My journey to Surya Kriya: The Sunshine of my Soul


This weekend I attended an Isha Hata Yoga program to learn the powerful spiritual process of Surya Kriya.

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Chandra Namaskar: Yoga of the divine feminine

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the moon. When I practice my Namaskar Meditation each morning, many times my heart has gone to the beautiful moon. I have been feeling a desire to deepen my practice by honouring the influence of the moon on my being.

With today being a New Moon, I am inspired to write about the moon and it’s divine feminine energy.

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Drops of Summer


Summer is coming to a close and my heart is ready for the winter months, for shedding of my old skin and creating warmth from within. Here are photographs of some moments of summer.

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Ekhart Yoga’s 30 day yoga challenge


30 minutes of yoga

Every day

For 30 days

From the beautiful comfort of your own home.

Today I wanted to share a wonderful online yoga resource for all yogis and aspiring yogis reading this blog.

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Yoga and poetry with breakfast

Today is a good day. I woke up with the Sun and, as promised, performed 20 pairs of the Sun salutation in this gorgeous sun room my aunt has upstairs. It’s an empty room, with white walls, coral floors, and just large spaces in the walls where the windows should be. It is open and wonderful. The cool morning air belongs here. Man, that yoga session kicked my butt!!

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