How to start your day like a rockstar

I believe in beginnings and endings. Of course I believe in the middle bit too, but I believe the way you begin something and the way you end something can say a lot about what you fill the inside with. One day I will talk to you about endings and the middle parts, but today, I am going to talk about beginnings.

I believe the beginning of anything is important. The beginnings always set the tone for what is to follow. I believe in the first day of the new year. I believe in making the first words you speak to a loved one positive. I believe that how you approach an contentious topic with your partner reveals a lot about how you will walk away from it when the argument has simmered. I believe in the first day of school and first dates.

How do you begin your day? Do you stumble out of bed and stumble into your life? Do you wake up and feel the impending sense of whether it’s going to be a “good day” or a “bad day” before your feet have even hit the floor?

How you spend the first half an hour of consciousness after you wake up to your brand new day, really sets the energy for how the rest of your day will flow. Start your day off right.

Whether you are a self proclaimed “morning person” or not, joyful morning routines are as important as a joyful day.

When you wake up, wake up.

1. Don’t rush

Give yourself time to open up. Don’t lose your mornings by rushing through them. Wake up earlier if you have to. Even 15 minutes earlier can make a difference. 30 minutes can make a bigger difference and so on and so forth.

Sometimes it’s nice to wake up before anybody else. It gives you a little pocket of time for yourself. It’s nice to start the day on your own terms.

2. Take the time to do something you enjoy doing in the morning

Just something. For some it may be a morning jog, journaling, your yoga practice, painting, preparing an exquisitely delicious breakfast, reading the paper, doing a crossword puzzle, reading or just taking some extra time to get ready (picking a nice outfit, doing your hair and make up – and “men stuff” for men because I don’t know what ya’ll do).

I personally love my morning coffee time. Ahhh, I love it. Warm coffee on a cool winter morning, and gentle conversation with my roommate. I always resented having to rush my morning coffee time, before I decided to make my morning routine a priority.

Whatever it is for you, do it! It doesn’t have to take long, maybe even just 15-30 minutes, but enjoy the slowness, the gentleness, and the freshness of being completely present.

3. Set an intention for the day

Every day is different, bringing us a wide array of different priorities and focuses. Some days are “work” days but some days are not. Be flexible. We may have to work from Monday to Friday but that does not necessarily mean that the focus of every monday to friday must be a “work” day. We have different kinds of “work” to work on as well.

When you wake up, and go through your morning routine, take the time to set your intention for the day. What kind of day do you want to have today? A fun day? A relaxed day? A productive day? A cleaning day? A loving day? A happy day? A sociable day? A “Me” day?

Today I am going to have FUN.

Today I am going to be super productive.

Today I am going to connect with lots of people.

Today I am going to treat myself and relax completely.

Set your intention.

4. Meditate

Morning meditations is where the party is at. Take a moment (or a few moments) to quiet your mind and meditate. Meditation helps clear your mind and open you up for your day. In the mornings you open you chakras, leaving you spiritually grounded and open to whatever you may face in your day. In the evenings you meditate to cleanse and close your chakras, which prepares you for a restful and healing night sleep.
Simply sit comfortably and beautifully. Close your eyes. Count down from 100 to 0. And then experience the quietness and stillness. I love to do stillness meditations in the morning, because my mind isn’t yet fully awake, and so it becomes easier to dismiss thoughts. Imagine a beautiful white light inside of you, warming you up, and surrounding you, opening and protecting you simultaneously.
Set your intentions during your meditation – that you will have a good day. That today, you are loved. That today, is the beginning of something great.

5. Review your 3 most important tasks of the day

As part of your night-time routine, it’s a good idea to write down your three biggest priorities or “to-do’s” for tomorrow. What are the three most important things that you need to get done tomorrow? Completing this the night before, allows to wake up to your day stress free. You don’t have to wake up feeling unsure of what is in store today, because you will already know. You know what you have to do. It’s all organized and planned already. All you have to do is review it. Look at your list.
You then must try to make it your priority to complete these three tasks as fast as you can. If they can be the first three things you do after you wake up, do it! If not, schedule them – but make sure they are done.

