Home is where I am

I have decided to do the unthinkable and not go onto facebook for a month! I’m worried for my health!

Haha. I’m kidding 🙂

I think facebook is a great place to connect with friends, if that’s really what you’re doing. I have nothing against facebook, but it just takes up too much of my time. Time that I could be using to do other things, like spend time with someone I love, study, cook, meditate.

But in all honesty, even though we say we use facebook to “keep in touch with friends”, I would argue that we only spend maybe 10% of our time online actively writing messages, responding to messages and commenting on things. The other 90% is whole heartedly dedicated to facebook creeping.

What a snoozefest!

2 hours in and you’re looking at wedding pictures of people you don’t know.

The entire album.

All 157 pictures.

Or you’re on your ex’s profile.

And you miss them.  a lot.

None of this is good!

I mean, I only got facebook last year sometime, but seriously. Life without facebook will be an interesting one.

I already feel like I have so much more time. And in addition to waking up at 7:00am every day, I wasn’t lying when it felt like my life was opening up.

This morning was a wonderful morning to be awake. I managed to drag my ass to bed just a little bit earilier than usual, and so I woke up with a smile on my face. I’m going 5 days strong. I just have to make it through this weekend!


I was thinking about home. And where home is. I was born in India, lived in England, lived in Canada, and I am now living in the Republic of Ireland.

Where do I belong?Where is my home? Which is my country? Who wants to claim me?

When people ask me where I am from, I literally don’t know what to say.

I usually say India because that’s where I was born as baby malavika.

But for a few moments, I didn’t know where home was, and I questioned this belief. And then I realized that home, to me, is not geography. It is not a country, or a city, or a place. It is not restricted by oceans or state lines or borders.

Home is where I am. Every time. Home is where I come alive. Home is where I am. Home is who I am being. Home is the part of my self that I am expressing in the truest and highest form.

I think that when I feel that home is somewhere else, and I am here – I feel homesick. I start missing things that aren’t there. But all this is, is that I am just missing myself. I’m missing the part of myself that feels realest to me. The highest form of myself.

And I hope you realize this.

I hope you see that you are everything you have ever been looking for.

And all those times you feel like you’re missing something, you’re just missing yourself.

And I hope you know that if you ever need to come home

You wouldn’t have far to go.


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