3 ways to measure your spiritual progress

Spiritual progress is one of those things that’s hard to define. In this video I share with you 3 things I use to track the impact my spiritual practice has on my life!

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The first of a new month


I love firsts. I love the first of a new year, but also a new month, a new week, even a new day. There are so many opportunities to be re-evaluate and to refresh the feel of your life. This is something that is very important to me because I am certain about one thing – I do not want to let anymore time pass without me becoming a better human being or having a better experience of life.

Here is a glimpse of some of the things I like to look at at the beginning of a new month.

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The power of getting somewhere


So…I have been distracted with the new Facebook page I created for this blog. It’s a nice change from blogging, with shorter more frequent posts. More photographs and visuals. More personal. I wish I was better at this social media stuff, but I guess I can start here.

Today I am writing about something that is very much rooted in my own self-reflection; a pattern of complacency and tendency for mediocrity that I have noticed in myself. This blog post may be more of a rambling than anything else. Perhaps something more for my diary, than for my blog. But here it is anyway.

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My 2016 goals

Happy December 1st! Ah, the first of every month does bring a fresh energy to me. Especially now as we edge closer to the new year.

It’s difficult to imagine life after May. Life after I graduate. Life after I move back to Canada. It is a significant life change, a new chapter of my life, and I wonder what new desires it may stir up in my heart, or old plans it may put to rest. But I am open, I am open to life. I am open to changing my mind and changing my heart about things.

So I write this list more like a list of possibilities that might evolve into something different. Let’s see. Let’s see what life has in store.


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The problem with dreaming big.

The problem with dreaming big – well it’s usually somebody else’s problem. Have you ever noticed that? So perhaps a more correct title for this post should be “The problem with other people’s problem with you dreaming big”.

If you can dream it, you are expressing a part of your true potentiality. Every dream and every thought has the potential to manifest as a reality.  So, if you can dream it, you can do it. But will you do it? Well, that depends on a number of things, but in the end it all comes down to you. Maybe you will. Maybe you won’t.

But potentiality is potentiality. Don’t put a ceiling over yourself. And definitely don’t let someone else do it for you.

So what’s the big deal about dreaming big? What’s the “problem” with it?

It’s someone else’s problem.

Who doesn’t believe you could do it? Tell me. I’ll kick their butt.

Just kidding! (seriously though, I could!)

There’s a quote “The one who thinks it cannot be done should not interrupt the one who is doing.”

Next time you are the recipient of some unrequested disempowerment, criticism and “I don’t know why but I just don’t think you’re gonna be able to pull that one off!”-ness, I want you to really ask (to yourself or out loud) “Excuse me, but who are you?”

Seriously, who is this guy? This guy who believe they know you to the full spectrum of your awesomness and potential. Someone who knows exactly what is and is not possible in the universe. In your universe.

This person to me does not seem like an expert to me. When I meet someone of this type, all I see is somebody who has their own personal reservations about their own life, and their own big dreams.

A true expert inspires others. A true expert will never make you feel like you can’t do something. No matter what that something is. Some one who is truly an expert at what they do does not suffer from scarcity thinking. They realize that there is enough talent to go around. They realize that there is no shortage of good things, good luck, or world-rocking personal accomplishments to go around. Everyone can have some! A true expert just does what they do without worrying about putting you down, or offering unhelpful criticism (criticism that doesn’t really tell you HOW to improve). A true expert will inspire you to reach your big dreams, because their dreams don’t cast a shadow. A true expert can always help you because they have unlimited resources because they got soul, yo.


10 ways to improve your life today

1. Overcome a fear. Nothing sets a standard of success quite like doing something you never thought you could do.

2. Create an exercise schedule. Get that beautiful body of yours moving. Join a dance class, yoga class, pole dancing class, a circuit training group, or the gym. Start going on morning runs. Create a tailor made exercise schedule that gets you excited and paves the path to the body of your dreams.

 3. Cultivate new, richer and deeper relationships: Make new friends. Make it your intention to try to meet as many new people as possible. It might feel a little “ugh!” at first, but after you get in the rhythm of it, it will become a part of your day, lifestyle, character – that you really enjoy look forward to! I try to sit next to people I don’t know in my lectures so that I can get to know who they are and make new friends. And I’m not talking about making a bunch of meaningless acquaintances (your life is busy enough already), but I mean really getting to know a person – who they are, what they do, what they want, what makes their heart beat faster. When you start connecting with all individuals on this level, you seem to generate a bottomless supply of love and compassion to share with all those you come into contact with.