I like to keep my morning routines more flexible but productive, because that is the kind of energy I feel during my time in the mornings. My evening routines tend to be more rigorous (but more about that another time!).

Of course there are many other productive and joyful things you can do in the morning, but I didn’t want to go into too much detail, and instead let you create a routine for yourself. Let these 5 points be the backbone to your morning routine. Fill it with something fun, peaceful and productive – but don’t for get the fundamentals.

Remember to start your day consciously. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every day is going to be a great day, but it does mean that you will always put yourself in the best position to make the most out of whatever comes your way.

Have a great day!


  1. I just want you to know that I enjoy your blog lots. In this post there is some good advice
    and some acute observations. I also enjoy the feeling that comes when you realize that
    someone else has similar insights about something; but in such a way that a tweak can
    take one that much closer to shaping life rather than letting it shape you.


  2. I love this post, thank you! Mornings are my favorite part of the day. I feel like it’s the only part of the day I have any control over. Anything can go wrong throughout the day (although proper planning can minimize this), and I always have the worst time falling asleep. In the morning though, I can wake up whenever I want to, and I’ll be able to do these things you’ve mapped out. I don’t really meditate, I just have an awful time calming my mind down. You’re suggestion to count down from 100 is perfect and I’m going to try it tomorrow morning.

  3. Nice post ! I usually do almost all the point in the list except #4 … For some strange reason I do all the stuff that I intend to do that particular day only if I write it down in a diary .. Morning newspapers and some nice songs do brighten up things for me ..

    Congrats on Freshly pressed !

  4. …and here I thought you were going to advise us to throw furniture around our rooms and go all diva demanding Evian water and only green M&Ms — just like rockstars, right?

    But instead, you’ve offered a great outline here. Much appreciated.


  5. Excellent post! I miss my old roomate that I used to have coffee on our veranda with. She had the most amaing white cat with blue eyes, not quite deaf but close. Morning routines do matter.

  6. This is actually an amazing entry, loved everything you said. Taking time [to smell the roses and enjoy the morning coffee/tea] is something we tend to forget lately. I think I’ll enjoy my rockstar morning even more from now on! 🙂

  7. I had just told myself last night to start the nighttime “things to do” list for tomorrow. Unfortunately, I didn’t write it down, I just told myself so . . . I started my day like a true rock star . . . I got up then took a nap! I’m glad I took time to read your post though. Nice.

  8. Most Rock Stars start their day hung over with a bottle of Jack next to their bed. The title should be more like “How to Start Your Day like a Healthy, Responsible, and Optimistic Person.” Nice post, I’ll try some of your advice rather than a frantic last minute rush to make the time stamp at work, maybe I’ll get up half an hour early now. Cheers and happy Friday.

  9. Love this advice! This is exactly what I needed today…I woke up this morning and did nothing but rush around and snap at my kids;(. Tomorrow, I will follow your advice…I’m sure it will make for a more peaceful morning for everyone!

  10. I believe that every day matters, every minute matters, every second matters. And the day/minute/second you are in right now matters the most. Certainly, make the most of your beginnings, but don’t stress too much about getting the beginning perfect. After all, it’s just the beginning.

  11. Great advice, I’m definitely not a morning person, but I do believe I should try a bit harder to rush less in the mornings. I would probably feel more ready to take on any challenges during the day.

  12. I ought to start meditating. My mind wanders a lot and it needs some quiet time. Lovely post, Malavika. I could imagine you starting your day with coffee being relaxed and letting that set the tone for the day. This is probably the second or 3rd time you are freshly pressed right !! Congrats on that too.

  13. I saw your post in Freshly pressed and was curious as to what you had written about. I was pleasantly surprised about what I read. I have been reading a lot of blog posts about how to take control and make your life what you want.
    Your post helps with my biggest problem, MORNINGS. I am so bad with getting started.
    We often forget that WE get to choose what frame of mind we will be in. I firmly believe (and try to practice) positive thoughts attract positive energy. It helps a lot when dealing with the public in a retail setting.
    Thanks for reminding us that we are in control of your mindset.
    Now wouldn’t it be nice if there was a reprogram button that we could just hit and changing our habits would be easier!

