I suck at using these self-check out things. I always end up messing something up and everything takes so much longer than it has to. It was a good job I had my virgo roommate with me to fix everything with the greatest efficiency.

Marie – posing for photographs at the grocery store. But this is the expression I get when I first bring out my camera to take a photograph of her. I get this expression a lot.

This is what I saw in Salthill.

I have been studying my little butt off this last week, that when the weekend came along, I literally could not make myself read another text book. I physically couldn’t. I tried! I really did. But you know what is also important? Taking breaks!

And doing something that is fun. Fun for you.

I also have been feeling so trapped in my apartment these days. It seems I keep associating studying with both school and my apartment, and that is exhausting! I just want to be somewhere that I can just sit and think and be outside. I want to take really long walks.

No body is home right now because it’s study week and all the girls went home. I had the option of spending the day studying, or going for a walk. I decided to choose the walk because it was important for me. I could have done both but the timing would have been limiting.

So with my camera around my neck, I left. This is what I saw:

The first thing I loved was to be in wide open spaces.

People relaxing by the waterfront.

It’s the season to fall in love.

Lots of people were together.

And some people were alone. But they were okay with it.

(I love this photograph! And I love taking photographs of beautiful strangers)

This photograph and the following two are probably my favourites from the walk.

They make great desk top backgrounds.

This one is mine.

Go on, you’re allowed 🙂

This is  proof that I existed here.

And I witnessed this mean act of this swan biting another swans butt!

I fed the swans 🙂 the oocha!

More people in love.

And many people were just watching life happening around them.

Hi. This is me at the playground by the beach.


Hello Freshly Pressed,

Wooo hooo, first of all thank you universe for getting me Freshly Pressed! And thank you to all of you who have read, commented, and liked this post. It means the world to me – truly.

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let’s have more fun.


Ireland Explored: Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle. The architecture and gardens were so beautiful. And it was also a lovely day, which only made things even more perfect!

Walks in the sunshine, amongst the trees.

The romantic bench under the romantic tree.

This is a little stone fishing house built near the monastery for the monks. Apparently they even had it set up so that whenever they caught fish, a bell would ring inside the abbey so that the cook’s would know that there was fresh fish available. Smart monks!

The remains of the abbey.

Inside the abbey.

Ireland is beautiful

Kylemore Abbey

Me and my castle. No big.


mr sheep.


sheep love.

The beautiful lake by the abbey.



ch ch chowder!


This is me drinking my first ever Guinness ever (For those who don’t know, Guinness was created in Ireland). It was gross.