Arizona Explored: The Grand Canyon

My family and I decided to take the Grand Canyon Airplane tour – or, also better known as Pukefest 2011. We sat in what could only be described as a small car with propellers, and there were times when I wished that we could just crash into the stupid ass canyon just to avoid this overwhelming and unbearable nausea. Everyone was so sick! There was puke on the floors, and most people had their faces buried in the puke bags. It was a great experience 😉

I tried so hard to keep my mind off my nausea. I tried to think about things that made me happy, but even that made me feel sick. I thought that if I ever wanted to torture my very worst enemy, there would be nothing worse than if I cursed them with nausea. This would be my torture-method of choice. I also thought about how it was really smart of the flight organizers to conveniently take our souvenir photograph infront of the aircraft before we took a ride in the death-plane rather than afterwards, because I don’t think anybody would stick around for a photo afterwards and want to be reminded of this unfortunate time of their life. I didn’t even want to look at the picture at the end of the trip! I kept my (empty) puke bag as my souvenir 🙂

I spent the entire 45 minutes just trying to remain calm and focused. I wasn’t frightened or panicking, but I wasn’t really in the best place either. And then this really freaky thing started to happen! I started to feel my hands start to clench together and I physically couldn’t open them. I noticed really strange spasms in the skin of my hand, which I thought was my blood pulsating or something. I (silently – gotta stay classy ladies) freaked out! I couldn’t open my hands! I couldn’t even take many pictures, and if you know anything about me,  you will know it must take a LOT for me to stop taking photographs.

At the end of the flight (THANK GOD) I asked Devaki’s father what the crap was up with my hand. And he was surprised to inform me that it looked like a sign of tetany, or a tetanic spasm, which occurs when someone is losing too much carbon dioxide during hyperventilation (usually during a panic attack – which is why people breath into paper bags). It was so strange because I wasn’t hyperventelating at all, and I never really felt “panicked”, just really sick and wanted to get off the airplane as fast as I could.

For days after this TRAUMATIC GRAND CANYON EXPERIENCE, every time I saw a the “Grand canyon tours” sticker anywhere at all, I instantly felt sick!

Ok enough of my disgusting little story.

And of course, not to forget, the grand canyon itself!

Was it pretty cool? Yeah, sure. I guess. Beautiful, with texture and depth that is hard to even truly comprehend.

Was it worth the constant nausea? No.

Would I go again? Not for a long time yet. And if I did, probably if I was in a car, and in the area. I wouldn’t go out of my way to see it.

I think the photographs will speak for themselves. Enjoy!

The Hoover Dam.


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