  14. Well, I think I see how my mornings are flawed, I stay in bed til the last minute, rush around to get everyone out for the day and THEN I breathe, do my yoga, and start to finally feel like me. I’ll try it your way for awhile….

  15. I like this post and this regimen and have been using something similar for a while. Mine includes a sixth notable point, coffee. I don’t think everyone requires it specifically but for someone like me that does I have yet to find the best slot for its inclusion. I recognize that for me part of waking up includes the assimilation of outside energies. My mind and my body represent only two thirds of my life. Maybe rockstars are also missing a morning ritual.

  16. I like the last comment…hehe…How about just a Star…Rock stars are a little insane…unless they are old Rockstars then they eat organic and take supplements now…I hear the Rollin’ Stones learned this…Blessings to your beginnings…

  17. I usually wake up like a rockstar, it’s the place I go every day (people call it workplace) makes me into potato and by the time I return home I am completely fried.
    Thanks for an insightful post and congratulations on being freshly pressed.

  18. This is brilliant advice! Thank you! I often wake up in the mornings and just don’t know what to do with myself, or I feel really stressed, and these tips should really help me out. Thanks a lot.

  19. “Remember to start your day consciously. That doesn’t necessarily mean that every day is going to be a great day, but it does mean that you will always put yourself in the best position to make the most out of whatever comes your way.”

    Great advise! Thanks!

  20. I love this post! I’m such a morning person and I don’t know anyone else who is. It makes me feel pressured to stay up late and rush the mornings. Yet I’ve found I’m just the happiest I’ve ever been when I wake up slowly – with the sun, drink tea, have breakfast, go on a jog, and have a little “me” time. It’s so nice to find someone else reveling in the morning too. Thanks!

  21. Great post, thank you! I’m especially motivated to do something I enjoy in the morning instead of springing out of bed to head to work.

  22. I dream of doing this, but my kids usually get me up before my body wants me to. So I can neither set intention or meditate. I know this sounds bad, but sometimes I can’t wait until they’re older!

  23. These are really great tips. I love the thought of meditation. You have a very positive outlook on the start of the day. I am going to try start the days off in 2012 doing some of the things you mention.

  24. Good tips. Except number 3 wouldn’t work for me. If I did what I enjoyed first early in the day – I would do nothing else for the rest of the day. I would sit on my couch, turn the TV on and then around 3 in the afternoon ask what time is it and wonder why I don’t have a job…. lol.

  25. I like this… I stumble into my days, worrying, mostly! If I have to do something hard or that I don’t want to, like work, I don’t enjoy my morning at all, whereas I should cherish it more. I’m going to think about this post a lot!

    Thank you… 🙂

  26. you ROCK! i like what you said about “open yourself up” and “find the light inside of yourself”. actually i’m thinking about to study meditation this year. any tips? 🙂

  27. “Set an Intention for the Day.” I have never really thought of it. Done it, now that I reflect back. And those always turn out to be the best days, When you know that you have achieved something that you set out to do. i think I will make a conscious effort to do so… Nicely done.

  28. Having spent many years dealing with rock stars during my radio career, I must ask: Where in the HELL do you get this idea than ANYTHING those people do is worthy of emulation? To a man (and woman), they were barely capable of feeding and dressing themselves, and mostly engaged in self-destructive behavior that often resulted in their untimely deaths. Someone asked me if I wanted to be a rock star, and it was one of the greatest pleasures of my life to be able to tell them, “HELL NO!”

  29. I couldn’t agree more. It really sets the tone for the day. And when you tell yourself you can handle anything the day throws at you when you’re just beginning, it gives you less of an excuse to have a bad day. thanks for sharing! xo

  30. Thank you for these tips. It’s hard to remember to pay attention to myself when I have three young boys under the age of 4 vying for my constant attention. However, I have noticed that my mood and perspective on the day sets the tone. If I am grumpy or overwhelmed, the day goes downhill quickly. When I am positive and just smile in the morning despite all of the activity and chores before me, we all end up much better off! This is why I make time every night to blog. It is something for me in a day where about 23 hours are spent caring for others.

    Great blog, keep it up!