4. Set goals for yourself. Don’t tell me you’ve already set goals for yourself at the start of the year. Goals MUST be reviewed or else they become non-existent. Did you know that a goal that has not been thought about/reviewed in over 3 days, is equivalent to have never having set that goal? That’s crazy! Have a very short compact list of your short term goals with you to review every single night (Should take about 20 seconds out of your night), and spend a little bit more time for a bigger long term and short term goal review every week (Should take about 2 minutes).

5. Spend less time on the internet. Spend less time doing the things that take away a lot of your time and energy without you realizing it.

 6. Wake up earlier than you usually do. I recommend 5:00am. Make more time for yourself.

7. Implement a new habit. Meditation, yoga, clean-as-you-go, prioritization etc. What would you pick? (See: http://hellomalavika.com/2010/08/01/10-habits-you-need-to-cultivate-in-your-life/ for more ideas!)

8. Write a letter to your future self. This activity is one that has been a totally awakening experience for me. I write a letter to myself every new year/birthday. I also really take the time to meditate on and with my future self to find out who that awesome lady is and what changes I have to make to become her with the most ease and grace.

9. Redecorate/recreate your spiritual space. Feng-shui up your crib. Change things around. Switch things up. Keep it exciting. The shift in physical energy will result in a tremendous breath of breath air through your life.

10. Go to bed 15 minutes earlier each night until you find a time that suits you. This is not so that you can get more sleep, but so that you have the opportunity to do so if you wish. The main reason behind going to bed 15 minutes earlier is that you can begin to create more time to wind down, and get some more “me-time” going on in your day. Take this time to relax, meditate, journal, paint your nails, eat a snack, be in silence, practice some yoga, do a quick clean, or simply just “Quieten” down your busy household. If you have a family, you could make this into a fun game or challenge, where everyone has to try their very hardest to make the deadline of 9:45pm (or whatever time you guys decide), and from 9:45 time it is strictly RELAX time. Avoid being on the phone/on the internet/watching TV after this time, to really give your mind a chance to quieten down. (I really struggle with this one…!)

How to make your life purpose your monday-friday day job.

Isn’t this what we all want? To get paid for something that makes our heart sing, that allows us the freedom to feel totally and divinely connected, to help people, to be creative in your own special way, to talk about things you love to talk about every single day with like minded people, to be doing something completely spiritually fulfilling every day of your life. Hmmm sure sounds dreamy!

Well let me tell you, that is far from a dream, and in fact this is something I am blessed to be doing in my life (student by day, psychic diva by night!) and in this post I’m going to tell you how you can do it too. Another problem that we face, is that sometimes we are able to have “our dream job” but we are unsure if it can truly sustain us in the material world that we live in.

Many of you wonderful folks I have had the honor to meet and get spiritually acquainted to during our readings together have taught me some invaluable things about life and living it. Many people feel stuck in a limiting job. In a job that is toxic, empty, unfulfilling, exhausting, boring. They spend around 65% of their waking life in an environment where they are constantly underappreciated. Many of us feel like there is something out there that is more empowering, more liberating, more aligned with their divine life purpose, and their crummy ol’ “job” is the one obstacle that stands in the way of spiritual fulfillment.

So let me give you the low down of what it takes to figure out what your life purpose is how to incorporate that into your day job.

What kind of purposes does The Life Purpose Store sell and how can I get my hands on a good one?

We are all here for a growth experience. We can safely say that form the moment you are born to the moment you die, some kind of growth has happened (both emotionally, spiritually, and physically. In my case – perhaps not so much of the physical growth – If any of you have met me in person and know of how tiny I am! haha!). Every human’s purpose on this earth to experience themselves and into some way evolve. That’s a pretty broad spectrum, which is why we can break it down further. Through my experiences in readings people are here to either have a private growth experience (they evolve in their own way, learn their own lessons in their own time, and reach a higher level of consciousness) or they have, I guess you could call – a public growth experience (where they not only have their own growth experience but their growth experience inspires and causes many others to grow too.)

Now this does not mean that someone who has had has a “private growth experience” purpose cannot and will not inspire many people in their lives. We have free will, and if this is something they choose to do, they absolutely can. It simply means that it is more likely that their own private growth experience has more of an impact on their soul, than their duty to their followers. This works vise versa too. Someone with a public growth experience absolutely must have their own private growth experience too. But the one that is more impactful to the inner core of your being is usually the one that your true life purpose is aligned with.

