3 ways to measure your spiritual progress

Spiritual progress is one of those things that’s hard to define. In this video I share with you 3 things I use to track the impact my spiritual practice has on my life!

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The first of a new month


I love firsts. I love the first of a new year, but also a new month, a new week, even a new day. There are so many opportunities to be re-evaluate and to refresh the feel of your life. This is something that is very important to me because I am certain about one thing – I do not want to let anymore time pass without me becoming a better human being or having a better experience of life.

Here is a glimpse of some of the things I like to look at at the beginning of a new month.

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The power of getting somewhere


So…I have been distracted with the new Facebook page I created for this blog. It’s a nice change from blogging, with shorter more frequent posts. More photographs and visuals. More personal. I wish I was better at this social media stuff, but I guess I can start here.

Today I am writing about something that is very much rooted in my own self-reflection; a pattern of complacency and tendency for mediocrity that I have noticed in myself. This blog post may be more of a rambling than anything else. Perhaps something more for my diary, than for my blog. But here it is anyway.

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My 2016 goals

Happy December 1st! Ah, the first of every month does bring a fresh energy to me. Especially now as we edge closer to the new year.

It’s difficult to imagine life after May. Life after I graduate. Life after I move back to Canada. It is a significant life change, a new chapter of my life, and I wonder what new desires it may stir up in my heart, or old plans it may put to rest. But I am open, I am open to life. I am open to changing my mind and changing my heart about things.

So I write this list more like a list of possibilities that might evolve into something different. Let’s see. Let’s see what life has in store.


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The problem with dreaming big.

The problem with dreaming big – well it’s usually somebody else’s problem. Have you ever noticed that? So perhaps a more correct title for this post should be “The problem with other people’s problem with you dreaming big”.

If you can dream it, you are expressing a part of your true potentiality. Every dream and every thought has the potential to manifest as a reality.  So, if you can dream it, you can do it. But will you do it? Well, that depends on a number of things, but in the end it all comes down to you. Maybe you will. Maybe you won’t.

But potentiality is potentiality. Don’t put a ceiling over yourself. And definitely don’t let someone else do it for you.

So what’s the big deal about dreaming big? What’s the “problem” with it?

It’s someone else’s problem.

Who doesn’t believe you could do it? Tell me. I’ll kick their butt.

Just kidding! (seriously though, I could!)

There’s a quote “The one who thinks it cannot be done should not interrupt the one who is doing.”

Next time you are the recipient of some unrequested disempowerment, criticism and “I don’t know why but I just don’t think you’re gonna be able to pull that one off!”-ness, I want you to really ask (to yourself or out loud) “Excuse me, but who are you?”

Seriously, who is this guy? This guy who believe they know you to the full spectrum of your awesomness and potential. Someone who knows exactly what is and is not possible in the universe. In your universe.

This person to me does not seem like an expert to me. When I meet someone of this type, all I see is somebody who has their own personal reservations about their own life, and their own big dreams.

A true expert inspires others. A true expert will never make you feel like you can’t do something. No matter what that something is. Some one who is truly an expert at what they do does not suffer from scarcity thinking. They realize that there is enough talent to go around. They realize that there is no shortage of good things, good luck, or world-rocking personal accomplishments to go around. Everyone can have some! A true expert just does what they do without worrying about putting you down, or offering unhelpful criticism (criticism that doesn’t really tell you HOW to improve). A true expert will inspire you to reach your big dreams, because their dreams don’t cast a shadow. A true expert can always help you because they have unlimited resources because they got soul, yo.