  31. Reblogged this on Lee Tuck Sing's Weblog and commented:
    This is the way to go! Am planning to try this out instead of just stumbling out of bed and not knowing what is next. It’s always good to have a direction and this may be the formula for a great day 😀

  32. Thank you for posting this. I love it so much, I’m definitely going to follow your advise. I look forward to your post about ‘endings’ and ‘middle parts’, I am sure it is as informative and helpful just like this one. Congrats on FP! Again, thank you.

  33. Wonderful post! I believe starting a day early with meditation and prayer sets a great mood for the day! I have been practicing this for more than 2 years now and I see a big difference:)

  34. This post reminds me of a saying that “worry stems from a heightened sense of concern and a diminished sense of control”. I appreciate the emphasis on prioritization with a list. Nicely done. I love mornings as well. Especially the ones looking up at the castle from the back patio in Provence.

  35. the post contains very important advice oh how to begin the new day and how to start new beginning in life. I too think that is very important for all of us to have wonderful new day of life which will bring peace n good luck.

  36. To start a day is one of the most beautiful part of daily life….so i too believe in this post and hope all will make up to good start of the new day with love and happiness.

  37. Loved your post. Nothing is better than having a good time every day with a nice cup of tea/coffee. I go through in my mind what I have to do during that 15mins. It really helps starting off good.
    Very well written. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! : )

  38. I’ve been having some bad starts recently. The advice you give seems pretty good and well thought out. I shall have to give it a try tomorrow. Thanks again!

  39. Nice post !

    As a MARG – – (Middle Aged Rock God) . . . after a gig, I often start my day as a rock something….. tired, filled with a mixture of hangover and ‘adrenalin overdose’…
    Don’t rush? I can’t . . .
    Meditate? I can barely think straight
    Intention? to recover from the wonderful excesses of the night before and relive all the good bits …….

    However it’s the day after that is more difficult . . . . . . .

  40. Do all these from Mon-Fri in the 45 minutes I have between finally relenting to the snooze button and leaving the house for work??? *takes a deep, DEEP breath*

    Okay, I’ll try.

  41. very well said and written.. oh how i wish i have more time to relax and meditate. My morning rituals are all the same, cooking for kids food, prepare lunchbox, at the same time drinking my favorite coffee… then feed the dogs, the birds, water the plants.. my gosh.. i am full to the brim. The only time that i think i would call mine is when i’ve finished all mommy chores after dinner and going up to my room, turn on the a/c, turn on the tv, set the timer and me to lala land.. whew, my day is always hectic.. Congrats on being featured on FP.

  42. Excellent post! I start my day with a great cup of coffee and browsing my favorite internet sites until I’m fully awake. Then I’m ready to meet the day. 🙂

  43. I really need to start doing this. I’m always rushing in the morning, it is a terrible way to start the day.

    Great post, I’m going to try and start living by it!

  44. Ahhh… I am so happy I found this. I really needed this. I have been trying to get into a morning routine but have failed time and time again. But you make mornings seem more like a vacation. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  45. I totally agree with you! How I begin the day always sets the tone for me. When I notice this most is if I wake up and argue with my boyfriend over something tiny and pointless. Even though it was nothing major, this always puts me in a bad mood all day because I was only just waking up when it happened.

    Nice post by the way 🙂

  46. This is a nice post 🙂 simple but effective and ‘doable’ steps that will really ensure a great day ahead 🙂 I’m gonna follow them. will let you know of the results 🙂 May you be the ‘Patch Adams’ of our generation 🙂

  47. It’s funny how that works. I always think if I wake up earlier I’ll feel more groggy during the day, but find when I do, I feel more refreshed than when I sleep in. Very nice post, I hope one day you do get around to posting about the middle and end parts. 🙂

  48. You know, I was just having a conversation with someone about this very topic while walking down Broadway in NYC this afternoon. It is amazing how doing something so simple, such as starting your morning with something you enjoy (such as going to the gym, a favorite television show, a run, etc) can really set the tone for your entire day. It seems that in the modern world, too many people feel trapped by their approaching days, and instead of eagerly approaching each moment, instead approach their days as if they are heading out to appear in front of the firing squad.