You know, your life’s purpose is not “to be an accountant”, or “schedule meetings for your boss”, or to “mow lawns.”

Now this doesn’t mean that perhaps being an accountant, or scheduling meetings, or mowing lawns will not help you achieve your purpose. It just means that that isn’t all the spiritual fulfillment that awaits you on your path. We are creatures of identification. We seek to identify ourselves in our jobs, family, dysfunctional relationships. We look for things to define us. We think that being a secretary, or a doctor, or a cashier at a grocery store, or a NASA scientist defines our spiritual being. Nuh uh.

So the first step you need to take to start working the job of your dreams is to let go of definitions. You are not your job. Accept where you are and what you are doing and all the great work you have done. You may be an accountant. But you are not just an accountant. As soon as you realize this, your life will change.

What turns you on? Spiritually speaking, of course.

What do you wish you could do more of in your day? Less organizing? More organizing? More contact with people? Helping people? Inventing stuff? Creating music? Creating art? Speaking to large groups of people. Are you creation based? Or connection based? Or both? Do you want to travel? Explore? Learn? Study? Feel peaceful? Feel energetic? Do you want to manage something? Be a boss? What kind of people do you want to work with? Happy people, sad people (hopefully to make them happier!), children, women, men, business people?  Answer these questions, figure yourself out, because this is the first step to figuring out what your life purpose is.

What is your message? We all have a message. Doesn’t matter if you think it’s been “done before”, because guess what, everything is recycled and familiar. We are one. We are experiencing eachother. Everything already exists. So, that being said, what is your message? What do you want the world to know? What do you want your tombstone to read? What kind of legacy will you leave behind? How do you want the world to remember you?

These are big questions, but these are the kind of questions you need to be able to answer to get closer to understanding and living your life purpose.

First of all, realize that you don’t need to quit your job to live your purpose.

In fact, sometimes your current job is the perfect setting for you to live your purpose. Begin at home. If you feel as though your purpose is to “help people”, well, who can you help at your current job? It could be your biggest and greatest challange to “help the people” at your current job. Begin here. This way, the universe sees what you are doing and thinks “Hmm, they sure know what they are doing down there. Time to move em’ along to a bigger opportunity.”  Sometimes your current job serves as your biggest teacher. If you feel stuck, like you are so ready to move on, but it just ain’t happening, ask yourself if there is something more you can learn. Usually, there is.

Remember that your day job is simply a vessel for you to experience one small aspect (Sometimes bigger) of your life purpose. It doesn’t have to be the be all and end all. Realize that if you are frustrated in your work place it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s because you are not connected to your spiritual life purpose. It just means that, yes you have a life purpose, no it may not necessarily take place in your work place, but yes there are some very important lessons for you to learn here, and yes you can still experience your life purpose outside of work and it’s still going to rock.

STEP ONE: Spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day working on your life purpose.

Start with baby steps. It’s rare in readings that I will meet an unhappy employee, and their guides will say “quit your job. figure out a way live your life purpose, and make sure it is sustaining.” That’s hard. That’s learning to run before learning to crawl. It is possible for you to make a transition, if you really feel that is what you want to do, but always start small and build a strong and sturdy foundation.

Try this: Spend a minimum of 15 minutes a day working on your “dream job”.

It could be anything from spending 15 minutes a day writing your soon-to-be-best-selling book. Or writing a blog and building your online presence. It could be brainstorming ideas for your future business. It could be singing, playing the piano, painting, dancing, learning a new language, meditating. It could be studying, taking a course, life-coaching, practicing your intuition, researching and planning the business plan for the restaurant/store you want to open.

Whatever it may be, let those 15 minutes become your world.

My point is, one day, those 15 minutes are going to grow. It’s going to grow into a half hour, an hour, to 5 hours, to part time, to full time.

Remember that your “job” is just a vehicle…

And like any vehicle, it can be changed, sold, bought, pimped up. You are in the drivers seat and you make your life happen. So my advice to you is, maybe you don’t have to just quit your job this very second (unless you feel completely compelled too. Then go ahead. I’ve had a few cases of this too. It happens.), instead invest a little bit more time thinking about what it is that you actually DO want to do. Then spend 15 minutes a day doing that. Pretty soon you will generate enough energy and momentum that those 15 minutes will become your life.

Remember, your job is just a place for you to learn specific lessons, like all aspects of our life. It is not here to limit you, or restrain you, or make your life hell. All it is there to do is to teach you. So learn your lessons and move on.

So you’re waiting for the chance to do something that sets your soul on fire? Start now. Create something amazing.