    You can be busy, and enjoy your life, and I feel that people who follow your suggestions in this blog will be well on that path. Thanks for writing, and best wishes in medical school.

  49. This is exactly what I needed to read today, as a funk has washed over me, keeping me from motivating forward today.

  50. For certain a guaranteed way to start off my day in a rockin’ star way, is to bike to work or if on weekends, wherever my heart takes me to explore, to shop or whatever.

    Also at work, I get to work earlier so that I avoid car traffic madness and also have time to enjoy my coffee at my desk for half an hr. before my start time. It’s wonderful slide into my work day like this. 🙂

    Best of luck with your medical studies and combining with psychic readings.

    I’m sure my sister (who is an emergency services physician in Ontario) would be intrigued by that. Her idea of meditating is gardening..if she finds time with her 2 young children ,etc.

  51. love love love!

    this reminds me of a funny line in a movie that ellen page was in..(don’t remember which one) but the guy in the movie was kind of a shlep and ellen reprimanded him: “you know you really should make your bed in the morning. it sets the tone for the day.”

    His response: Well, maybe that isn’t the tone I want to set.


  52. I started my sunday today reading this post.
    Thats a goods start.. 🙂
    Very good post. Congrats for getting freshly pressed for this fresh post!

  53. As mother of a soon-to-be 4-yr-old, I must confess that he sets the tone & pace of my days as soon as he’s awake! A couple of years ago, I got interested in photography and ever since, I cherish the half-hour I get before he wakes, when I sit out on my porch and take pictures of the birds that visit my garden 🙂 It’s my form of meditation and it makes me so happy, I feel like I can face anything the day may hold. Also, the light is great then!

    I’m a doctor too and I’m so glad & impressed you’ve discovered this at such a young age! It took me a long time…and I wish I had followed these steps way back in Medical school 🙂

  54. I think you are spot on! Those first moments after waking can determine the end of the day. I too don’t like to have my early coffee time rushed, so I wake up early in order to enjoy it. I love to brew my coffee and then sit in my Oxford chair handed down from great grandparents. It’s so comfortable. I draw the curtains and look out on my backyard full of plants and pay particular attention to the mountains.
    Then, I get a glass full of bird seed to help the feathery ones start their day off well. They flock in to eat and jump on the bird bath. Some of them bathe, flapping their wings about and sometimes pecking each other. But they are short-lived struggles.
    Yep, there isn’t time much better time spent than sipping a hot cup of coffee on a winter’s morning, looking at the garden and watching the birds.
    I hope your readers pick up the habit.:)

  55. nice post..
    for me there’s no beginning..when something going to happen it just happen and when we think its the beginning it come to an end and when we think its an end it come to beginning..
    its for me,maybe different from yours..
    but what are you write about is right..
    don’t forget to smile in the morning.. Cheerrrsss 😉

  56. This is really great. I am a morning person, and that is my favorite time in the day. Waking up and knowing that it is a new day. I really like your fifth recommendation about making a list of things to accomplish the following day. Lists help me feel more organized and productive. I think I will start doing that. Thanks for the advice!

    Happy mornings to you!

  57. Love it! Look forward to reading more! Please follow me on my journey this year and chime in!

  58. One thing I do is wake up at 5:55 a.m. every morning. I meditate, whether or not I choose to wake up at that time or continue sleeping for a bit longer. I look forward to 5:55 every day, not because I have to get up, but because I have a choice at that moment. Either way, I always reflect!

    Great post, again.

  59. Sometimes I have to wake up as early as 3 in the morning to catch a flight… No time for coffee whatsoever, but #4 gave me an idea – I’ll meditate and count from 100 to 0 when I’m in the cab! And go through the day’s itinerary!

  60. Super! Not exactly rockstar style coz I don’t know any rock star doing crossword puzzles but I like your intent. LOL! I would add one more to the mix: Stand, breathe and laugh!

  61. I completely agree with this! Every morning I make the effort to get up half an hour earlier, I listen to soft music or binaural beats and burn some incense. I breathe. I have a focus board with pictures of the people/things in my life, and the things/places I want/want to see – I look at it, and remind myself of all I am lucky to have, and all that I want. I look at my weekly goals and tick off any thing I’ve done, and remind myself of what I need to do and what goals in general I’m aiming towards.

    Before I started doing this, I thought this would just make me more tired. Actually, I realised that I’m just as tired as I was when I was getting half an hour’s more sleep, but now I have a reason for going about my day. It reminds me who I am and what I want from life, and gives me that extra spring in my step.

  62. Great post – my life has definitely changed for the better since I started planning my day in the mornings and reviewing my successes at night.

    I still roll out of bed and slouch forth to work though, leaving no time for much more than brushing my teeth let alone things I enjoy…but there’s no doubt it’s a better way to live.

    Maybe that’s one for 2012!

  63. haha love the title! Yes time in the morning is super important to me too, I don’t know how people rush about in the morning. I love that first cup of coffee while looking out the window!

  64. I realized that meditating is a far more effective method of recharging than napping. It’s totally changed the way I monitor my energy levels!

  65. First, congrats on being freshly pressed, and second I love the fact that you are so optimistic about life. i like your thoughts about the beginnings but im also very interested in hearing ur thoughts about the middle and endings as well.. good day! great post!

  66. Thank you for this. Your “I believe the way you begin something and the way you end something can say a lot about what you fill the inside with” comment really hit home to me. After that… I was hooked. 🙂

  67. I thought this was a great post, it really puts you in a positive attitude and want you to go out there and do your absolute best in whatever it is your doing. I can totally apply this to so many aspects of my life and daily activities!

  68. The mornings I don’t hit snooze and give myself time to pour a fresh cup of coffee, sit on the couch, and watch at least 10 minutes of the TODAY Show are always my most productive days. I wish I could just remember that when I hear my alarm and swear five more minutes won’t kill anybody. I love your post, a lot of great things to keep in mind!

    1. 😀
      Haha. From my experience, I know that as soon as I hear “just 5 more minutes” in my head, I’ve lost the war! Thanks for commenting, girl.

  69. You’re certainly right about not rushing things, and taking some time to meditate. This kind of thing helps me clear my mind before I go and teach. I also find music very stimulating and mood-enhancing. I am writing a science fiction blog – – and I find that focus of the mind is key to achieving creativity when I have to write. Focus is so hard – we are bombarded by distractions and negativity, but when I take things calmly and the minimum of stress, I find that the ideas flow.
    A great post, most inspirational, especially for this time of year.

  70. Such a great post! It’s so good to start the day off right! A good start to any day can make all the difference in the world. Starting the day by taking some time to do what you enjoy sets a good mood for the day. It’s a habit I’m trying to get into each morning. It’s a little difficult to get in the groove but I’m excited to see where it leads!

  71. I guess I really do need to take that leap and set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier… I keep telling myself to do it, but as someone who is *not a morning person* I keep on resisting! Time to change it…

    1. I’ll fix this for you:
      1. Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier. No, you know what, 1 hour earlier.
      2. Use a very loud and obnoxious alarm.
      3. Place said alarm at the other end of the room.
      4. Go to sleep.

  72. Waking up with a positive outlook on life will just make the day sweeter, despite what happens. These steps are definitely useful in rubbing the sleep from your eyes, leaving you with a “glass half full” attitude. Sometimes we need a little reminder in the mornings that we are indeed awesome. Great post!

  73. To start your day, You must first start it with prayer You must give Honor and respect to the creator of heaven and earth, Because you have to allow him into your everyday life because he has given it to you, He Created us from the minerals of the earth, Not us our selves,There for He has to be involve in every part of our lives We most worship him everyday not just one day a week, By worship, meaning doing the right thing and following his instruction adom and eve fail to follow his instructions, that is why we are in this problem today trying to get it right, but by allow the creator in to you every day life it will happen for those who does that and you will obtain Immortality and everlasting life.

  74. Wow ! it’s almost like I wrote this…..I am not a morning person but I have now tuned myself into waking up and trying to incorporate meditation and music and all happy things before I head out !

    Also i LIVE by the 1st January rule….I even extend it to the first week of the year to be honest….

    keep writing and sharing !

  75. Hahaha, if that’s all the case. I’m already a rockstar then … 😀

    In my country, the list may looks like this:
    1. In the night, write down all the plan for tomorrow
    2. Wake up earlier and do some sport activities
    3. “Medang”. Read “e” like you spell “then”. This term stand for drinking a cup of tea on balcony, and in some other way, you can call it as “meditation”
    4. “Rock” what you already plan last night … till drop

  76. Interesting post!
    I think I would have tried some of those if I wasn’t one of those people who wake up before the sun comes up. So unfortunately I can’t afford to take my time to do things I like. I agree with your coffee comment though. I do tea. I must have my morning tea and I do like to take my time for that 🙂
    Also, I need to start my day with music. So if I don’t have time to listen to it at home, I make sure to listen to it on the bus on my way to work. Riding the bus without music, especially in the morning, is torture for me. I need my music fix in the morning 🙂
    Keep up the great work!

  77. Love these ideas because they are all so simple. It isn’t rocket science, is it? You are right–an extra 15 or 30 minutes to call your own before the day’s demands come hurtling at you can make a huge difference. Congrats on being freshly pressed, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  78. wow this post is amazing. is this what you do to get up in the morning. my blog is about animals but i dont haave any people who visit my site do you think you and some of your follower could? thanks and congrats on being freshley pressed.

  79. I’m so glad I found this today! I’ve just started to get into a morning routine, but I was missing a couple pieces of your “backbone” that I think will really help. Good luck today! May the (universal) force be with you.

  80. Dear, thank you so much for the post! I love it.
    I consider myself to be an all-times-person, it depends on one thing: mood! The irony lies when my mood is great and someone comes in my way is a negative person. Such people try to suck my mood out of me! I feel helpless. (Can’t people just have their own nastiness away from me?!) . I always want to start my day the way I want it to be, but those whom I work with, are unbearable! My day then turns upside down and my system becomes messed up :'(
    I always try to do these steps, but at some point I become fed up of trying to avoid negative people and just live my life and have a peace of mind.

  81. Big fan of the meditation idea, I turn to yoga for a way to relax and de-stress. My favorite part of the class is just laying down in the dark and catching your breath from the workout.
    Great tips!

  82. i can agree with you on all of these, i especially like the title 😀 ROCKSTAR WHOOO 🙂
    but the mediation thing I’ve been doing, or at least trying to, helps, recommend to all who needs a little pick me up.

  83. I Loved this post! I will be subscribing! Personally I don’t drink coffee or tea in the morning, but I do love to sit on my couch with my bowl of oatmeal, and my glass of drinkable vitamins (they taste really good surprisingly) in complete silence and just listen to the music in the silence. It is such a great melody that plays there for all of us to hear, but few understand what I am talking about. I always set my alarm even on the weekends for the same time, and even when I turn it off and stay in bed a little longer I rarely go back to sleep, but instead just focus on my intentions for the day, week, month, year, and my life. Then I will check my facebook (few minutes only to see what family and friends are up too). Then I start to work, but I work from home, so really I am blessed, and never feel rushed in my mornings. I can start working or I can take my shower. Today I showered just before lunch. I also choose to work in the music in the silence because there I can connect to the infinite intelligence and creativity!

    Peace be with YOU,
    Sallyjane, Do you like to write? We are having a Murder Mystery contest on our blog at The proceeds of the sale of the book will go to charity. Contestants write the chapters and readers vote on the winner!

  84. Love the idea of setting an intention for the day. I guess I’ve sorta been doing it since I started my year of the detox. Waking up and reminding myself that my priority is getting healthy and to #gethydrated , but now I will totally be doing it consciously as well.
    Cheers and congrats on the FP.

  85. Im defiantly keeping this as a guideline to making this an adventurous year, so many times i get bummed out and feel that I cant do anything or experience anything beause of my unfortunate circumstance. This is really going to help me in making this year a year of experiences. Thanks for sharing you mind with the world!

    1. Great idea! Write out your routine and stick it up somewhere for you to see every day. All new routines take time to develop, so give it some time to get stuck in your memory. Good luck, girl.

  86. Every day I wake up and remind myself to be excited, because I woke up. And there you have it, a brand new day in which I can do anything I want to do. I can even go back to sleep if I want to, because there is plenty of time for everything, but first I have to get out of bed and smile. Not because I have to but because I want to. Sometimes I forget that I want to and I fake it until I remember what it is I forgot and by then I’m usually a little confused, but once again I will just remind myself to be happy, because it doesn’t really matter. Every day is the best day. 🙂

  87. Waking up earlier is the secret to a lot of things. In wakeboarding there is no better feeling then getting up before the world to hit the glassy silent water on the lake. The same can be said for other sports as well. Well written blog. I really enjoyed it.


  88. This is so well written and just what I need.
    I wake up so grumpy usually and head straight to the shower.
    I’ll try to wake up a bit earlier so I can relax a bit 🙂
    Thank u!

    1. You would be amazed at what just an extra 30 minutes of time in the morning can do for you! Good luck, girl.

  89. I usually start my day by getting up early, scratching parts of my body that I have not seen in five years and then going into the kitchen for a plate of those get up it’s early eggs and oatmeal blues.

    No seriously, this was laid out very nicely and it read well.

    Good job!


  90. Great post!! You’re very right, it’s so important to give yourself some time before the start of each day. To breathe into it, instead of waking up stressed and immediately on the go. There was a period I had done what you said, and I did go through the day more focused, relaxed, and ready. But because I’m not a morning person, that didn’t last long so I usually give myself “me time” at night to breathe. Reading your post makes me want to get back into it again because I know I deserve it. Especially now, since I’m at the point where I really want to quit my job and do something I love. I definitely need to make time for me in the mornings 🙂

  91. some how I don’t picture rock stars starting their day like this, however if it is true than I am a rock star. I love my quiet time in the morning to gently wake and reflect on the day ahead, get my thoughts in order and clarify my purpose. I do not like conversation until this is done and then I prefer to ease into conversation say cuddled up on the couch with my daughter who is also gently waking up before school while enjoying a cup of coffee.
    Ending the day is similar with thoughts of the day, kind of a closure thing but I trade the cuddle partner from my daughter to my wife.

  92. This is a fantastic blog, thank you. I have never really been a morning person to be honest, more the type to shut the dog in the kitchen so I have the chance to bite the postman. Saying that I have recently started making changes to my every day routine so thanks for the tips 🙂

  93. Loved this! Particularly, “set an intention for the day”. I think anything great, starts with just that. xo

  94. This is an amazing blog! I couldn’t agree with you more with how we begin something is what defines it’s ending, and you really pointed out how important it is to give yourself time to begin the day every morning. I am the type of person who just wakes up and rushes through her morning routine, but when I have time to do things for myself in the morning I always feel so much better! Thanks for the list of tips and the post!!

  95. Great Blog. I agree, the way you start your day, sets up the remainder of the day. I really like your tip on “setting an intention for the day”. This allows you to better strive for your goals of the day. Thanks for the tips!

  96. I love this! I just recently started meditations and i really enjoy them. They have really changed my daily mood significantly. You go girl!

  97. Loved this. Morning is indeed my favorite and my best time. Our home backs up to the woods, and we have a bird feeder in our window, and there are few greater pleasures than just watching nature while sipping a great cup of coffee. We are usually up early and I schedule and brain-intensive work for first thing in the morning, after my coffee.

    Afternoons, however, are another matter. I’m pretty much brain dead by around 3 p.m.

  98. It is very enjoyable reading your blog. seems my eyes flow into sentence after sentence. By woke up earlier than anyone else seems the first easy step to do to feel that u actually talked to your self and telling you have right to have that happy feelings. Create our own happiness!! if we cant make it for our own than how we make others happy? because the next step is how to be useful to others….

  99. this was a great post. i also love a good cup of coffee in the morning. The smell, the energy, the flavor — it’s all just wonderful. There’s nothing quite as comforting as rolling out of bed and stumbling (yes, stumbling) down the stairs and smelling the roasted coffee beans, hearing the gentle trickle of the coffee maker and just enjoying being alive.



  100. Mornings are a gift not to be squandered. You’ve eloquenly explained why. Thanks to my niece for sending this blog my way. Love you, Girl!

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